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Find a way to replenish the good bacteria in your intestines since microwave energy destroys them. Yogurt or Kefir would work. I use digestive enzymes called Serrapeptase. If you do a search you can see it. I use a search engine called duckduckgo that won't track your searches.

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When two or more are standing by....

In my past when I noticed someone in the world being hurt by another, I would stand by them to be their witness, to show the strength in numbers. The other one would become self conscious and eventually move on the way.

One of the hardest parts of this experience is how alone I feel, literally.  Now I have said those words in the past, never meaning what I mean now. I said them thinking that by saying them I would change my day, my energy and bring in a new breeze of connection. Today, I have become afraid of what might come to me if I share this fact, still I must say it anyway to break the spell (so to speak) that this insanity intends for me and others.

Silence equals Death. That's what I read on a banner that the activists in the AIDS movement carried years ago. I haven't been silent since before I found my voice, this movement must want me here to be one of many who will usher it out the door.

One by one as it persists, it collects yet another wonderful soul who will add to the integrity of this foundation. No great structure stands the test of time without a strong foundation.

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