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Catalonia (Spain) Organized Harassment GANG STALKING


MEMORIA, VERDAD Y JUSTICIA (Terrorismo de Estado) “Denuncia Pública Definitiva”


Are you reading the cry of outrage from a person who has been and remains a victim of the state, a state that belongs to the Europe of rights, of a State which has decided to skip the international legality of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights so much so that not only respects but considers that blatantly violate the privacy of a human being 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for over 13 years brand him socially isolate, threaten and harass her mental integrity and cause to the limit of human despair is not an offense in criminal sense. A state that belongs to a European Union which has decided to look the other way manifestly contrary to international law practice, democratic values, the minimum humanity and the very essence of the European Union.

If the European Union is something, is the Europe of rights that includes all rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and our Constitution. Or so they say it is. But if in this country will be like a dictatorship in which any international treaties not respected the most basic rights. One wonders why a country of the European Union has decided to skip the European legislation itself flagrantly disregard serious matter and essential minimum values ​​of the rule of law?

Besides all my communications Tel. Mobile and Internet, even taxed my private conversations in my own home and even analyzed my behavior as caused embarrassment, fits of rage, anger and confrontation and was encouraged to talk about sensitive issues or in a manner it would offend them and serve them to justify their attacks.

It will seem impossible in a democracy but anything that say in the privacy of my own home (even the stupidest bullshit) could be used against me, and screened at their discretion to the public.

What have made me with impunity for at least the past 13 years, it is subject to a human being to some of the worst psychological torture can have. The psychological impact of all psicoterror actions (It does not take a psychologist to understand it) has been unpredictable, devastating and inhuman irreparable. Inevitably it has somatized also affecting my physical health than it reach bottoms after years of torture without receiving proper medical care. A shame more to add to the long list of sins, illegalities and injustices that have been perpetrated against the most disadvantaged social classes throughout the history of this "democracy" with impunity.

I was subjected for years to techniques of psychological control and manipulation. "">A real mind prison of isolation, loneliness, anxiety and psychological terror.

"Every democratic government has the constitutional responsibility to protect citizens from all kinds of degrading mental manipulation, subjugation and intellectual or psychological dependence"


To date, they have continued becoming organized surveillance and harassment of my home in a reality show degrading and immoral with the excuse of a supposed internal investigation.

¿Has it institutionalized with me the the Multi organized harashment and psychological harassment?

The conclusion we should draw readers is that harassment Organized Gang Stalking, psychological harashment, mind control and torture (either physical or psychological) are a common practice covert and not so covert worldwide.

Thousands of people are victims of this new scourge of the twenty-first century, human rights are violated tirelessly every minute of their lives, they are tortured mercilessly and with a cruelty own sick and madmen. Help us raise awareness in society.

They have become a human tragedy into a kind of nationalist reality show fervor, and apparently there have been poor among the poor in spirit riesen them thank you.


They have practiced and continue to practice with impunity surveillance and harassment organized as a show, with intent to cause public ridicule and the maximum suffering and anguish moral, psychological and emotional. (Under the guise of an official investigation)

Sometimes as in my case in particular behaviors very generalized mobbing (The so-called Multi acoso) may appear and the victim begins to be seen as a threat, annoyance or "non welcome" by all, the aim at this stage is to get the unanimity in the demonization and stigmatization of the victim, hence the exclusion of the same is only one step. The bully uses attitudes or behaviors of isolation and aggression or attack more direct or forceful. And the victim is losing coping mechanisms, defense or fighting. The first consequence is that personality and behavior changes of the victim and the harasser is useful to indicate the cause of the problem. Even if the victim against stalker abnormalities that fact will be interpreted by all as a negative attitude on the part of the victim.


I'm a victim of harassment organized. For the past 15 years, I have been a victim of organized harassment "gang stalking".

Over the past 15 years I have been a victim of organized harassment also known as Gang stalking. I have undergone what could be described as a real moral lynching it was carried out in broad daylight with impunity. They have blatantly violated any rights laws and principles in the eyes of not a few of my fellow citizens.
I just hope that at least in this country NO ONE has to suffer such a devastating and INHUMAN experience like this EVER AGAIN.
I must be the last naive in this country who believes in one of our most important constitutional principles, that all Spaniards are equal before the law.
Well I do not have much more because I lengthen. I leave the link to my blog where you can find more information.
Escuse my poor english.

Greetings from Barcelona SPAIN



Because this blog is being boycotted and sabotaged, and your manager is in a situation of constant harassment, we are forced to suspend until further notice receiving queries, experiences and testimonies of alleged victims of harassment (in all its forms and classifications), information and psychological and mental control.

