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Nov 22
Yes, Stephen, the technology belongs to the U. S. Intelligence Community and is space based and it includes psychological harrassment componnt. So basically the psychologist in their headquaters provides false information about you to people that have access to you. Through those people, they make you believe that they were told that you are a security risk, or that you applied for a job with them and they are "testing" you. Nonsense like that. The problem is that people easily believe what someone from the government or police tells them because they lack critical thinking skills.

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  • Thanks CitizenFriend. Yes it is space based weapons IMO, as I said I have been harassed by DEWs on airplanes and nothing ground based could get you up there IMO. So that just leaves Satellites.

    • In 1958 the US government created the "National Radio Quiet Zone" around the radiotelescope in Greenbank West Virginia. No cell phone towers. You can't use your cell phone because transmitters are limited to police radio. There is also an NSA listening station in Sugar Grove. In 2011, I went there, to make sure I was right that it is space-based. I stayed in a lodge. Nobody besides me was there because it was December. When I went to bed, I heard this computerized voice in my head say, "Great, no interference". The night was horrible. They tortured me and caused incredible pain. I could hardly sleep. They extract information from the brain, especially during the night.

      You can hear it because the white noise gets a very high pitch.

      In August 2019, I woke up in my bed with horrible back pain. I touched my back and felt blisters. When I looked into the mirror, I had second-degree burns on my back. In the relatively loud white noise, I heard a voice say "We have used maximum intensity". I showed the burn wounds to my doctor and she said "You have been microwaved." I tried to stand up against this harassment and threatened to sue the two former agency employees who are responsible for my misery. In return, they threatened to frame me. I have it in writing. 

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