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manipulating the dog

Started May 13, 2017 0 Replies

they are manipulating my dog at holidays. He want go out, They scare him to death, i wanted to have some fun with him at the sea and rest and now they want me to stay at the room or return . Mean…Continue

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At 11:45pm on September 15, 2015, Annabelley said…

Hi pATHFiNDer,  THANK You For THe ADD.

At 7:28am on July 17, 2015, Sally said…

Hi pathfinder, sorry I must have just missed you earlier, I hope you are well. 

At 8:03pm on May 28, 2015, Memoria, Verdad y Justicia said…

Hello Sue, greetings from Barcelona Spain.

I'm a victim of harassment organized in Catalonia and Spain. For the past 14 years, I have been a victim of organized harassment "gang stalking".

They attempt on my mental integrity by administering some kind of psychotic drug without my knowledge.

I have been subjected to psychological manipulation techniques and mental control based in trauma and strict control of the information it receives and processes the victim.

The Catalan and the Spanish government are trying to hide this terrible crime against human rights and who have witnessed for at least the past 11 years many citizens. To do it, not hesitate to use my very poor state of health that they have helped lead, to ridicule in the public eye and misinform. Also not hesitate hypocritically presented as my benefactors who just wants to help.


El centro de Seguridad de la Información de Cataluña, CESICAT, que si no me equivoco se está reconvirtiendo en la futura Agencia Nacional de Seguridad Catalana (Futuro CNI Catalán), lleva violando mi intimidad impunemente desde el año 2002-2003 (Por orden DIRECTA de la Sra. ex consejera de interior Montserrat Tura i Camafreita), incluso en propio domicilio familiar desde el piso inmediatamente superior al mio (Pared con pared) y por si fuera poco utilizando a algunos miembros de mi propia familia como agentes encubiertos.

Estos señores según parece hacen una labor de policía política, vigilando y espiando CUANDO NO ACOSANDO a todos aquellos que consideren no afectos a su régimen nacionalista.

Por lo visto no tubieron suficiente con intentar volverme loco entre el año 2003 y 2004 administrándome sin mi conocimiento ni por supuesto consentimiento durante un periodo de varios meses algun tipo de una potente droga psicótica.

Para mayor desverguenza utilizan la enfermedad y mi delicado estado de salud que ellos mismos han contribuido a provocar durante más de 13 años de acoso organizado, tortura y control y manipulación psicológica para riduculizar y caricaturizar su iniquidad y mi sufrimiento.

He tenido que sufrir el acoso permanente y sistemático durante más de 13 años de estos NAZIonalistas y una parte de su turba fanatizada. Para mayor surrealismo han hecho participar como si de un idilio político se tratase, también a ciertos sectores de lo más reaccionario de la derecha de este país.

No sé si me he explicado bien, estoy diciendo que la consejería de interior de la generalitat de cataluña siguiendo órdenes directas de la señora motserrat tura y camafreita, entonces consejera de interior, ordenó un operativo encubierto utilizando a los servicios secretos catalanes para tratar de volver LOCO a un ser humano, todo ello después de una brutal campaña de asignación de identidad negativa y promoción al odio que me ha condenado al ostracismo y me ha dejado completamente aislado perdiendo casi todas mis amistades, y en la que incluso implicaron a antiguos amigos de mi infancia de mi ciudad natal en otra comunidad distanta a Cataluña.

De igual manera que antaño se hacía con los homosexuales o inadaptados sociales que no encuadraban en la hipócrita y cínica sociedad de su época, LOBOTOMIZÁNDOLOS para dejarlos como vegetales, pretendieron hacer conmigo. Por si fuera poco lo hicieron a plena luz del día con el conocimiento implícito de buena parte de la ciudadanía y con total impunidad, manifestando con total desfachatez su despotismo y crueldad.

¿Cómo se puede permitir en un país supuestamente democrático algo tan cruel como que el estado intente vuelver loco a un ser humano?

