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I would like to meet "targeted individuals" in London, UK

Posted on March 14, 2016 at 12:06am 2 Comments

I would like to meet "targeted individuals" in London, UK

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At 10:21am on June 3, 2013, Ms. K. said…

I did NOT mean Sherlock Holms (ha ha)..these are the sites I was refering to.  I guess it will help Derek Steel more..he gets a lady from above his flat, that is tazering him with low frequency, possibly Microwaves or similar crap to kill him, he is very sick, hope you all network and help each other!  I sent the "targeted individuals-Europe site to  you" said "why should I call a PI"...the reason I said to: was so you could get the Gang Stalking and they are NOT allowed to damage your reputation and get friends to reject you!!  They will NOT stop unless you get a court order to stop them!  A PI can get Testimoney they are wrecking your life and then you will win your deserved $100,000 lawsuit or more?! do you understand why you should get them to stop/investigated?

At 8:44am on June 3, 2013, Ms. K. said…

You said you WERE looking for a support group there in London, right?  Have you checked this site out? .....hope I helped you and hope it helps....let me know!!

  Why are they targeting you, do you know?  Most victims have done NOTHING!  I heard they target me cause possibly, I read and researched, they are targeting PETA members, people for the ethical treatment of animals, cause we are not runned and taken over my the military-industrial complex (or something), I'm a dissitend (I guess) German name? and my brother invented the hightest technology ever in USA or anywhere: anti nucleur missle stuff...they got him to commit suicide.  I another TI guy who invented  Michael Sicone, told me they had scientist invent the Morgellon.s deadly nano technology, lethal and they already been spraying all over the world for over 10 yrs and it is in ALL of our body parts, including brain, so now they can read, see and munipulate everything we do and/or kill us...I wish everyone would have believed me, cause then they would have gone to the right web sites to survive and get rid of much of it..but there is no 100% cure..only enouoph to  stay alive!!!  They then killed all the Morgellon's scientists who invented the deadly crap, so I guess their sick plan was the technology will never get out or into any other hands...I hope it back fires on them, and they get it and cannot get rid of it!!! ha ha ha!!      

At 8:33am on June 3, 2013, Ms. K. said…

Dear Heinrich:  (please send me your private email, so I don't have to leave personal info. here all the time)   
  Keep in touch, I read your info., I need to spend my short time here at the ASU Law Library on my lawsuit!  I have given and you can read my previous posts on health remedies including Gold Oil, it is cheap ($30.00) can be taken internally and helps reflect/retract low/micro. frequency attacks....I read, but still unsure if you get some kind of low frequency attacks...yes, I get the discrediting and they (the police) have got all my friends to hate me....and my family to alienate me...yes,, I am almost homeless..I still have my house.  Can you call me with  the FREE internet phone Skype???  I need and have chosen
to keep working on my lawsuit to the US Supreme Ct.!!  NO, I will not quit or move.  No I am not looking to date, but we can be friends, you can even move here if you want!!!  Do you think, in part, I am attacked and on the kill list cause of my German Name???  I have not heard the term "guten Tag"  (spelling?) Since I was a very little girl, from a great grama!!  My mom's side is English and Welch..I could have royalty, another TI lady told me that is why she is targeted and they target TI's with ancestor, I researched was a Gottwald and I found a Prime Minister, type of guy ahead of where my ancestors said they are from: Cecheslivakia (spelling?)  I am getting tired and this computer is slow at the law library..they set up all obsticals so you will not file lawsuits!!!   call if you can  USA   480-786-8883

At 11:36am on June 2, 2013, Ms. K. said…

Heinrick, There is a good detective in London, I had found on a Google search who specializes in Electronic Harassment and gang stalking.  I am sure you can find him again on a google search!..hope it helps....


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