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In the future, I think I will eventually get assisted suicide so that I can end my mental suffering. I might be able to rebuild or fix my life a tiny bit but the pain and agony of the life that I wanted in the past that was exploited will be lost forever. It's the only way to end this nightmare and suffering. I'm sure this is what I want.

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My Perp Ex -Husband.........My Years with Him

This part of my life story mainly covers the years spent with my ex-husband. There are many parts left out and there is much editing to do on this writing as well, since I had wrote this many years ago, long before I went back to college and perfected my writing skills.  My ex-husband was sent to me by whom, I do not know....I was so naive when I met him, that I did not put together the odd and out of place pieces that he had been sent to me... a girl…

Added by egyptarian on August 23, 2012 at 1:45pm — 3 Comments

Former perp handler claiming I'm the perp

I got an email from james lico last night, i was just one of the people he sent it to.  He claimed I was a perp roommate he had!  what a joke!  I thought about sending a long, rambling explanation to everyone he mailed it to, then decided I have thought about him enough.  He was another in a long line of bad mistakes.  One I won't make again. 

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its finaly come down to murder these past few years have been  an absolute  nightmare ive seen my family destroyed every thing that is good in life has been taken from us starting with my dignity , my job ,my personal thoughts i havnt had a private moment in years i cant even go to the bathroom without harrassment and body manipulation it was impossible even to start a relationship with all the forced speech and mocking people through my mind watching every move i make ive started trying to…


Added by harry norman on August 22, 2012 at 11:29pm — 4 Comments

Who amongst the victims here have undergone hypnosis/hypnotism exercises before the electronic harassment?

May prove to be crucial info.

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Whats the point?

Whats the point in me listening to the same music when these people have exploited and insulted me about every type of song and every music genre I listen to. Whats the point in me dressing goth when everyone knows my business. Whats the point in continuing, living a life that has been exploited at every angle and completely trashed. Everything is pointless. Whats the point?

Added by Aaron Stanley on August 22, 2012 at 8:48am — 3 Comments

Generational Gang Stalking... Stories of a Family Terrorized Part 1

    This is my first time speaking out in public about my families bizarre experiences, that I only began to understand about three years ago when I accidentally came across the subject of gang stalking.  I was able to finally attach a name to what my family and myself were experiencing, experiences that we are still going through. 

     I have been researching gang stalking…

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What they want to hear.

Over the next few weeks I have alot going on.My You Tube video of recording the Electronic Harassment under surveillance cameras will be on the internet.I will be making a follow up video using a RF detector on myself.I will be finding an attorney and hopefully having my and my daughters attackers arrested.I have a list of their names along with recorded evidence against them.The crimes range from Break ins to confessing to murder.The latest activity in my life is that my attackers claim…


Added by Don Hill on August 19, 2012 at 5:08am — 2 Comments

Recent DEW harassment rant

In the last 5 months the DEW attack has been the strongest in a long while, it is also the reason I search the internet for information, and come across the term gang stalking.  

The reason for the attacks? You may ask, it is because I have started to go out more and getting more active.  These perps cannot have me interact with other people that is not in their circle, otherwise their lies behind my back will fall apart. They simply has to continue their isolation…


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I wanted to become a goth but thanks to the gossip my life is ruined. These people have been gossiping about my personal life and about me wanting to become a goth. Everyone knows about my life, including all of the people from my past who know me. According to my perps, I am not goth. They have said stuff like "he ain't goth", "he's a fake goth", or "he's ain't no goth". I still want to become a goth, but at the same time I think to myself whats the point of me becoming a goth when your…


Added by Aaron Stanley on August 18, 2012 at 9:09am — 2 Comments

August 15th, 2012 Appeals Court: No Warrant Needed To Track Cell Phones

This article is found at Wired. Please read entire article there:

A federal appeals court on Wednesday said the authorities do not need a probable-cause warrant to track a suspect’s every move via GPS signals from a suspect’s mobile phone.

The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, ruling 2-1, upheld a…


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Synthetic Police Are Coming: DARPA Engineering Autonomous Robots


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Children Of Tomorrow

Children of tomorrow

I apologize to you

On behalf of those in my time

For the things we didn't do

We didn't stop the tyrants

So your fate could be prevented

We watched them steal our freedom



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Suffering In Silence

I'm lost in the darkness. There's no light anywhere and it's enshrouded with evil shadows. A horrorifying atmosphere where I smell and sense deceased bodies everywhere. There's nobody here but all the eyes are focused on me. Every movement monitored like a caged animal. Trapped and suffering in silence. The screeching sounds of agony from the spirit world torments and…


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