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when in dought

Started Jun 12, 2013 0 Replies

   when in dought , feed them bullshit, sing a crappy song in your head over and over again,echo, in your head, the sounds around you i.e. cars passing by , birds chirpping , talk back to them in…Continue

t shirt T.I.

Started Jun 5, 2013 0 Replies

    I will have the shirt made today and put a pic of it in place of my photo area . Any good sites such as this one ? Any recomendations ?Continue

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    I have successfully completed a move into my own apartment 4 days ogo. On the second day I was going about my business trying to get things moved from there to here and all day long they kept taunting me saying "what about your I.D?" When I finally got back to my new apartment I was not suprised to find my I.D. missing and a pungent smell of marijuana in my bedroom(their calling card)

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Takes two to tango

Posted on September 11, 2013 at 1:31am 1 Comment

Early this morning I was having a dream of a beautiful woman ( not sexually) but she then wanted to dance with me. I declined because in reality I am not a good dancer , she became very angry at me not wanting to dance and then I woke up. What had actually happaned was that a female perp ( shes mexican ) and yes I have seen her on a few occasions as well was manipulating my dream and was pissed off when I wouldnt comply , man did she get pissed! This just shows how much they rely on our…


Going back to Washington for Christmas

Posted on September 6, 2013 at 2:04am 5 Comments

Washington state is where this all started for me and I will be visiting my sister for the holidays and at the same time creating a video / photo / timeline . Any ideas for me , do's or dont's? Photos and video of houses I was harrassed at including the origianal house of the family who was and is still part of my torture members. Like I have said before , I know the names and physical descriptions of my torturers and even the high school she graduated from, her being Jenna, NSA affiliated…


Alot of dream manipulation goin on lately

Posted on September 6, 2013 at 1:51am 4 Comments

Its been awhile since ive written anything because school has started and im takin on a full load this semester.Im not being allowed to sleep any more than 3-4 hours a night because they want me to fail at school or just give up. They wont keep me up all night because it is too obvious to the ones who know my situation when they torture me full on . my oh my dont they hate when people who are not T.I.s know whats going on.For several nights now since I have started school they have been…


They mess with my stuff as well

Posted on August 11, 2013 at 2:32am 3 Comments

In my case it has to do with my homework , I had to type my final paper 4 times yesterday because I would start it , go and take a break , then come back and it would be gone. They do this either to watch me work all night on it or , because if I fail school ( college) I will have nothing to stay sober for.This was a final paper 50 % of my grade. I finally said enough was enough and went to bed. I wrote a new paper on the school's computer the next day , I just hope it is good enough for a…


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At 4:48am on January 18, 2014, Mark Iannicelli said…

Hey John please check out me, Mark Iannicelli's page

At 4:22am on October 27, 2013, lura jim said…

i am at the shelter and been sharing alot on face book........... and america does know about me................

At 4:20am on October 27, 2013, lura jim said…

i am on face book..................................... as lura jim

At 4:20am on October 27, 2013, lura jim said…

by the way this is not my picture.. it may be a real perp................

At 4:19am on October 27, 2013, lura jim said…

Helloo john ......................... i am in salt lake city, utah and i am also a target of mind control . live in the shelter .. my name is miss lura jim...................... i  am a vicitm of the direct enenergy and microwave for over 9 years and glad to meet u if your a.. well .. i should say a vicitm of mind control and v2k and other unconcented impants............... it is october 10/26/2013 and i hate them v2k.. they run 24 hours a day and i am sure u understand.. you there?/ it may be a scary deal with us as targets.................................................................

At 10:43am on September 26, 2013, Russell Hannum said…

Hey John, thanks for the support I would do the same for you , the machine is much to 

massive they can attack us instantly and kill us im not sure what our boundries are 

and how we are going to defend our selves but the more the citizens are made 

aware  of this evil and the potential threat that creepS in one by one 

the better it will be .as we organize and stay united we can continually

exsposE and locatE the machine and the people behind it once its out 

in the open the public will never acept it it can only survive under ground

hopfully peoplewill wise up 


At 2:43am on September 22, 2013, Russell Hannum said…

sorry john for the second part of the message I just sent you

I thougt I had erased it but it showed up when I sent it 


At 2:40am on September 22, 2013, Russell Hannum said…

hi john, wellI happend to stumble across the machine about 14 years ago after

I viewed a dvd someone showed me then I started to put it all together 

and  started observing people using the system it wasn't long after that that I 

was targeted. do you have voice to scull communication  I do and have had it 

for most of the time I have been targeted , you said you can tell who is torturing

you and that this helps keeping them from harrasing you, I wish I could know 

who was torturing me because that would cause them to be afraid off my 

possibilty off protecting myself if lord willing I could get to them,

please let me know your secret on identifing them inless it may cause a 

problem for your saftey

Russell Hannum

I would like to know how I can 

identify the people that are torturing me you say that you can tell 

can you reveal that secret to me or will it risk your saftey  I agree that

if we  can know who they are they might back off from harrasing us

At 11:29am on September 21, 2013, Russell Hannum said…

hi john, that makes sense and I agree it simply a high tech machine ,

what Im trying to find out is how can I identify the people that are 

behind this iron curtain. there must be a large number of people used 

to run and maintain this monster if we can find them it will help greatly

to exspose and hopfuly take action in self defence . I am not sure if the

perps are involved only by voice to skull communication or if they are 

verbaly recieving ther instructions  

Russell Hannum

At 9:19am on August 18, 2013, Ms. K. said…

Hi John,  Do you know about Derrick Robson's Web site of ?  He has a home phone and 800 of his site.  He has contacts up in Washington State that are good TI's.  He was on  AM radio, go to their web site and listen to the to his story and other TI's through out country.  Someone posted the Coast interview with them here on PP.  Put those key words in the upper right hand search box to pull it up for free and listen to the contacts in the area you need: Washington and others....good luck!    


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