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Today’s news on v2k

Today’s news on v2k


Canadian torturers, you must stop your paranoia telepathy…


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Poor Work Condition of Remote Neural Monitoring Technology Operator

RNM operator is like bonded labourer who has to work on weekends, extended hour even extending to 24 hours a day with no food, tea break or even bio break due to the way they operate. I wonder if they have been forced in doing this. Once hooked RNM operator has no way out but to trouble people.

Added by Neptune on July 4, 2013 at 10:36pm — 1 Comment

Remote Neural Monitoring Technology Provider Caused US Economy Trillion Dollar Business Opportunity Loss

Based on my analysis of  Remote Neural Monitoring Technology, the US technology provider for RNM caused US economy a trillion dollar business opportunity loss in brain reasearch and applications and pushed brain reasearch by as many as 50 years. The reasearch director who decoded remote brain wave into brain reading which does not require training and works on all languages was superub genius who way beyond his fellow scientiest and cognitive brain reasearcher of now. Had this reasercher…


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two Rockefeller in laws are extremely selfish as they sacrificed too many innocent people’s lives for their power, not for their lives

Never dream any of us can survive without deleting the female British boss who looks similar to the one in TV series <DOLL HOUSE> and the male in charge who looks similar to the one in TV series <HOUSE> in CIA mind control FIRM, who did not help immediately expose remote surgery and remote mind control technologies in mainstream media massively.  They are likely undercover Rockefeller family…


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Operazione trabajo - The Shield season 3 episode 15 (New york - Rovereto)

Articoli attinti dal quotidiano Il Trentino di venerdì 10 novembre 2006 (10112006…


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6-29-13 Emf targetting starts 2 pics

Added by Daniel Morgan on July 4, 2013 at 1:00am — 1 Comment

What humankind should do to prohibit people to behave like Rockefellers who rejected changing when they holding power and knowing what they are doing are damaging humankind?

 What humankind should do to prohibit people to behave like Rockefellers who rejected changing when they holding power and knowing what they are doing are damaging humankind and they can stop the killing, torturing and fooling by exposing the two secret technologies electromagnetic Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control in mainstream media massively? Their changes would be useless to humankind when they lose their power.


My suggestion is if they are still alive when…


Added by Yan Xu (CIA modified my messages on July 2, 2013 at 8:13am — 2 Comments

A Suggestion For the FBI

It could do a mini-investigation into our cases and decide if we're targets of the mafia or something or delusional.  It could then put us on a list so that our families and bosses know that we aren't crazy.  A program like this would save resources and lives because we'd be able to fight back, pay taxes and lead productive lives instead of being labeled crazy, though some of us might have a combo going on, which would be more difficult to sort out but not impossible.

Added by kaela creighton on July 2, 2013 at 1:37am — No Comments

Of course the FBI knows

I like to leave messages with the FBI every time "they" keep me up, which they are promising to do tonight.Yes I know the FBI knows all about us , and I have even been there in person and spoke with an agent about my situation. I do think it helps though to leave a tip with them just to keep the wheels from getting rusty. What I do find is that people who are not T.I.s tend to forget about our problems, and wish we would just shut up about it. Thats not going to happen. F U NSA!

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5 to 8pm last night after 2 days of what I think was ( I was recovering from targeting) I had nothing strange, just laid in bed Sat , Sun healing and at 5:45pm I had extreme deep pulsing pain in my right Temple, so bad I had to turn everything off and put ICE ON my Temple. It was every 4-5 seconds stabbing, deep center right Temple.......

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