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"What is peacepink" in multilanguages.

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Buon riposo †Maurizio†

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Convenzione Norimberga

Posted on October 27, 2020 at 7:18am 0 Comments

Fumetti anni 70/80/90

Posted on July 14, 2016 at 7:00pm 0 Comments

Dal mind kontrol alla psichiatria

Posted on September 15, 2014 at 1:30am 0 Comments

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27/01/1977 | Member PP november 2010 | Italian case n°77 | YTB 24/7 november 2007. After 10 years, I am destroy (2017)

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The WISE teaches that:


* 聞くは一時の恥聞かぬは一生の恥
* Kiku ha ittoki no haji kikanu ha isshou no haji.

* Il y a un proverbe italien qui dit:" S' il est légitime de demander, il est courtois de répondre"
* Domandare è lecito, rispondere è cortesia

* To ask is permissible,to answer is courtesy.

 * It's polite to answer when someone asks you a question!
* Chiedere è vergogna di un momento, non chiedere è vergogna di una vita. (CARPE DIEM)

* To Asking is a moment of shamenot asking is ashamed of a life (CARPE DIEM)

If you have a doubt and If do want not:)misunderstandings:)maybe is better to ask and also with 10 messagges or emails, because I do not speak English and here on peacepink , we are all forced to use this language. It's easy in a community international as peacepink to misunderstand.

ENG) To get hold of the wrong end of the stick

FRA) Prendere des vessies pour des lanternes

DEU) Äpfel mit Birnen verwechseln

ESP)  Tomar el ràbabo por las hoias

ITA) Capire fischi per fiaschi

First video:Before becoming a victim


Second video : Now, that I am in project Mind Kontrol and slave of MILAB (Military abduction) Ugly, fat, dark circles, scars, burns, mangy, scalp, no wife, no savings and no labour but with super tinnitus by microchip, V2K, harassments elektronic everyday etc. The result or the product of all the experiments against me as Dana.
The result or the product of all the experiments. I, and the victims of Mind Kontrol, we live in a form of enslavement, generated by an close surveillance satellite individual. We live more or less as Natasha Kampush.

I have recorded many different times in recent years. I scream, because the volume of tinnitus, it raises a lot. I think the tinnitus than 8.000hertz. It's 10.000 hertz.

A normal tinnitus does not exceed 4.000herz. It's not my fault, if they have never measured my tinnitus and I scream like Edward. I asked to Ms Leslie for respect and fairness,if I to have the video to be mixed me with Edward.
FOKK YOU MILAB, I wait you in Empireo. 

Martin von Deutschland. Equal problem y torturas comme moi 在床上.


Thank you very much for your channels youtube and for alls videos agent Scott. Thanks to your videos, Project Monarch (Mind Kontrol 2000) and/or gangstalking, buy more credibility and truth. Bravo, you've screwed the Department and you have given us a weapon. I suffered the same things the woman, but I have problems with MILAB and not with DIA,or CIA,or NSA,or italian ROS or SISMI, or SISDE etc. Do you understand that is MILAB (MILitary ABDuction)? You understood Who I accuse for my case? BEST REGARDS by ITALIAN CASE n°77 and thank you very very much Scott.

ENG) It seems he is/was supposedly a DIA (Defence Intelligence Agency) agent who is exposing the actions of said agencies psychological operations. He is being prosecuted for a number of misdemeanors (wiretapping etc). Obviously he has a bone to pick with that agency and wishes to expose their operations.  Regardless of his motives, this video portrays the worst of the attacks on myself far more accurately than I have ever seen on video. It is Florence, Oregon (USA) and not Florence in Canada or Florence|Firenze in Italy. In Italy acronym DIA = Direzione Investigativa Antimafia.

ITA) Sembra che egli è (uso anche il condizionale e quindi sarebbe stato) un agente DIA (Defence Intelligence Agency ), l'agente sta esponendo le azioni di dette agenzie di operazioni atte a molestie e torture psicologiche. Egli è stato incriminato per una serie di reati minori (intercettazioni, ecc). Ovviamente ha un buon ("has a bone to pick with" è un modo di re e significa "avere una discussione con qualcuno” oppure “avere un motivo d litigare con qualcuno" e in questo contesto può esser interpretato come "ha una brutta gatta da pelare") e di scelta presso l'agenzia (LA DIA AMERICANA da non confondere con la DIA ITALIANA) e vuole esporre le proprie operazioni al pubblico per dare agli spettatori motivo di ricredersi sulle torture di questa portata. Indipendentemente delle sue motivazioni, questo video ritrae il peggiore degli attacchi su di un soggetto svolto a Florence, Oregon (USA) e lo ringrazio per aver divulgato questo materiale audiovisivo.
We are in a form of enslavent !!! We are Targeted Individuals

Third video: I and SirViolet (activist) 21 Februar 2010. "Italian TI Conference",  in the city of San Benedetto del Tronto before the conference in the city of Louisville (Kentucky USA - April 2010).

