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November 2008 Blog Posts (21)

Culture of Surveillance may contribute to Delusional Condition

Here are two articles, you may understand if some people complaint that they are under surveillance, they are not Psychiatric Patients.

1.Culture Of Surveillance May Contribute To Delusional Condition

By Sarah Kershaw - International Herald Tribune 29/8/08

2. To Some Psychiatric Patients, Life Seems Like TV

By Jennifer Peltz The Associated Press 11/24/2008, 6:36 p.m.… Continue

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human's commen responsibility

It is the human's commen responsibility to eliminate the inhumane animal from our earth.

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The crimes against humanity committed against me have been to numerous to count.


It is criminally inhumane to able to torture, abuse, cage, deprive, and commit any imaginable felony against a vulnerable, innocent human being who has committed no wrong. It is criminal and corrupt that the government judiciary has not ensured that meaningful restitution and/or compensation be provided to the human beings whose rights have been…


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Lawsuits And Crimes Against Humanity


I am new to the forum. I have been having a difficult time finding a lawyer to represent me.

The McActivism group uses Jon Wilson in Colorado, but he does not answer my email.

Does anyone know a pro bono or contigency lawfirm which specializes in Illuminatti  misconduct and crimes against humanity?

If so, please inform.

Although I have tried to keep my privacy for several years, the Illuminatti refuses to allow me privacy…


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Hello –

I am asking anyone who can help me in any way to please do so… I am a Targeted Individual. My targeting involves being heavily Gang Stalked.

I had the misfortune of buying the house next door to the local neighborhood STALKING GANG leaders!

David Lawson is a licensed private investigator now living in Florida. He infiltrated these stalking groups, on and off, for 12 years and rode with them. In a recent email, regarding Canadian groups, he said the… Continue

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Need sugguestion

I have been harrass from DEW since 8 years ago. I am a number of a big church in Bangkok , Thailand. There are big brother group in my church. They are high position and rich in my church. They use DEW harrass me and force me to submit to them when I know they use thes weapon. They send their voice to my head said that want me to go out from church . Every day they send a heavy electromagnetic wave to make my brian dysfunction and pysical change : head and both ears are alway hot , heart rate… Continue

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18 Nov 2008 Mailteam works--victims work trends(Help German Victim,Bernd) (updating)

Rudy Wrote:

NOV.17, 2008 14.58



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Mailteam works--victims work trends (Help Swetlanas, German;and Glenda, USA)

(1) Attack on a German Activist against Electronic Harassment

In the following you can read the report of Swetlana who is a German-Russian TI and activist against electronic harassment. She has been banged together by an unknown man in the open street of the village where she is living in Germany.

In the past there had already happened grave road accidents and shooting to real psychosis, poisoning and infecting victims by dangerous pathogens who had published the… Continue

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Auditory hallucinations: a comparison between patients and nonpatients

Auditory hallucinations: a comparison between patients and nonpatients

Department of Psychiatry and Neuropsychology, Maastricht University, Academic Hospital Maastricht, The Netherlands.

The form and the content of chronic…


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Message to the new president.

Yesterday, I submitted the following statement at :

Please enforce the federal civil rights laws, e.g. 18 USC 241, 18 USC 242, and 18 USC 245, without prejudice. Assure to all persons the right to complain and to have one's allegations examined and investigated, even if the perpetrators of such abuses enjoy status within the Intelligence Community, even if evidence of their crimes is classified.

Recommend ratification of the… Continue

Added by James Henry Graf on November 15, 2008 at 10:49pm — 2 Comments

Need $$ Assistance - Click www.DisasterNews.US and one advertiser listed

Please click www.DisasterNews.US and one level further by clicking an advertisement ment there. No information s required or exchanged and I'm provided a small advertising fee. Thank you!

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Psychiatries are talking about Mind Control

This article does not fully agree with Mind Control abuse and torture. But at least from this article, we know that people start to discuss about Mind Control Abuse and Torture. Even some people won't believe it, but they have started to know it and they have started to discuss it.

We are not going to just let them to make a final decision very soon. We will keep bring to them all evidences including patents numbers and development and research documents of such technologies. We can…

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Why the Title > "Peace General?"

I spent my whole childhood wanting to be an Army General. (fighting for Peace and Justice) The hippies got to me at age 17 and introduced me to the peace movement. I then said (4 years later) why not a Peace Army. We need I think the same determination, courgae and stratagy to achieve peace.

Added by Peace General Bruce on November 11, 2008 at 6:17pm — 1 Comment

6 Nov 2008 Mailteam works--victims work trends (help Andy from Canada) (continuing)

From John Finch,


I would like to draw your attention to some extreme and horrendous criminality being conducted by United States Government-related Agencies and the complicity and/or acquiescence of many other Governments and Security Agencies.

There is massive ignorance and secrecy regarding this, and victims such as I are being subjected to uncontrolled and unacknowledged torture and mental and physical destruction. This has… Continue

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German Nazi micro wave terrorist

Added by Zhou on November 7, 2008 at 6:21am — 1 Comment

A letter addressed to the people of the world expect

Dear Mr. Obama:

I am a Chinese citizen. We support you to be elected American president continuously since we knew you from your friends in March . You have the wisdom of the view .In China you receive the support rate 82%. in China. Your demeanor represents US's energetic makings. The young free and easy demeanor and the mental perception also conquer the Chinese, In the world' s views will lead the world a qualitative change, you will let the world to a more civilized and harmonious… Continue

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4 Nov 2008 Mailteam works--victims work trends (help Rita from Belgium) (Continuing)

Domestic Surveillance and Mind Control Technology?


(The following are the first six pages of evidence in a lawsuit filed by a citizen against the National Security Agency (NSA) in 1992 alleging harassment and seeking relief for same. This lawsuit was filed in the U.S. Courthouse in Washington, D.C. but later withdrawn. The bringer of this original suite reported he has brought a… Continue

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4 Nov 2008 Mailteam works--victims work trends (help Rita from Belgium) (Continuing)

From Bob,

Re: Rita Thomas

Dear Mr. Willems:

I was contacted by a friend of your client, Rita Thomas. I am a retired attorney residing in North Hollywood, California. I know and more than a thousand other victims of government persecution know that your client was telling the truth about her mind control experiences. Governments all over the world are now engaged in mind control experiments using advanced electromagnetic psychotronic devices. I have had decades… Continue

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5 Nov 2008 Mailteam Works--victims work trends (Help Canada victim Andy)

Please Help Andy De Lorenzo (Ottawa,Canada)!!

Soleilmavis Wrote:

Dear All,

One more of our dear targeted individual of directed energy weapons, Andy De Lorenzo is suffering from the forced Psychiatric treatment.

Please kindly help him by writing to his Psychiatrists with related information.

With all your effort, we can save our victims.

Andy Wrote:

Dear Soleilmavis,

I have been a targeted individual of… Continue

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4 Nov 2008 Mailteam works--victims work trends (help Rita from Belgium)

Please Help Rita Thomas(Belgium)

Soleilmavis Wrote:

Rita Thomas from belgium have been forced to accept Psychiatric treatment from few months. Now She will be forced to receive 6 months extra full time treatment because she told her Docture about Mind control. She is sick from the medicines. she will go to court this tuesday on 4 Nov to stop the prolongation.

Her profile

Please help her by calling her… Continue

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