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Mind Control Victim

I have read a few stories and am horrified. I also am a victim of electronic harassment. I have been infiltrated since 2004 or so. I am told i am in "prison" By my captor "via" the voice in my head. I have been told I have been imprisoned for a certain amount of time. "from A to B" I have committed a crime and realistically the punishment fits the crime. What scares me the most is hearing stories about people who have done nothing wrong. I don't know why they would be victims. Am told this is… Continue

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Mass Petition to USA

President Obama:-

The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500, USA

TEL Comments: 202-456-1111, Switchboard: 202-456-1414, FAX: 202-456-2461,,,,,,, ,,,

Vice-President Biden:-…


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I have finally purchased the camera and mic for doing a podcast. It is not hooked up yet but will be within a day or two or as soon as I can get my son to do that for me...what is next? Who else is going to do the podcast?

I need to do a test to see if the equipment I purchased works properly...Can we arrange a test podcast and in the process talk about what we want to do with this podcast?


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A sample petition letter (From John Finch)


see - OR username – johnfinch password - TORTURECASES

Some of our DIRECTED ENERGY AND NEUROLOGICAL WEAPONS, AND ORGANISED STALKING TORTURE AND ABUSE CASES detail the most extreme and totalitarian violations of human rights in human history, including the most horrendous psychological tortures,… Continue

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A case is won and proven, State level stalking order under electronic weapons

28 Jan 2009 Mailteam works--victims work trends ( a court case is won and proven)

USA Victim James Walbert has won protection order in THE DISTRICT COURT OF SEDGWICK COUNTRY, KANSAS.

This is the very first time in the history of Kansas that A Protection From Stalking has been granted under these devices and Electronic Harassment and Electronic Stalking!

Filed under any and all enrgized devices that effects the Human Nervous System!

Please read attached PDF… Continue

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Although Hoodia can be found in some health food stores and grocery store chains, buying Hoodia online is by far the most popular method of obtaining it. Getting your supplements of Hoodia online is also the way that you are going to locate the most powerful extracts of the plant. Because it is an all natural and safe substance free of side effects, you can buy Hoodia online without any sort of…


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#444 Millitary's Internet allows public funding and puts Obama in office


For all my complaining about military weapons being used on TIs and circumventing our "Human rights", the Internet supplied by our military has also allowed the public to financially support and fund a candidate of their choice. Normally the rich, the powerful and the well connected fund the presidential winner.

I don't think a peoples choice has actually come to power since Jimmy Carter. The world fell apart then also, so be prepared for the wealthy and powerful to make… Continue

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#441 January 2009 anti-stalking month, Gorvernor Janet Nepolitano, Sen Joe Biden, 6th year of observance


January 2009 is the sixth annual observance anti-stalking month. Over

half the states have adopted this month of January as an official State

observance. It started with the cell phone surveillance and stalking with

high tech equipment of Sheri Peak by her estranged husband Rob Peak.

Date Line aired an investigative report that I watched around 6-17-2007.

Further below is a post from that

time starting with… Continue

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#440 Killing Two TIs With One Stone

post #440

Hi xxxx, I'm not really having such a bad time of things. My V2K had nearly stopped for a few years now until I started looking for more information in the form of records. While waiting in the police lobby they even made the cop who was drunk and off duty who started this walk in the front door of the police station so he would have to see me. They did this before with this guy, I guess to remind him of all the shit he started and how I'm going to expose it or die because… Continue

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Please do help us with our action to bring public awareness of Mind control/Directed Energy Weapons abuse and torture

Soleilmavis wrote

14 Jan 2009

Dear all,

I could not add comments on members pages and send private messages to members on to invite people to join our action "Ban mind control/directed energy weapons abuse and torture"

Could you help us to continue inviting people to join our action?

According to my experience, if you leave comments or… Continue

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#436 Officials dismiss latest covert operations as science experiment

post #436

In a New York times article about denying Israel's request to bomb Iran. The bush administration is said to have started covert operations to impede Iran's enrichment process. One US official said this......

While declining to be specific, one American official dismissed the latest covert operations against Iran as “science experiments.”

Is that what they consider the… Continue

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#433 ultimate attack, MEDUSA, V2K, Forced Suicide


This is only my word but when I was attacked with what I believe was MEDUSA it was blasting loud and sounded just like LRAD's attack mode. It hurt in a way you have never hurt before. My nervous system was under attack. I suffered four hours of this attack while I tried to cut out a screen, lay it over me and ground it. I also tried to put the fridge and concrete between me and the attack. Mean while my guts were gurgling through me. When it stopped and they drove off from the… Continue

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#432b military voice cloning family and neighbors


There is an explanation to hearing family or neighbors broadcasting V2K. We have all had this done to us and it appears to be a military weapon that can clone the voice of anyone. That then has a far greater psychological effect on the target.

In my case they tried to get me to commit suicide while sending V2K that they had kidnapped my daughter and were harming her while she cried out to me. A call to her in the morning exposed it. I had also been attacked with directed… Continue

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#431 Catching the non-existent Fly

post #431

I was looking through an old note book from college while taking philosophy of societies.

A bit is written in the note book with a quote by my professor. It oddly relates to us, our attacks and how we perceive them. Especially the covert nature of our psychological attacks, the misdirection and our belief system and mental barriers that are attacked and used against us.

Quote: "The mind at times becomes the believer of illusionary images which may change a… Continue

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#429 Ben franklin quote

post #429

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety".
--Benjamin Franklin--

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5 Jan 2009 Mailteam works--victims work trends

5 Jan 2009 Mailteam works--victims work trends

(1) Help USA victim Sara

3 Jan 2009

Final call for a TI in the Los Angeles area who may be homeless as of tomorrow night. If anyone has a spare room for a month or so in the Los Angeles area or nearby, so that she can get on her feet, please contact Sara asap at: 323-541-3054.



(2) Join our actions to let government hear our voices

Please help us to rise 3000 voices to let… Continue

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Mind Control and Electronic Harassment questions and answers

Mind Control and Electronic Harassment questions and answersAfter 12 years of being a target myself and many years of research these are the most complete

questions and true answers to every questions that people may hold in mind regarding Mind

Control (MC). These may not look very professional writing in terms of grammar and

vocabulary but they are very simple and related answers to all the questions. This is a very good

document that can be used for legal action and… Continue

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