American tie. European sweater. Interesting coincidence!! :)

American tie. European guernsey. Interesting coincidence!!! :)


This image,representative "our friends": A team of idiots, in a underground base, that maneuver satellites and devilrys of every kind for experiments of mind control individual.

Their psychological profile by criminologist, is equal to that of a mad scientist, a sadistic  perverse, fetish and voyeur as in album 8. Their psychological profile is the same as the Engineer Joseph Fritz, Professor Moriarty, Dr. Joseph Mengele and others mad scientists.

Video and picture underground base.


ENG) The device is called the JM20 Pro. It's used to detect radio frequency transmissions emanating from the body.

ITA) Il dispositivo si chiama JM20 ProE 'usato per rilevare trasmissioni radio frequenza provenienti dal corpo.


 Sunday 15 May 2015 (4:33AM) - First my experiment / test ICAACT phase 1 without anechoic chamber. Targeted individual Italian with ACECO 6300 MKII


Ti ho mostrato il mio ACECO. Noti niente in questo collage che segue e che immortala il dottor Roger LEIR degli USA che è deceduto nel marzo 2014 e con cui ebbi contatti via e-mail? Guarda bene la terza foto a partire da sinistra verso destra. Cosa sta usando il dottor LEIR? Uno strumento simile al mio, ma più costoso e che ha inoltre un display prima di procedere ad espianto chirurgico e studio approfondito del congegno fraudolento nel piede del paziente. Quanto tempo avrà impiegato il dottor Roger Leir? Sicuramente non avrà speso un'oretta di chiacchiere da bar ed ha svolto serie IN-DA-GI-NI.

Io non mai trovato nessuno che volesse svolgere serie indagini. Solo italioti da quattro soldi che sono destinati a soccombere per il Dio soldo (-_-)

Dr Roger Leir with ACECO FC 1002 come Jesse Beltran ICAACT - ALBUM 30 lista tools   ][\/][

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MILABS - Military Mind Control and Alien Abductionby Dr. Helmut and Marion Lammer

You know the word abduction? It is a kidnapping! I have received at least four kidnappings.

Fom 10 to 25 December 2005
From 17 to 27 February 2006
From 15 to 22 October 2006
November 2007

I am always forced to widen the period. In my complaints to the Italian DIA (In Italy acronym DIA is DIREZIONE INVESTIGATIVA ANTIMAFIA and not DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY. In Italy the DIA are equal to FBI in United States).

Im sorry. My documents are written only in Italian. I do not speak English well, however, the translator is useful to communicate and to correct. My Messages may contain errors if it is very long.

The cases of TI's are not all alike. Some allegations the CIA, others accusations NSA, others charges the Italian ROS Carabinieri, others blame the Mafia, others accusations the husband or the wife, or the parents, others blame only the government.

For my case, I accuse MILAB because I know my story. I know perfectly my symptoms. I can not fully aware of the symptoms of all Targeted Individuals. We need to write Own summary of the case and send an email to
John Finch from Australia is a good person. He started a difficult job of census. He has all cases 100% sure. His files are very heavy Because the computer date many. It is a difficult job. you need to help John to have summaries of the cases in a standard list. For several years, some trolls, debunkers and mythomaniacs, trying to add to the Targeted Individuals. you must bestow Guarantees and certainties. Already in Italy I have seen four cases of false TI

The symptomatology of each TIs is not perfectly equal.
Some have only voices to skull, other microchips, other burns, burns and scars. All cases are very similar, but they are not all exactly alike.

pubertalieni pubertaumani maialieni maialumani l'innocenza dei bambini e la colpevolezza degli adulti non ha spazio

PUBERTALIENI. Da piccoli sono dei trovolini simpatici e carini. Da grandi mostri abominevoli peggio degli umani. Siate maledetti NAZIEN. Quanti sono i vostri crimini? Vi aspetto nel mondo dei morti. Nemmeno una nana rossa o una nana gialla o una supernova solo immortali e anche voi siete granelli di senapa nell'Universo cari E.B.E.

Essere perversi senza senso che credono di essere i più forti dell'Universo. IRON LION SION BALL per Voi come la notte per V oi (RAIUNO)

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At 11:06pm on July 26, 2020, Gary Munroe said… this page will show ST-SCAN taken in the VA Hospital Washington DC same person same chip implant taken in 2017-2018-2019 in main lane China

At 11:03pm on July 26, 2020, Gary Munroe said…
At 9:18am on July 30, 2017, Art Freeman said…
Greetings. I've been a TI since 2008 now. I've just checked back into the sight. Its nice to know I'm not the only one.
Some pretty horrific things have happened to me over the years. I've been trying to develop mental exersizes for myself to help cope with some of the daily can be difficult given my circumstances. I just try to take it one day at a time. Nice to meet you.
At 7:48pm on February 14, 2017, Annabelley said…


At 9:02pm on December 29, 2016, Catherine Sarah Hislop said…

At 11:57am on April 29, 2016, Greg James said…

I just sent a message to Soleilmavis regarding something you posted that has my personal information in it. I want her to pass the message along to you so you can see what I'm asking for. Thank you.

