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The Swiss Regime torture Worldwide and try to coverup..The Deadsquad is operating

News from Michael Aebi


Dear Friends

I am nonstop tortured by the Swiss Governement/Regime since 2007-2011. The Deadsquad wich is set behinde me have activ tried to kill me (13 attempts),prevent that i can reach the Swiss Justicesystem. Since okt.2010 i tried several times to file Courtcases to the European Court for Human Rights and the ICC International Criminal Court,the Swiss Governement/Regime /Deadsquad  have snatchd my Files from the Postdeliveryservice (Post…


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The draft of my gaslighting experience in a church convent

Here is the file. Open Office format. I do not want to share the direct link to the total strangers, but I want to make the file ready for the people interested.


Here is the riddle: last 3 parts, you must consider the Northwestern wind. You must solve the riddle to get the right address.


If you don't get the riddle and still want the file, please contact me…


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#1110 Bioethic blog Read your mind? Not in a ‘million light years’

#1110 Bioethic blog Read your mind? Not in a ‘million light years’

 A, "million light years", is not an answer that describes time. Included at the bottom are comments, mine included.   Peter Rosenholm

The blog of the Presidential… Continue

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Regulating the research enterprise: international norms and the right to bodily integrity in human experiment litigation.

ABSTRACT: This article analyzes international law claims in human subject litigation, arguing that the failure of federal courts or Congress to oversee this kind of litigation by providing or recognizing a federal cause of action for research torts is an injustice. It is about two distinct and somewhat arcane areas of the law, international law and the law of human subjects research. Because they draw on different historical, social and conceptual frameworks, each has its own descriptive… Continue

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When human experimentation is criminal.

" An unacknowledged problem exists in the realm of human subject experimentation: criminal acts are being committed seemingly without consequence. The individuals escaping punishment are no ordinary individuals; rather, they are medical researchers whose exalted social status combined with the social benefits of their research appear to immunize them from punishment"…


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to all uk ti's

Can all uk ti's please join uk supporters so we can all get in touch!

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#1109 Wake Up To Your Life More CIA Logs Via FOIA

#1109 Wake Up To Your Life More CIA Logs Via FOIA

The list of CIA logs below show me MKultra is very much in operation. Experiments, mind Control, Behavior Modification, Torture, Assassination, Electronic Surveillance, Microchips Nanno Mind Reading/ Control Implants, Quantum Computing(Q-Tel), Neurolinguistic Programming for Subvocal Speech recognition, radiation Experiments,… Continue

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HSR and pesticide protections

"Jackson Signs Proposed Rule Amending Human Subjects Protections Rule

On January 18, 2011, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Lisa Jackson signed a proposed rule that would revise EPA's February 6, 2006, final rule concerning protections for subjects in human research. According to EPA, the proposed amendments would broaden the applicability of the rules to cover human testing with pesticides submitted to EPA under any regulatory statute it administers. The… Continue

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What would happen when DEW attacks during TI refuelling at gas station ? A gas-soaked youngster died of stun gun


The father is suing the Pennsylvania police for killing his son caught fire when a trooper fire stun gun at him.

Added by LIM SC on March 17, 2011 at 9:42am — 3 Comments

Websites of Interest - Association of Old Crows        

Focus on electronic warfare.

Activities geared more toward US DOD, higher learning and industry. - Bioelectromagnetics Society     

Focus on biology and medicine.  

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Sharing symptoms #5

Their attacks has now changed again. Last week was the most terrible I have ever experienced. It was very close and I gave it a serious thought, ending it myself.


Now they are going back to their "old" habits and tactics. They are making me feel a strange and very unpleasant anxiety that goes deep into the boones and within the hole body, like a pressure and like its crawling all over the inside of body and it makes my hands shake. And they do it with a silence and a deep…


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The Darkness Has Come Into Our World

‘ The Darkness Came Into Our World … ’


The Darkness Came

Into Our World

Spread Like Black Death

Or A Cancer-Smoke Swirl


The Darkness Entered

The Hearts Of Man……


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to all uk ti's

can all uk ti's please join uk supporters so we can all get in touch!

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T Shirt Logo & Slogan (permission from FFCHS to use pic was granted)


P.S. I cannot upload the picture from URL or my computer.

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Read About My Religious Persecution in UK by neuro-electromagnetic weapons at a grand scale

I would invite friends at Peacepink to read about my religious persecution due to racist reasons in United Kingdom. I have made a discussion here. Please continue to follow the discussion as it evolves into future.


I am a legal UK resident but Pakistani citizen who is being…


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GSS Spiritual Revival Conference Call 8PM EST/5PM PST 3132011

GSS Spiritual Revival Conference Call 8PM EST/5PM PST 3132011

We are excited to bring to your attention a new guest. His name is Constitution Lost. He runs several sites on Youtube and is actively pursuing a minister career.

In respect to GSSSR, he will be interview for part two on Orgone technology (part one can be heard on episode 101 under GSS Group Session (GSSGS)), how spiritual warfare impacts the TI community, bible teaching and personal testimonies from all who… Continue

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Posts from Soleilmavis

Nurse Suspended After Statements About Mind Control, Conspiracy  

Monday 31st January, 2011  Source: KIRO 7

The license of Bellevue-area nurse was suspended by the state…


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Erik Parens to speak on behavioral genetics at Presidential Commission meeting

"Parens’ research examines how we use new technologies to shape ourselves and how emerging science shapes our self-understanding. He has written extensively on the topic, including co-editing the book Wrestling with Behavioral Genetics: Science, Ethics, and Public Conversation(Johns Hopkins University Press, 2006). He is co- principal investigator on a project funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, which explores the controversies surrounding the diagnosis and treatment of emotional… Continue

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