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Well, you maybe wondered for years on the Internet trying to find the truth but all you've found is BS and some more BS...

You tried to use logic, you've researched, you've looked on "TI" videos on the YouTube... you heard people say things like: "They are reading my mind, they are listening what I say from the inside, they talk to me from the inside, V2S... I am being gangstalked..." *

The truth is actually very simple, if I can put it only in couple of sentences: You brain and body have been hijacked by psychiatrists. They've put a brain interface powered with one or two batteries in your body, and who knows what else. Witch-hunt rides. Only way they can actually do the things I described. * And this cannot be found anywhere on the Internet or media. No-one who knows is allowed to publish this info.

Read more about who, what and why on:

Stop wasting you're time and check the playlist I posted on the home page. I'm hoping to find some lone survivor who actually didn't do something serious to deserve such a fate. And if someone roams free things can't be that bad - And I can assure you that psychiatrists - some of them, did worst things they have to live with themselves and jails are full of them. And I'm hoping to get in contact with some true victim (him or even her) who roam blindly somewhere in the World.

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I learned that someone in my situation should never take sides in life, for example I stay neutral from politics... Also I know that I shouldn't criticize anyone (and I broke that rule so many times) cause psychiatrists in my head are telling everything I say to people in question... I guess I'll never learn. Now, since all cards are on the table, the one thing that can stop me is only my fear but I'm not afraid as I was some 10 years ago. Now, I make jokes of my situation and psychiatrists in my head, I wear Metallica shirts and hat... Although there are slim chances psychiatrists will ever set me free I'll try to enjoy my life as much as possible...

There is an interesting song from Thin Lizzy I sometimes listen:

There are people that will investigate you
They'll insinuate, intimidate and complicate you
Don't ever wait or hesitate to state the fate that awaits those who
Try to shake or take you
Don't let them break you

You can do anything you want to do
It's not wrong what I sing it's true
You can do anything you want to do
Do what you want to

People that despise you will analyze then criticize you
They'll scandalize and tell lies until they realize
You are someone they should have apologized to
Don't let these people compromise you
Be wise too

You can do anything you want to do
It's not wrong what I sing it's true
You can do anything you want to do
Do what you want to

Hey you you're not their puppet on a string
You can do everything
It's true if you really want to
You can do anything you want

Just like I do

You can do anything you want to do
It's not wrong when I sing it's true
You can do anything you want to do
Do what you want

Hey you
No can do
Hey you
Yes you

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What to do if you're not a psychiatrist by some chance...

Don't listen to rock music (Bob Marley would be a good choice), if you'd like to get a tattoo get something friendly like two dolphins over your hart area, stick with first woman (one love), avoid abnormal sex, refuse porn they offer you - who knows what kind of sick staff they might give you - they'll put your name to shame, masturbate only in bathroom, don't watch horror movies, don't gamble, and maybe the most important for some reason - go figure, never change your name...

If you stick to those rules you should be fine, You might have a good life...

But these days surrounded by all kinds of sick staff (THEY enjoy by the way)  no-one who doesn't know about this manages to stick with it although some people manage to have a good life cause they decided they just stumbled...

They might screwed you at age 8 or 9 years old because of the wrong deity, they might screwed you at older age because someone snitched on you on how you live your life... but when you get brain interface and a battery god help you... it depends on your case...

You might on the other hand push a freedoms ring as far as you can go and try to break free... in that case let god help you cause no-one ever made it. I won't tell you which path I've chosen.

More info on

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Just another info for real victims

I've updated my website:

with important info:

"And one more warning, never get too drunk, drink, but a glass or two of red wine per day but never too much, I know it might be hard to play with words, but you might get in a coma and they will play you big time, If you thought before was hell you never ever want to find this one. If might even be the end if you're not lucky."

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Can you change your name or get a tattoo?

Maybe you changed your name or got a tattoo and suddenly you find that all hell broke lose in your life?

Well, psychiatrists had rules, at least in the past that only they are allowed to do that and get away with it. But what if you tried and got burned? Maybe you wanted to be a star? Maybe you realized you were gay and gone in realization? And suddenly all hell broke lose? (btw I'm not gay, I like women and they know it ;) You pushed the envelope?

