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Linda Bressendorff
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At 3:47am on December 19, 2016, silvia miras sanchez said…

Salvador dali, thalamic egg,Create ideas,Psychic rape,Radio, psychic telemetry.

At 6:36pm on February 26, 2016, Rajib Acharya said…


I am Mr.Rajib Acharya. I want freedom from my oppressors.I will defeat get my freedom,I have announced war against them.Be a part of my 'Freedom Team',Read my Facebook for details Acharya/I am wearing yellow track pant and black T-shirt on my Facebook cover photo/studied at Maharaja Bir Bikram Collge/Live in Agartala / I was born on 15th Oct.1969
Thaking you,
Yours faithfully,
Rajib Acharya
+91` 0 8414043224
At 10:54pm on January 5, 2016, Citizenfriend said…

Hi Linda, were you successful with submitting your petition? Have you ever considered involving a lawyer? Did the lawyer tell you what evidence he/she would need to litigate your case? We all would appreciate, if you could share this information. Thank you!

At 1:04am on December 8, 2015, silvia miras sanchez said…

What is the project, please send me

At 8:15am on November 15, 2015, Citizenfriend said…

I know for sure that the CIA in cooperation with the NSA is responsible. I am 100% sure. I talked openly about it and all my friends and my employer know that I got into this program because of a job application I had sent to a CIA employee. He is not with the agency anymore but I know he was one of the scientists involved in this program. I have other contacts in the intelligence community and none of them denied that this program exists. What I say is correct.

At 3:45pm on November 12, 2015, Ivanna Alexis Juarez said…

Hi! Thanks so much for leaving something valuable. For some reason, the link won't work. Do you think you could post it in a different way or put it on a website? I truly appreciate the time you spent on this.

At 10:55pm on November 9, 2015, Citizenfriend said…

Dear Linda,

thank you for putting together this petition. I think it is a good idea. You are taking the lead and taking action to help us all to get out of it.

I have to take a different route. I have studied the petitions and I know that they were not very successful. I also know the lawsuits were not successful because the judges always are pro CIA/NSA.  The CIA and the NSA do not hesitate to put pressure on the Justice Department and on the court system. They do what they want. I know the people who got me into this program. They sat at my dinner table and came to my birthday parties. In 2008 before they locked onto my brain, I threatened to sue because they had gotten me into an illegal psychological harassment program but the CIA had never made a contingent offer of employment, so it was illegal. One of them threatened to frame me and to tell the Attorney General "something about me." I have never committed a crime so I do not know what he wanted to tell the Attorney General. The person was Christopher Kit Green, a neuroscientist. As far as I know, he is very influential and he was involved in the development of this mind control or thought reading technology. They destroyed my life, my financial existence, my health, everything, my career. Instead of working in aerospace, I could only get a part time adjunct position. They made sure, that I could not earn enough income to pay a lawyer and they wanted me to be in financial distress. I will be homeless by the end of the year because I cannot work anymore. They are buzzing my head and heating my brain and all my body burns and last year I almost died. I ended up in the hospital because of a rare illness an internal bleeding. They also found a liver lesion and internal injuries including a partially collapsed lung. They threatened to kill me. They also continued with their experiments during the hospital stay. When I contacted Sharon Weinberger, a journalist,  I think they prevented that I could talk to her.  I tried to explain that I was attacked with a directed energy weapon. But they are not knowledgeable. Most people don't know. The physician bills ended with a collection agency. The hospital did a write-off. They do not stop. A couple of weeks ago, they asked me if I wanted a tumor. They know i have no money. My health insurance plan was changed so that I cannot afford it anymore. I will do everything to get this people behind bars for the rest of their lives and to expose their atrocities internationally. They are a shame for the United States. Originally, I was invited by the United States Air Force to come to this country. I taught at the U.S. Air Force Academy before I applied for a position with the CIA in 2000. I would never have sent my resume to Dr. Ron Pandolfi, had not a colleague from the Air Force Academy, Dr. Robert Hickson, urged me to do so. The people who terrorize innocent U.S. Citizens and citizens of other countries for their neuro-psychological experiment are criminals working for the U.S. Government. They are paid by taxpayers. They have murdered innocent people with this technology or pushed them into suicide. They must pay and they need to be indicted. The government has to stop this and provide financial compensation to the victims. They want to force me back to Austria so that they can spy on Austrians by reading my thoughts. These people are criminals and I know some of them. I knew about the existence of this technology before I got into it because Dr. Hickson had mentioned it to me. He had asked me to do an analysis on weather modification techniques and I came across this mind control technology. He confirmed that it existed.

Thanks again for your effort to put together the petition.

At 12:50am on November 9, 2015, Peter G said…

Dear Linda,

Thank You for your suggestion, but I am trying to find a different aproach.
Please do not include my name.
Let me have a question: What agencies you mentioned, what agencies you have tried? For me that would be helpful to know.


At 5:28am on November 7, 2015, Naliah Knight said…

Hi Linda, I would love to participate.  Please also sign my petition.  Please see my page

At 4:02am on November 7, 2015, isabel n said…

Hi Linda, I would suggest that everyone sends one individual, and if you agree you can send one in a group name - for this you just need our names. and I will give mine if you decide to go forward.



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