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my matter

CI am a victim of extreme obstruction of civil justice by fed agencies and my community were i live, the obstruction is designned in a gangstalking way that is preventing me from exposing shadow government abuse in which i had my 15 year career illegally taken from me and the fed / state is circumventing my character to discredit me ,in which i have the highest forms of technology trying to manipulate my life , continous electronic interference with everyt hing i own ,including my vehicle…


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美研制僵尸昆虫飞行器:电极植入大脑操控(图) (新华网,9月7日2011)

2011年09月07日 11:29:53  来源: 新浪科技 【字号…

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A letter to Washington Post

Kelb, Inc.

Keep The Ethical Light Burning…


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Bioethics Commission Urges Compensation for Victims of Human Research

This article at the link below was welcome news when announced a few days ago.  Apparently Amy Gutmann is calling for compensation for victims who have been harmed by governmental research programs.  And according to Peter she stated that this would include military experiments as well.  After hearing this, I was reminded of the one point I made in my…


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i was wondering

Why are we such a weak network ? It seems that the electronic info rolls out in posts all the time but where is the human contact? We need each other , for many of us we're all each other has. Why aren't we communicating more on how we are getting by, keeping in touch, giving advice and support in the blogs section. I would love for us to have more personal blogs we can support each other with.

For me lately its just been coming to terms with how many people are involved in this…


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This is more than electronic. A reposted reply from the FFCHS site

This isn't just electronic.
It's more than the SDI satellites set up to intercept missiles. It's more than a combination of all satellite emitters, including Iridium satellites that the US gov't had bought out (since the company could never provide cell phone coverage with a couple lost satellites, and no…

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New computational model could tell how the brain recognizes objects


Washington, June 9 : Scientists at MIT's McGovern Institute for Brain Research have developed a new computational model to describe how the human brain visually identifies… Continue

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I'm working on an eight and a half by eleven book. I need your testimony. Please only write one page. You may use one picture of yourself. put your name, date your harassment started and a breif description of the pain you are going through. thanks: K

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Researchers Harvest Beetle’s Wing Energy to Power the Mind Control Chip in Its Brain



As you may or may not have been aware, DARPA and other organizations have been trying to make…


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Mimi ni mvulana na napendeal kushirikia na watu walio makini na vitu wanvyo vifanya na kutenda na wenye kujiamini ipasavyo kama inavyo takikana hivyo basi nachukua fursa hii kumkaribisha mtu yeyote anaejisikia kushirikiana na mimi katika mambo mbalimbali na tofauti tofauti kwani siku zote uwa napenda kuwa hivyo kwani hiyo ni kama mfumo wa maisha yangu ya kila siku pote ninapokuwapo, Lakini sipendelei watu wanochukuwa fursa kama hizi kupitia mitandao fotautitofauti kuendeleza ubadhilife na…


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Mimi ni muathirika wa mtingo wa mawazoc"TI"kwa miaka mingi sasa ambayo ni takribani miaka 14 hadi sasa na wakati mwingine najikuta napoteza fahamu kabisa na kumbukumbu katika kichwa changu kwa vipindi tofauti tofauti na baada ya muda uwa na rejea katika haki yangu ya kawaida na hali hii usababishwa na utokana pindi tu ninapojaribu kukumbuka mambo mbalimbali ambayo yalinitokea katika nyakati tofauti tofauti katika mfumo wa maisha yangu tangu nilipokuwa mdogo wa umri wa miaka 8 hadi mpaka sasa…


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La minaccia scioccante di sorveglianza satellitare di John Fleming (19/06/2003)

 La Minaccia scioccante di sorveglianza satellitare…


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How To Stop The Jezebel Spirit.

Reply by lee poll just now

To stop the Jezebel spirit you need some help that will put an end…

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Libya rebel commander contends was tortured, rendered by CIA


The top Libyan rebel military commander in Tripoli, Abdel Hakim Belhaj, dropped something of a bombshell in an interview with the New York Times yesterday: In  2004, he said, two CIA agents tortured him in Thailand and then "rendered" him to Libya. From…


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talk to human rights advocate regarding " reword, revise and edit Mass petition in 20 languages."




Robin Yan

Please reword, revise and edit " Mass petition in 20 languages"…


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Collect evidence-similarities in our torture pattern

I am trying to figure out pattern and similarities in our stories and experiencies, as said before, number is power and from what we have learned, we all share almost the same "symptoms". It seem to be sort of the same  "program" they run on us all.

For instance,

I, myself have noticed its a difference in hearing from my left ear. (even if, when tested for hearing at the hospital, the hearing was perfect-and the same on both left and right ear.)


Now, if I pull…


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