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Torture American Style

The torture this country is doling out – not at Guantanamo or Abu Ghraib but on its own people in their homes in their communities is no different than what goes on in other countries ruled by tyrants. In America we just lie about it and cover it up. Case in point: George Bush told the American people “In America we do not torture.”All the while brutal, sadistic, horrific covert…


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31 Jul 2010 Mailteam works--victims/supporters work trends

31 Jul 2010 Mailteam works--victims/supporters work trends

(1) How to protect themself from directed energy weapons

Hope that could help

(2) Scientists who are possible able to help victims who have…


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How about creating the resource packages for the TIs to prepare for the Internet shut down?

I think most TIs are dependent on the resources based on the online resources. What happens when the Internet got shut down by the US government by the false cyber-terrorism? They might do it if they really engage with the war with Iran. Israel seems to have interest on attacking the neighboring countries such as Syria and Lebanon to take the advantage of the sudden attack on Arabs. Rockefeller is also the one who likes the restriction on the Internet for free speech among citizens. I don't… Continue

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I Was Threatened Not To Testafy For The U.N. Today. By The Guys From The Government

Today I Was Threatened By The Government Not to Testafy For The U.N. Im Wonndering if Anyone One Else Received A Threat ?

Added by John Narkawich a.k.a Anubis on July 29, 2010 at 8:49am — 1 Comment

How has it been allowed go on for so long? Leaders who turn their backsand a Congress that ignores our pleas for help?.It’s called organized gang stalking combined withtorture/ terrorism using high t…

How has it been allowed go on for so long? Leaders who turn their backs

and a Congress that ignores our pleas for help?.

It’s called organized gang stalking combined with

torture/ terrorism using high tech (emr) weapons of war. It is, at

least in my case, primarily being carried out to cover up human

guinea pig experimentation and research & development engaged in

by the industrial - corporate scientific/ medical establishment, a

community with everything to gain… Continue

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Affidavit Completion

Affidavit Completion

Dear Participants,

I want to thank you all for participating in last week's GSS conference call (our teleconferences are every Thursdays at 11PM on Call 724-444-7444 id 83319 # pin 1 #). It was a pleasure to present you with all the information you need to complete your Affidavit. As you know, affidavit completion is the first thing we need to do to get rid of these crimes. The next step is to create a coalition and elect officers.… Continue

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John N Anubis My Camras Broke But I Will Be Making 2 Videon Mine And My Wife's. Waiting For A New Camra.

Hay Waiting For My New Camra Soon Then Then I wilI BE Doing A Few Videos For THE UN COurt Some For Me And Some For My Wife Jennifer. She Made a Peacepink account but people have been Threatening Her not to talk about things.

I also Posted A Messag In Her Account the other day by acident. sorry About That.

But Im Hopeing she will start posting her story soon. about what she has to say has happened to her through there years.

Im Looking forward to Doing the Videos for… Continue

Added by John Narkawich a.k.a Anubis on July 25, 2010 at 10:19am — 1 Comment

Please read this carefully and tell me if it works for you!!!

I have not been writing here for a while. In the months that were passing, I've been attacked more and more. The more I fought it, the more attacks. I even gained weight and I knew that it had to do something with the attacks. I would just feel a bitter taste in my mouth and I went up from one day to another.

One day, on FaceBook, I saw this guy saying something about Neural Monitoring that is supposed to be done directly from the satellites. I looked it up in…

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John N. Anubis The First Attack I Witnessed Was By Paul Francess In New England On A Young Girl.

One Of The First Things I Witnessed Was An Attack On A Young Girl By Paul Farncess On a 6 year Old Girl I Have Witnessed Alot Of Things. But I Do Recall, This. One Of The First Things I Recall About Being Chipped Was Paul And Mark Francess Right After I Was Chipped The Pawtucket Cop Intorduced Me To Paul And Mark On A Frequecie. Over A Chip And Then I Witnessed It Later Paul Attacking a 6 year Old In Front Of Mak The 3 Of Us Were On A Frequencie. With the Girls Mother. Then Paul Francess… Continue

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Thursday Night Conference Call 11PM EST

Thursday Night Conference Call 11PM EST

TOPIC: We will be having a writing workshop to produce Affidavits. If you have not receive the Affidavit sample, you can find it below:


The purpose of producing these Affidavits is to develop legal standing. By developing legal standing your credibility is upheld.

