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These terorrist frame people and use these weopons to get out of police misconduct lawsuits, You guys dont know this,they hire pychotic army  braindead trash as your perps to target you, a normal person would not be able to commit these crimes on you.

They do this all the time but most targets do not know what going on they think its an illness or something else. Im in chicago they probably killed hundreds of people this way.

i am exposing the nasty chicago police I can prove 100% they are the perps because I have these brain damaged idiots for 10 other misconduct counts in a federal lawsuit.

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How to prove DEW harassment in court

I am being targeted by the chicago police, I found ways to prove they are radiating my house.

I have a Trifield meter that detects 3 types of radiation, This does work  have recorded the results on camera. It does detect above normal levels of radiaton.  The normal levels n a home are under 2 miligaus  have recorded over 8 milgaus with all my electronics off.

I also have gotten sick with deydration, esphogatis, headaches and other ailments caused by the dryness of the radiaton in the house,  I have hospital  bills to prove this.

Their are blood tests, hair, saliva tests to prove if your be radiated, if their above normal levels thats proof you are. They have many differant types of blood tests that will prove this.

wtnesses of your illness or who are alse ill because of the radiation in your house.

if your illegally being targted by corrupt cops send letters through the mail because the perps block emails.

send them to human rights lawyers, civil rights groups, media

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