Algo, a mi juicio, peor que un asesinato, porque además de matar psicológicamente a la víctima, se la reduce a un estado indigno de un ser humano para el resto de su vida.

Mis intentos por tratar de denunciar esta tremenda violación de la declaración universal de los derechos humanos fueron respondidos d

At 7:45pm on May 28, 2015, Memoria, Verdad y Justicia said…

Hola pathfinder un saludo desde Barcelona en Cataluña España.


At 3:42am on May 24, 2015, David ofTomorrow said…
You will find a statement in the form of accusation. There is no copy paste to show, because it's untruth. I have 117 friends on peacepink, and about 70 percent are women. If I was asking ladies as LaBrat has claimed, I wouldn't have any female friends at all.
LaBrat, please stop slandering me. And, quit using others to spread your ugliness.
At 3:25am on May 24, 2015, paul rose said…

Ignoring them is the one thing they can't compensate for. ignoring is anti-entrainment. On a side ote the vast majority on on this or any are bots. They don't matter to you. You may as well be talking to a rock.

At 3:19am on May 24, 2015, paul rose said…

The Perp's are working and they have billions of dollars of research on thir side to implement all sorts of havoc. You can not win with the Perp's. it's for this reason that once I have determined a member to be a Perp, I simply ignore them.

I have lerned quite a lot about the Perp tactics while ignoring them because I observe them as they then make various attempts to re-engage you. As I watch them doing this I can see a pattern in the process. T

The trick is, has always been and probably always will be is to ignore them. All good things follow from that first strategy :)

At 3:18am on May 24, 2015, David ofTomorrow said…
Here is another Troll tactic -actually it's an agent tactic, where he labels any theory that might point to the truth, as Duncan's, or mine, as garbage. Then, if anyone shares the same belief, he labels them as me and bashes them. This is a direct attempt to muscle out anyone with a theory might have value. For instance, if you ever have two wY communication with your handler, and you tell LaBrat, he will say that your are dillusional, and then say that you're DOT, then you will be bashes.
At 3:08am on May 24, 2015, David ofTomorrow said…
Oh, by the way, I have cm changed my name twice, and originally used my own face for the different names, thus I obviously made no attempt to hide. And, the moderators know that I have only one membership. I've been on six years, and the only person who claims I'm others is LaBrat. He uses this as a tool to bash others, because he gets a free pass to bash me, he bashes others off our site completely. He has bashed off over twenty members in one year by this method alone. So, if you befriend him, please be aware to request he leave others be. Thanks!
At 3:01am on May 24, 2015, David ofTomorrow said…
Pathfinder. While I have threatened LaBrat,(the result of a Troll tactic in which the troll aggressively bashes a person until the person responds with aggression, then uses the resulting ugliness as a weapon against the person he originally bashed), I have not threatened others. Carrin and I were exchanging heated words regarding religion. I in no way literally threatened her. Lebowski misunderstood a statement that I had made regarding myself, not him.
As to my poetry, it's a nice way to express myself. I am more a visual artist than a writer. I'm not sure why LaBrat feels the need to put down my self expression. I did not write the poem about him. Also, I'm not sure why he is posting about me at all. He has now highjacked your blog, and he is stalking me in doing so. Two more troll tactics.
Here is the link to the TI Arts community. A lot people share there. The poem that LaBrat referenced is there, but it's not been edited. Hope you will join!!

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Posted on June 5, 2015 at 2:11pm 1 Comment

maybe they dont work at cities this way but in my case , they go around spreading lies so that the people start hating me and they are easyier to buy, the only thing they dont call them officers etc.

they come and infiltrate people of the village.

the devil has found a way to posess the believing christian mind, he injects the demon trough RFID chip so the christian is struggling 24 hours against him in mind. He cannot posses soul or body so h…

Posted on May 5, 2015 at 4:38pm 0 Comments

the devil has found a way to posess the believing christian mind, he injects the demon trough RFID chip so the christian is struggling 24 hours against him in mind. He cannot posses soul or body so he goes right trough the mans thoughts. But God gives me relief.


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