At 10:43am on April 3, 2016, Greg James said…

I would like you to accept my friend request so I can have you remove me from something you posted. I am using an alias right now.

At 1:04am on January 6, 2016, Catherine Sarah Hislop said…

At 2:43am on November 9, 2015, Catherine Sarah Hislop said…

You may see some of what i do here

At 9:29am on October 27, 2015, kimberly Hines said…

Oh very nice to meet you too.

The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.  You are the  rainbow in someone's cloud.

At 9:20am on October 27, 2015, kimberly Hines said…

Thanks AtlantiTeo,  You've got a very informative chanel, very thankful for all the information that you have provided.  I'm looking forward to hearing lots more from you.  I like your attitude very positive.  Made me smile.

At 3:31pm on October 26, 2015, Sally said…

Hi Teo Sorry to hear things arent great with you. I hope your situation improves. God bless

At 10:08pm on October 20, 2015, kimberly Hines said…

This is like a never ending matrix to me.  After evading multiple peaple who tried to kidnapped me as a child, and my mother warding off rich people that were trying to persuade her to give me up for adoption, I ended up like this stuck as a target.  Growing up I've noticed that very wealthy men use to stalk me, some were english, others canadian and I use to manage to not fall into their traps.  They then sent an indian man from trinidad who was a teacher to sneer me into their traps.  I'm still here trying to cut myself loose to no avail.

At 5:04am on September 9, 2015, Stephen O' Neill said…

 Hey , Dr. Halls documentaries are to aired this month on the discovery channel , the US Government is giving them hell and threatening them into not airing it  , DR. HALL SAYS THAT IF A BUNCH OF TI'S EMAIL AND RING THEM THEN THEY MAY GO OUR WAY AND NOT THE GOVERNMENTS, the pilot is filmed and ready to go , if it is a success then they will film the whole series, CONTACT THEM AtIantiTeo and spread the word friend, this could be the beginning of the end if they are aired.

At 6:22pm on July 19, 2015, george kwong said…

Dear All,

hemanturia bleeding and blood in my stool, I am afraid that it is the result of EM scissors remote surgery as Dr.Annie Yan Xu said. They are forcibly against me until the end .This is also proof that my neighbor Daniel Wong said invading abuse me daily definitely.

We have communication between us for more than decades . Time is short . I suffered a lot physical and psychological harm , thank God for giving me strength , I went again and again . Today I am 69 years old , is also faced with these injuries , was worried about permanent disability , and not held accountable , you know these well control was unable to find proof of weapons . Either way I am not a murderer , How can the whole life suffer such abuse . Still have the world on human rights and humanitarian?

The electronic weapons that can damage disappear . Permanent disability , or death . Canada Government unable to protect its people . No road of human rights it is helpless, and hopeless . Why does Canada do not advocate human rights humanitarian ? Especially the elderly.
Please help!

George Kwong

Email Address:

At 3:19am on May 18, 2015, Castrol Edge said…

Sono una vittima pugliese di molestie elettromagnetiche dal 2011. Non ho microchip sottocutanei, ma soffro di voci nella testa che mi perseguitano ovunque anche mentre dormo e mi svegliano. Mi provocano mal di testa, tachicardia, ansia, incubi e non mi lasciano mai in pace. Non sò come liberarmene. C'è una qualche maniera per farli smettere definitivamente? C'è qualche medico che mi può seguire e  aiutare per piacere? Non sono ancora finito in psichiatria, ma avanti di questo passo ci finirò come altri individui mirati. Grazie.

At 2:41pm on May 7, 2015, Paola said…

Piacere mio. Ti capisco. Ho fatto di tutto per uscirne e nonostante ciò, sono molti anni anni che vivo malissimo anche io ed è come avere addosso parassiti della peggiore specie che non si riesce mai ad estirpare dalla propria vita.

At 1:29pm on April 23, 2015, deca said…

ok will do far as I know they plan one on the  1st & 2nd October 2015 in Berlin but they not fix a venue or finalized the details soon as they do I will let you know ...and make an event post etc   

At 6:03am on April 23, 2015, Catherine Sarah Hislop said…

At 1:45pm on April 21, 2015, T.I. Vico said…

I've come to believe that many of my life events have been manipulated since childhood.


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Nova Scotia reports 1 new death, 163 new cases of COVID-19 on Saturday

Nova Scotia reported one death related to COVID-19 and 163 new cases of the virus on Saturday.The death, a man in his 70s, is in the central health zone. It is the province's 71st COVID-related death.The number of active cases marks a significant decrease from the previous day's figure of 227.On Friday, Premier Iain Rankin indicated there were more than 200 positive results that had not been logged…See More
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