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Safe house ideas: The faradday cage effect !

Posted on September 4, 2009 at 5:37am 0 Comments

hey since i was in a faraday cage effect,look up the meaning of this ,is a physics thing .

Now an electromagnetic feild is invisible,we just need the rules from the fcc and see if possible about

creating a faraday cage effect with the right meters possibly,just an idea............

Zero Gauss Chamber (ZGC) Guass is in electromagnetics and can bring down the feild around ya.

anyway look into this site for ideas ok......... has all types of meters for reading and… Continue

Sad but True

Posted on August 22, 2009 at 12:15am 0 Comments

Due to the effects of illegal human experimentation,i have personaly endured the effects of torture and electromagnetic effects along with hypersonic sound,along with mindcontrol and a crstal in my left leg was extracted to.Now this all has serious side effects to health or at least mine.Since we know it travels through our bone and charges our ttissue in our body,is how all this is amplified in me,anyway microwaves frequencies and the frey effect can take tissue was freyed and hurt my… Continue

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At 4:18am on December 30, 2009, Ron. Price said…
this is the first I have heard of any one who would remove it or even check for it.
At 6:14pm on December 2, 2009, Ron. Price said…
the X-ray of my head,I showed the next dentis to void more X-rays,,and asked for it baack,,and got one of just my teeth, GAG LAW ??
At 6:13pm on December 2, 2009, Ron. Price said…
?? I am allready shure I have implants,,I have a tracking defice in my ankle,and hve the X-rays,,I had an X-ray of the one in my head,A lying doctor told me all we take on X-rays is by your teeth,he showed me these where they just cover your mouth area,IT IS A LIE..when he was not at his office I asked the secratery for a copy of the X- rays,and got one they showed my who;e head.with the dificxe on top of my head.
At 8:19am on August 28, 2009, Jennifer Elaine Elliott said…

Dear Texan,
I am in the regional area of Victoria Texas. I am pleased that my friend Eric brought me to Ms. Sol and the work she does. As a surviving victim of the infamous.. "TSP program" I am pursuing accountabity through a full blown commission. The wars the US engaged in all based on false intel. Those crimes hold a United States Code of Title 18, 1001.

CIA agents are a group of liberal arts majors that are to collect intel and recruit. They are not entitle to break United States codes title 18, 1030 Fraud and related activity in connection to computrs. The United States Department of Justice has a USSG manual section 1030. Communications is governed by International laws just like the Anti- Torture Statue. The illegal rogue program TSP that troe the DOJ to mass dissent that had Former AG James Comey resign and AG Gonzales perjury himself. Must be held to accountabilty, culpabilty and prosecution for those crimes to deter this type of mindset and lewd wanton behavior to human right and restore civil rights and civil liberties back to the US and restore our imagine to the international community. LAWS protect National security not the illegal abdication os using torture of "EIT". I survived the agent Dallas true billed. The State of Texas obstructed Justice as the DOJ as the global world watched was ruined. This man never saw his TRUE Federal indictment for using illegal methods on a private citzen exerscing counter-terrorism games on my life. I remember every evil act done. As well when the ATTY if Texas Greg Abbott used his state stamp to lie that was of his own personal volition to cover up illegal acts by taking part and breaking federal criminal statutory laws using politics as a weapon to deny Due Process.

This will be the legacy of USA AG Eric Holder and will reflect on President Obama. As a father, a man of constitutional law, a world leader that no man is above International treaties or Constitutional laws as old as 223 years. I was violently torture raped. NO man Gets to lie. When The AG of Texas lied Sprint PSC gave my detailed phone records. This was not for a week, a month, it was many months against my will. The worse act it should have never taken place. The beauty of having the forensic evidence proves this act was preventable. The male involved enjoyed their sadistic little act and devirved pleasure in Malum in se.. Evil within itself.
The worse these men paid to do these illegal and unconstitutional crimes.

