Harold Kumar posted a status
Oct 26
Please be careful as the terrorists who are tormenting me and threatening to behead me have explained that they have actually gotten on here and spreading lies not only about me but are apparently threatening people on here to. I sincerely wish Mind Control and it’s abuse was fake but it’s not and surprisingly these people have contacted so many other people and told them outright, I think, that they’re controlling my mind and people don’t even care, I think. I would really like any help in which law enforcement will be of service to me.

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  • Dear Harold,

    The entire Intelligence Community including law enforcement is biohacked, the technologies involved or covert I'm being used against them just as they are being used against us TI's. We either work together and form our own community or committee or like many other TI's commit suicide/copicide or die of cancer induced by radiation.

    If you want to work together let me know, if you want a friendly chat with someone who understands we can arrange a Google meeting. They threatened to cut my head off to... No worries, I'm still here.

    Best regards,


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