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Microcircuits The Interface between Neurons and Global Brain Function, Synthetic Telepathy, Brain-Computer-Interaction, Mind Control whith nano implants


Synthetic Telepathy,, Brain-Computer-Interaction, Mind Control whith nano implants

Moore on:  and…


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Mind Control Victims attend Occupy Washington

Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance

from Derrick Robinson 

Occupation Events in New York and Washington, DC

accounts by Targeted Individual (TI)

Community Participants of Last Week's Demonstrations



Thanks to all of you who attended and are attending the Occupation events in New York, Washington, DC and other cities.  This is a historic occasion and an opportunity our community cannot afford to miss! …


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For All My Flyover Skeptics and My Lawyer:


VINDICATED again.  Now that I have definition,  I have something to show to a lawyer.  Unfortunately it has the Eminem soundtrack.  Today it was a black helicopter!!!  Amongst others.  See you in court you MF's. 


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Electronically gangstalked and voice to skull

Im believe I'm being electronically gangstalked

* I hear voices 24/7 in my home or out & about. I recently moved t out of state but still hear voices

* Niehbors stump and Im being followed by white vans

* Ex boyifriend knows everything Ive do in the privacy of my home also hear him having sex

* Frequent headaches, insomnia, lower abdominal vibrations

Ex- Boyfriend says he put a chip in my head.

* Set up on dates and friendships

* Chanting…


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Torment the Perps

Hi Folks:


This weeklong experiment in tormenting perps is hilarious.   I recommend that you accuse the perps of things they accuse targets of being.  For example, accuse the perps of being mentally ill.  Show proof that they are mentally ill based on your observations.  Mock them for it.  Another fun thing is to accuse the perp of being an accessory to child abuse in it's targeting adventures.  Make sure you accentuate that the perps set up and enjoy watching the children…


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I decided to quit being opressed by these peices of s#!t.After 3 yrs of being jobless/homeless I've got a 2nd interview ahead.I'm an Optician very ready 2 go back 2 work!! Because of this and I think…

I decided to quit being opressed by these peices of s#!t.After 3 yrs of being jobless/homeless I've got a 2nd interview ahead.I'm an Optician very ready 2 go back 2 work!! Because of this and I think because I record everything they've started making high pitched sounds in my ears.Which I expected.(Goodys powders work well) I'd like to encourage everyone to go make the best of your lives.Nobody can do anything worse to us than whats going on.So with that in mind we dont have to worry about hang… Continue

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Same Old Boring TI

Spent the night "talking to walls" mocking my perps relationship with his father.  I suspect that the perp is illuminati indoctrinated.  Young illuminatists are "broken in" by being forced to perform sex acts on their fathers. 

The perp reacted with loose dogs, several aircraft, and a constant barrage of vanity plate cars and aircraft for several hours.  Regressing and lashing out like the spoiled child his father let him become.   I'm sure he's reading this now. …


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Make A Microchip Scanner


The creator says it's not very powerful ...but a better coil could help that issue.


Maybe it's worth a try if you think you might have a chip that's not under bone.


You don't have to solder anything.

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Psychiatrists are crystal clear about:

Psychiatrists are crystal clear about what are organized stalking and non lethal weapons all about. Please see this report from Masters, Clinical Psychology.

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Please explain your photos in detail

I saw your photos they are interesting. Please explain what exactly the equipment does, what it is capable of and what range as well as who has access to this equipment or who is most likely to be using it and from where. It all appears portable. I am curious about the link for the web site selling bug sweepers of various kinds and ranges. Have you tried any of these or do you know anyone who has. Do any detect alternating RF frequencies of various ranges. They seemed to good to be true. I… Continue

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Swiss Government Dead Squad torture innocent victims Worldwide and cover it up

To all Victims,Friends and the Public.......we have to fight this unimageble crime.. "Invading someons Brain is the worst crime in history of Mankind"...I am a innocent TI by the Swiss Government/Town of Zuerich/Churches of Zuerich/my own Family (Aebi,Stamm,Schaetti) and there friends a well none Homosexual Group of Zuerich/Schaffhausen with bestialic record and never investigated (covert by the Swiss Government/Town of Zuerich)...they have law free slaughter territory...they ar all on the…


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Las Vegas Targeted Individual

I am being Remote Neural Monitored and Voice-to-Skull tortured 24/7.  I know who my perp is and its a doctor here in Las Vegas who I believe is a head of the team that is working on me.  I could use some advice on protecting myself from them.  My perpetrators have full access to my computer, accounts, and my home.  They have made repeat visits, without permission, despite an alarm system and locks.  My facebook page is:


You are not alone.  I believe…


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Dear TIs who ever reported or are going to report to the local police, pls see the followings:

Dear TIs who ever reported or are going to report to the local police, pls see the followings:

The Scarborough Hospital consiparcy with Toronto Police in spite of my family doctor's judgement and advice.

Please see their ridiculous statements and my response to them.…


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619 signs on the Petition, 4381 still to go.....

There are however two Petitions to sign, the other one has only a bit over 30 signs...

Maybe it was a mistake putting two Petitions out, as people tend to sign only one of them.


Pls, all of you, help spread the word, we only got time until Oktober 26./Annie…


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Only one overflight

Boring day in the targeting world.  Only one overflight.  How does air traffic drop 90% overnight? 


The only excitement today was the exact double of a deceased relative at the local grocery store. 


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Dear Canadian victims:

The strongest voice from some international organizations:

"The ITCCS joins with many survivors of torture around the world today as we formally inaugurate an international inquiry and trial into crimes against humanity by church and state. "



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Collegamenti tra il fenomeno dei rapimenti alieni e la tecnologia dei micro-impianti.








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Hi Paul thanks for comment

I asked because of the danger previously when I was in process of writing to police complaints commission and making a business complaint This gang stalkers hit on me big time evil corruption- and because they live in criminal denial continued to hit unrelentlessly next door residents ERV entrapment this is actual physical violent oppression and damage.

So fear to name them the physical violence vast endangerment and criminal avoidance externally.

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Our demographics

Can we survey our group for demographics? This nwould give us an idea of who we are and where we reside  as a group. IT would give us incite on where to strike the enemy as well.

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COurt in the center of the country

Are there more than average TI court cases in the middle of the country?

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You all must receive all evidence about why I launch   international (legal  ) proceedings against "them" because they have committed  terror, psychological torture and MK Ultra. Now, I provide further documents about their ongoing brutality and evil...For 17 years, I write, write, speak out and stand up. Maybe you are tired of what I am doing. But, please see what OMCT stated recently after contacting them : "Torture Destroys Societies " ; " Global Voice For Ending Torture"At G7 Summit, they…See More
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