I do not have short leg from friendship or love. My teeth are not in baggie from love or friendship. After surviving torture rape and being explioted and sold in the form a pedophile does business I do not scare. Everything Evil a white republican male thus so far illegal do has been done with force and threats. 2006 a well documented paer trail of me stating I am in pain and asking to have my DR request respected. I was ignored violating the Violence Against Women's Act. A Federal Civil Rights Title stating no victim shall be held hostage and restitution be made. The Atty is in Direct violation of that Federal mandate. I have shared all information of those agent with Ms. Sol. That material has to be viewed by Michael Ratner and ACLU Jamel Jaffer. Men lie- Forensics does not. Phone records prove I should have died. Texas Republican power abuse and malfeseance stole 20 years off my body from ruining my CNS. Dr B stated that if the coward would have shoved a gun down my throat and pulled the trigger that act would have been more human than what some white male premediated and took the time to act the criminal acts. Any man willing to risk his wife life and career for the 30something male who did these crimes be my guest. James Comey and John Ashcroft QUIT! No man can LIE forever. Since I have been sharing the over five years ordeal the Sargent of Investigation of Texas AG office called Clint Badge number 344. Threatening me over harassment. Though he is Not a United States Prosecutor like John Durham is. Men are never sorry only sorry they are caught being a Evil Bastard. Jeffery Skilling and Bernie Madoff to so-called bosses that found their ass with indicments. I urge you to sign my friend Eric plea for full blown prosecution. It does not take a genius to see through the criminal acts these males chose own their own will. It is the choice of the State Public Employees that helped abdicated the abuse of power. This is just a small portion of the extreme sadism. Do you really think all this will be over the head of a United States Federal Prosecutor. By The Way I was left bleeding from my head Feb 14, 2004. This group of males chose to sadistic abuse and torture rape me every holiday on the American Calander for entertainment purposes. Phone records prove all ill- wills... Not One person stopped the torture raping. It went to extreme and more extreme. These act serve one purpose for an insecure man to make him feel powerful after he has degraded, humilated, trying to force a life against their will be to subjigated in a controlling dominate master and servant situtation. The photos taken by the man that picked me up off the gorund David Flynn. One month later I was still that bruised. I shoudl have died from the closed head injury alone. The State of texas never wanted me to have care. These injuries warrent under federal law prosecution. I as well from being forced to sufeer the violence of the 8th amendment have only ringing in my left ears. The Dr stated it is old dried blood from a cone head concussion. The State of Texas did not want me to walk, talk, eat be alive or be safe nor have civil rights or due process under a habeous writ. I am in the regional area of VC Texas where Senator John Cornyn wanted immunity for these crimes. It took whatever money was given to send this to Senators outside of Texas exploring these matters. My Aunt so mortifed as many people in my family had no clue what happened to me. When I shared they want to know what it will take to bring this MF to Justice. If this has happened to who has died. I fought like hell for my life. I should have never been forced to fight a grown fat FVCK that is 200lbs and I am not even 5'4 and weight 108.

Why I know President Obama and Eric Holder would never allow a man to do these act to their daughters. I should be no different! By the Way you have been made aware of a violent crimes. the email via MSN involved them knowning the Brand name Feedback INC and a Texas Bank that can throw around political power in Texas. No one is scott- free forver Bernie Madooff is prime example.

Thanks for letting me tell this to a Texan. I am native of 9 generation with Irish Scott blood and Comanche hertiage. I am not a native of this area as well. I have and will always be glad to say I HATE Victoria Texas rooted in fucking Evil.


Jennifer E Elliott
At 6:58am on August 20, 2009, Robin Yan said…
Dear all victims:

Topic: The evidence being collected, captured and intercepted; and the
way I find to protect myself from those non-lethal weapons.

I, Robin Yan, as a victim of torture through the use of non-lethal weapons and the gang-stalking, happened in Canada, make a statement to our victims and the people in the world, as follows:

In the near future, I will disclose those hard evidence to the world to testify that the torture through the non-lethal weapons, mind control, TI, direct energy weapons… really exist in our world. In the meanwhile, the way I find to protect myself from those non-lethal weapons will be disclosed for our victims and the people in the world.

Best regards,

Robin Yan

At 5:33am on August 2, 2009, Soleilmavis said…
Thanks for being a memeber of
I am currently banned from using
But you can publish your stories and your works to this site and share with other victims.

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