Harold Kumar posted a status
Nov 23, 2021
Well I’ve called the U.S. F.B.I and for some reason they’re offering little help. As I write this there are people tormenting me and those people claim to have been contacting people on here as well. These people are going to lie as one would expect a terrorist to do. I can’t find a home to move to because apparently these people control the U.S. state I live in plus my cellular phone calls are supposedly redirected? I don’t want to sound outlandish but what if the people doing all of this to all of us are the Illuminati? What other organizations can boast that they control people in governments?

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  • The Illuminati? I have heard of them, they run the world secretly I hear. Not sure what to make of it though, at the end of the day it is just a theory. I tend to look at historical precedence, the CIA had since the 1950s a mind control program, and the US Government pays their wages, it isn't the illuminati that pays their wages and pension and so on it is the US Government.

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