You think that all people are equal under the god, you know what you heard from media? Well, some people are destined to rule and control and you are NOT one of them! 

Maybe having some of these symptoms:
- Maybe you have constant humming in left ear/head, sometimes pitch sounds (buzzing) in the left or right side?
- Maybe when you sleep on your right side, with your right side of the head against the pillow you sometimes hear something like clock ticking?
- Maybe you think that one is being watched constantly, maybe looked for hidden cameras in the apartment where you live?
- Maybe you notice that people outside of your house are imitating your private moves and habits you do only in your privacy?
- Maybe you notice strange looks from the people around you, or comments?
​- Maybe sometimes headache?
- Maybe unexplained sexual arousal in inappropriate situations? Or lack of it when there should be?
- Maybe you sometimes have strange dreams or images pop up when eyes closed?
- Maybe occasional sirens or strange voices on the left side of the head/ear?
- Maybe sometimes you hear clicks like a morse code on the left side of your head/ear?
​- Maybe sometimes you find yourself constantly talking to yourself from the inside of your head?
- Maybe you sometimes sleep to much and sometimes can't sleep at all or stay up all night?
- Maybe you sometimes feel something on the left side of your chest, and you think it might be the heart?
​- Maybe you sometimes feel or felt stiffness in your neck?
- Maybe you sometimes had ticks on your head or restlessness in your hands or legs and it went away suddenly like it came?
- Maybe sometimes you feel numbness in your fingers, arms or legs?

- Maybe you sometimes felt something like somebody is poking you in the eye with something sharp?

- Maybe you sometimes noticed changes in your voice tonality?

- Maybe you sometimes have bad skin and sometimes is fine, noticed changes and having circulation problems?

- Maybe you sometimes felt dizzy when standing up and it went away suddenly like it came? Sometimes you might even lost consciousness?

​- Maybe yo were forced to psychiatric care and forced to take drugs like risperidone or spent some time in a mental hospital?
​- Maybe you told the police or doctors what is happening to you and you just got a schizophrenia diagnose and maybe some mental hospital time?

You should check: and my other posts.

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Robert Duncan's video with ventura

I'm posting this video, but my opinion is that Duncan guy is so full of it and real MC victims, that is victims of psychiatry, should not get more paranoid then they already are. Duncan barely keeps his face straight and almost cracks up laughing... on the other hand this ventura guy is a psychiatrist par excellence, look at him keeping his face straight, i bet that he and duncan after the cameras turned of cracked... although in every bullshit there's a grain of truth.

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Do I trust some and get fooled by phoniness? Or do I trust nobody and live in loneliness?

Great question a REAL Mind Control victim of psychiatry faces.

Me, I have a couple of people I hang out with, mostly from work and I found it's much better to socialize then to live in loneliness, although I got only ONE chance for love in my life (looks like that those are the rules of the Game - to give a victim one chance, but I was young and stupid and didn't realize this).

Although the phrase "The truth will set you free" might not be true in this Game, it's better to know so you don't

get fooled by phoniness. These days almost everyone seems to be a psychiatrist and those inside my head are making sure that nobody I get in contact with confirms what I know. But I started to have fun seeing how people I'm with suddenly try to change the subject when I bring up Mind Control. It's actually silly and funny how they have to live by their code cause there are still small percentage of people who don't belong and should not know about it - hence the media silence about the subject. But, since I obviously don't belong and probably never will, I don't have to keep my mouth shut. I started to make jokes about it and have fun with it au contraire to people's belief that I should be depressed and even might commit the suicide. There is a term: reframing.

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The system has to be recast

I don't know about many of you and your cases, but this system has to be recast, I mean once they judas you, they'll make everything in their power to justify it, so they will try to set someone up, think about it, this is just devious, they put a brain interface in you, implants in your genitals area, they see what you see, hear your internal dialog, hear what you're saying... they spread rumors to try to justify it, they dedicate their lives to running someone's, they follow you around, basically they're playing gods... and no-one ever won their freedom, some people are living their lives completely unaware, but most are screwed, "Speech Is Words That They Will Bend", unbelievable... this has to be stopped, only by exposing it,


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