Therefore, temporarily and exceptionally we can not respond to inquiries or testimony or experiences of our readers, since they are being used (among other things) to sabotage this blog and compromise the credibility of its administrator.

Much to our regret we have also been forced to remove some of the already published testimony as they are also used in deliberate, malicious and malicious way (among other things and as I said before) to sabotage this blog and seriously compromise the credibility of your administrator.

The other sections of the blog will continue to function as normal as before. Sorry.

From here, we condemn the persecution and institutional boycott you are having this blog since its opening, and we condemn this new act of intolerable harassment and intimidation, inhumane act perpetrated with the intention of perverse and cruel social isolation a human being , condemning ostracism and making it impossible for the enjoyment of their fundamental rights essential for the healthy development of person. An act that violates the dignity of human beings. With impunity they are violated their civil, economic, social, cultural, political, etc. rights ...

The great tragedy is that no political or social organization with governmental power has criticized its members for their involvement in such events, no one has lost their job, no one has lost their prestige or social status. The message is do it, we will not condemn you for it.


But the real objective of this institutional calculated conjure as I said before was even more perverse if possible, intended to seriously compromise the credibility of the administrator of this blog, and denigrate him in the public eye.


Those who have not visited this blog over the last two weeks will wonder what on earth will have to see this news on the subject of harassment, pychological terror or mental control.
The new gag law that took effect in Spain barely a month ago, has taken its first "victim", which made me think about the unfortunate and recent events experienced this blog in recent weeks...


 Given the sensitivity of the situation I will not go into details nor will I describe the depressing "show" staged by the despicable and calculated attempt to sabotage recently suffered this blog (which gives an idea of ​​the true moral character of its organizers) by the use of alleged victims of harassment and psicoterror maliciously directed and manipulated by third parties, nor all the "media" circus organized around in public opinion openly and where repeated until satiety the same fallacies and insults with the same cynical sardonic humor that has characterized their heads from the beginning. I just want to thank you for your solidarity to all those who have been positioned in favor of freedom of expression, justice, humanity and the rule of law in general against despotism and arrogance of those who without hesitation and to his convenience added shameful exceptions to the various articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ... Thanks to all of them.

I also take to publicly denounce the blockade, harassment, constant surveillance, "the fence" and the de facto censorship that has suffered and is suffering this blog since its opening without the intervention of any judicial authority (At least the I have proof).
It is intolerable that no government use this way to all the society to harass a man to his destruction, an inhumane act perpetrated with the perverse and cruel intention (among other more sinister if possible) to social isolation completely a human being, condemning him to the ostracism and making it impossible for the enjoyment of their fundamental rights essential for the healthy development of person.
What they really want is to prevent you complain to justice a criminal act perpetrated by important and "respected" members of society who publicly claim to be righteous people of decency and high moral character, while in private practice harassment, intimidation and torture invoking precisely this false image of respectability that gives them their position and power and influence. 

The truth is that I am the victim of a vendetta. I suffered the biggest campaign of harassment in many years in this country, carried out with impunity.


"My constitutional rights and the basic rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, have been and are violated and suspended without any competent judicial authority has intervened (unless that I have proof).


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At 2:41pm on May 31, 2015, Sally said…

It is a beautiful cat but its not mine, I just saw it on the net. I have some cats, theyre not as cute but great (love cats, they have attitude)

At 2:30pm on May 31, 2015, Sally said…

Hi zaratrusta

l just saw your comments on my page. I understand exactly what youre saying by being treated so unjustly. My story (in a nutshell) is on my page. We are treated worse than enemies of our country, worse than terrorists. All our human rights are discarded. Its appalling really....l understand what you are going through. I used to be prour of my country, now I see the truth...theyre ALL shit. Protection from this can not be found anywhere. God bless

At 9:41pm on May 20, 2015, pathfinder said…

hola Julio, te saludo desde Alemania, soy tambien victima de Gangstalking, voice2skull y diffamacion.  

At 2:08pm on May 20, 2015, Sally said…

Welcome Julio

l have been a victim for 10yrs, also gangstalking and DEW attacks. I can also relate to being "drugged" . They do this remotely to me at night when lm semi conscious. I wake up with the biggest hangovers.

ps - love your cat! Beautiful!

At 7:47pm on May 19, 2015, Memoria, Verdad y Justicia said…

I'm a victim of harassment organized in Catalonia and Spain. For the past 14 years I have been a victim of organized harassment "gang stalking".

They attempt on my mental integrity by administering some kind of psychotic drug without my  knowledge.

 I have been subjected to psychological manipulation techniques and mental control based in trauma and strict control of the information it receives and processes the victim.

Greetings from Barcelona SPAIN


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