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The Relative of the Perps who own the business network

... has talked about them giving the book a go.

They are stopping me from saving all my files and my documents, all devices are malfunctioning every time I try to do it.

Yet they have been trying to get all that I've researched on this entire time.

I will not take this sitting down.

I will fight for my rights.


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I've had enough!

My family is colluding with my perps to block me from getting work and finding life somewhere else.

They find fun in the sick game they are playing and when my kid and I ( including them) get angry because of the intense radiation they are exposing us to (plus the anger button they are pushing), THEY ATTACK ME AND MY KID!

And to think they are pushing me to the brink, trying to set me up so they can gain custody of my kid! Darn! How far…


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自从2006年冬天开始,我开始感到有卫星定位跟踪、监视感,2007年2月开始听到Voice to skull。2010年11月,开始知道自己是脑控受害者-Tarageted Individual (TI)Victim。直到今天,我还是脑控受害者,一直没有逃出敌人的瞄准。

而且,最近越来越严重,敌人通过我大脑里的声音——Voice to skull告诉我,敌人要杀死我,他们不会让我活多久了。而且,敌人告诉我,他们已经使用卫星武器杀过很多无辜的人。罗阳就是其中的一位。我感到我的生命和我家人的生命有危险。



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Are they not supposed to contact me?

My perps have been blocking me from receiving messages via snail mail and email. They made sure the accounts I am accessing are spoofed ones and if I happen to use a browser/pc that's secure, I can not access my account because the password fails.

There's an address i stayed in for about 2 months or so which I have repeatedly removed online but it keeps being posted again

I am supposed to be earning from my online properties. I, however, am not receiving any…


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A PLEA: PLease DO NOT give them money that is supposedly for me

1. The modus of these group is to ask for donations from people, pushing the pity button, selling false information. They claim they are giving it to me, they claim the Alternate Reality Game they are playing is meant to help me. 

NO, they are not giving me anything. That's why they need to block access to my accounts. They can not allow people to know the truth.

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You know why I am sure I hit the bull's eye?

While I was posting the last entry prior to this, all sorts of PC glitches stopped me from posting here:

1. Just now I can not log in using a secure browser: it's indicated it's being blocked because it's redirecting to:



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End Of The Line

I survived 8 years of Hell. Being a targetted individual for this long is exhausting. I'm so tired and ready to throw in the towel but I continue on my quest for justice each day. The stupid people involved in my pain and suffering shall get the same treatment one day. I don't bother even going out anymore as they'll send their extras or whoever to gang stalk me. I want a resolution to this nightmare. End of the line.

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scream 3


tortured so bad,legs,feet and heart,the pain is soso bad,they want me to take an overdose so i sleep for days at least,how can you sleep with pain thats crippling,pains everywhere,all down the back,they are going full hog and laughing,the sik barstards,they kept me awake last night and now they want me to sleep in the day so i miss everything,thats with a big if aswell,they just want you to keep taking the pills,then more n more,hearts so bloody sore,they dont want me to go…


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Motive: The BILLION dollar business

Now going back to the issues that's less of a mystery but is connected to THE TECHNOLOGY, and also to me :

1. The owner of  the business network with a string of companies and affiliates practicing this ARG-type of attack (where I was harassed and where I found proofs of PC attacks) used to have businesses in the same strip as my grandma's business, before I was born.

My mother worked with them when I was a young kid.

2. A very popular person worldwide…


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subliminal art this is whats killing america

the worst of it started in mountain home ar. i would here voices that sounded like they were comeing from the static or any loud noise my body would feel like it was electrafied including my eyes my body was being manipulated and my head turned to look at 3d lanscape art at first i was just curious but the longer it went on the more taxing it became on my body so i started fighting there control the harder i fight the more they torture me they run biggoted dialog through my head and…


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subliminal art how they are killing you

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Facts are...

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The Clear Choice.

*PINEAL GLAND = Cognitive bodily functions, Consciousness, Intuition, Directionability and ultimately how We become Aware of Ourselves, Our Brothers and Sisters, The Universe...The Absolute.




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Clones, cloning

I will write abt this later.

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To the ones who cannot be bought, can you solve this with me?

...or for me and my kid in case this does not get solved while I am still alive.

I am too sure now that the stuff they are hiding from me is bigger than my sibling being connected to the gang that's harassed me for a decade now.

It is bigger than the fact that I discovered the church my mother brought me and my sibling on a spiritual warfare seminar is connected to the group monetizing the plight of people like me who have been "programmed" most of our lives.

I… Continue

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I write this now knowing that they are ready to do everything to eliminate me

They have already done everything: electronic attacks, spray, medicine (without permission, without my knowledge) , created stories, created scenarios to make it look like i am the one out of my mind, not them.

It's my kid they are not treating right now. The crazy accusations that I had to deal with as a kid i can recall now given the stupid and mean crazed-up insinuations being accorded to an innocent kid.

The people here are crazy.

I now understand what a guy… Continue

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I am hopeing that there aren't anymore weather disasters in US!!!!!

I have lived in California since 1976, less 4 years, and I really ask those who are the prayerful kind of person to hope and pray that we do not have a major catastrophe here, weather wise, as it occurred to me today that the since the east coast tragic storm ($71 billion) - the enormity of money to take care of Cal if anything happens- might just be the economic straw that breaks us.......I do not want to be a negative but we have 1/3rd of the population here and still some moneymaking…


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