Web… Continue

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Jiohn N. Anubis My Facebook Page Is Growing Big There Tons Of Info, Over 150 Friends Look Up John Verichip

I Have Been Working In Facebook For Days. Linking Story's Videos Mind Control Pages.

I Got Videos And Info On All Sorts Of Stuff. I released My Web Pages Last Night Please Read The Comments About My Pages Before Reading The Web Sight.

Have A Look At My Facebook You Will Learn Alot. Though Im Threatend By Others Every Time I Do Anything Online And Release Info By Other People In My Community here In Pawtucker And Neighorbing Citys.

I'll Apologize now for some of my… Continue

Added by John Narkawich a.k.a Anubis on July 21, 2010 at 7:30pm — 2 Comments

Top Secret America - chosen people to be on the government side

I found a good special section on Washington Post discussing about the extreme growth of the government related companies and contractors.

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John N. Anubis Check Out My Facebook Alot More People There All About Implants And Organisms.!/profile.php?id=100001376437223&v=wall

Have a Look And Spread The Word Now In Facebook For More Exposure.

You Should check It Out. Alot Of People There Over 120 Friends Already In My List. You May Know Some Of Them.

Please Pass On The Word. I Have Added Alot Of Info And Videos.

Added by John Narkawich a.k.a Anubis on July 19, 2010 at 10:52pm — No Comments

John N. Anubis My Wife Jennifer N. Has Made A Peacepink Account Also And Wants To Learn About Stuff Finaly.

Before Jennifer Didn't Want To Know About The Chip Because Others Were Trying To Supress Her. They Were Trying To Put Thoughts In Her Head. For A While She Blaimed Me Her Husband. And THis Is What These People Do They Sit There And Do Stuff To People Then Blame Others. It's Why ALot Of People That Are Implanted Think It's There Own Famileys when It's Not. I Have been Trying To Teach Her About This Stuff For A Long Time But People Try To Effect Her Thoughts And Displace The Truth. It Realy A… Continue

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Diary Entry July 17, 2009

Forced awake another entire night with steady application of heat. The air conditioner is kept running at 60 degrees which doesn’t help. I’m being kept in a wet sweat and extremely uncomfortable all night long... first blasted with heat and then made to feel cold... They continue to deliberately undermine my flawless skin by further continued acceleration of the aging process by depleting the layer of collagen…


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1927 movie "Metropolis" tried to warn the world about mind control- prediction of the US depression and WWII

1927 movie "Metropolis" tried to warn the world about mind control- prediction of the US depression and WWII

1927 German movie. The MATRIX of Europe. This movie was destroyed. and had to be rebuilt from pieces... but what it predicted was what took the USA.. ie great depression,

then WWII Someone knew then what was being worked on..or a lot of people knew..Germany

tried to warn the world.. with Theatre.. silent movie.. so... everyone can

watch it.. language… Continue

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Judy Malloy Revelations of Secret Surveillance

"Non-Lethal" Weapons; Brain Interference Technologies; the Altered Environment

In early spring of the year that I am writing this, I, a writer, and my boyfriend, a video artist, began to discover evidence that an…


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Having this video, "final account", I am not afraid of anything.

Obviously, by hacking International Bar Association and International Criminal Court, they stop me from launching  international (legal  ) proceedings against "them".To end with this video " final account" : send it, please transfer it . Not only for me.UN ICCPR UN Human Rights UN Human Rights Council Amnesty International International Bar Association International Criminal Court International Court of Justice…See More
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Everything in the world to be the property of the state. You penniless.

EVERYTHING THROUGH OUT THE WORLD WOULD BE THE PROPERTY OF THE STATE WHICH IS ALSO KNOWN AS THE CROWN CORPORATION. THEY ARE PLANNING TO MAKE US PENNYLESS SLAVES BUT MOST ARE UNDER MIND CONTROL PROGRAMMING TO THE POINT OF APATHY.Viruses are not contageous. The so-called covid-19 vaccine is a slow acting poison. Those who have received it will die within years. Many who believe that they have received the so called covid-19 vaccine have not actually received it because many nurses who are in full…See More
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