Douglas posted a status
Sep 23
If people brag, if they show themselves "topless", these aren't the type of people who've come to help...

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  • Are you serious Douglas? Who made you the judge and jury? In certain parts of the World it is a part of their culture to be topless or shoeless and so on.In parts of the US they go around with no shoes or no top etc etc. I spent 6 months in Africa and most of the people I was there with spent the whole 6 months topless. If you have a problem with anyone then just ignore them and keep your opinions to yourself because these "topless" people might just be suffering a great deal. And when YOU sir pass judgement on them it might enough to push them over the edge, as all a target has are other targets!

    And come to help? Help how exactly? Most targets can just about sit on the toilet and can't even help themselves let alone come to help anyone else. You had an idea to do fundraising but from what I gather you need a permit to do that, it is the type of thing that only a charity could do. And starting a targeted individual charity would be very difficult because the whole World has branded us all as being mentally ill (psychiatrists and Police and so on). We are being dismissed so no one is going to take us seriously enough to pay into our charity. Just my opinion.

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