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Medical Torture, CEO's letter

Now, I disclose the letter from CEO of The Scarborough Hospital ,who induced the special supervisor, appointed by the Government of Ontario, Canada and got involved in medical torture. 

"CEO of The Scarborough Hospital induced the special 

supervisor, appointed by the Government of Ontario, Canada after I wrote many times to TSH and Mr. CEO regarding:

a. their statements in the above letters;

b. 2 pieces of voice recording of mental status…


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More and more EH also need to contact Sam

I came across a blog by a James Lico who claimed he was a targeted individual and that he knew how to mitigate the effects of DEW's because he had a background as an electrician.

I thought I would contact him, then googled him and found that here on peacepink, member Sam alleges James is a perp who also hangs out at FFCHS. Scary. He sounded believable.....said he had lost friends due to DEW attacks...

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The mole has done it again

Deleted my browser so it will be replaced with a spoofed one.

The mole is working for someone outside. Has always done so. Infected the people here so they are all playing their sick game now.

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Routine neglect by UK government-contracted doctors brings torture victims fresh trauma

16 April 2012



Medical reports on torture victims in the state's care are of poor quality and lack clinical judgement, says HM Inspectorate of Prisons

Last week’s HM Inspector of Prisons reporton Harmondsworth Removal Centre contains this shocking…


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screams 2


yet more torture,cooked legs all day,now doing the same all morning,fell asleep for two hours and woken up to horrific pain that drives you insane ,they are pist cos i am on here,another at least person on this forum posted on the main page about the feelings in your feet,exactly what woke me up,they are torturing more so i stop and the police are deffinately hacking into my pc as sent email and struggled to send it cos they trying to stop me doing things,sharpest pains all…


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what a day, cooked so bad on legs i screamed for help and was made to cry myself to sleep,they made me take too many pills and slash arm twice,i hope the police are watching,what you have done to me is inhuman,outrageous,they stopped my internet from working and my pc windows were opening right left and center,now the new blokes on as they shift,6-2,2-10,10-6,the bloke on at 10 is the leader,whatever happens between 10 pm and 6 am is what will happen…


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tower busters

Tower Busters (TBs)

We love Tower Busters. Developed by Don Croft to change the harmful energies emitted by cellphone towers into positive orgone, TBs are the simplest of Simple Orgonite, the most versatile of peaceful weapons, the go-to device for…


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UK: Secret Police in Dock 2012


"Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth."…

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Audio Transmission: #10 Rite of Co-Creation ~ Children of the Sun


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Who amongst us here have birth marks? Where specifically?

Does your name alludeto where your birthmark is?

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Anyone familiar with ELF or mind-mapping technology? Curious question:

If a large open space will be activated electronically with ELF or radiation, can  mass hallucination or shared consciousness occur?

What about if it's in a closed space?

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Non-lethal Electronic Warfare

FACT SHEET: DRAFT VERSION (Still Under Revision)

Non-lethal Electronic Warfare-- Possible Electronic Attacks Against Individuals


Personal Privacy and Security in the 21st Century…


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Who are we accountable to?

May I ask what hierarchy of values you place on this order of accountabilities?

Mine is:

1. God

2. Humanity

3. Family

4. Country

If you happen to realize something that will place your country in a bad light but will help humanity and is right by God, would you think twice about pursuing that path?

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Arrhythmias and Tachycardia; At Home Emergency Remedies

Note; The at home remedies mentioned in this article, are aimed at temporarily relieving or stopping arrhythmia's and tachycardia.  This article is not designed in any form to diagnose or treat the said listed ailments but is designed for those individuals who are under a doctor's care currently for arrhythmia's and or tachycardia on an ongoing basis, that for one reason or the other conventional medicines are not helping.…


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UK Targeted Individuals Activism & Safety Watch

The story of the UK TIs Targeted Individuals

Tadeusz Szocik is the most "famous" TI in the UK. He was branded paranoid, although I had seen a TI being attacked with audio harassment already in Greece back in 1984.

Darrim Daoud is the first well known TI, in the TI community, killed at 34, because he was a popular and attractive…

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torture squad

The torture squads are telling the truth that the electronic torture equipment is Police property and Police protected

This shape of ultrasonic (=DEW-Directed Energy Weapon) with its pocket size dimensions is being sold from what I saw when I was attacked with one in a Paisley…

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Betrayal of the highest order

1. They are protecting their kids and they are willing to feed me to the wolves just so they could cover up for each other.

Worse, they are making sure they can place me in an area they can control so they can take my kid away from me via different scenarios they can stage. 

Do they not understand? Why would I entrust my kid to devils who can sacrifice their own so their crimes would not be laid bare?

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An Open Letter to You:

You know why your machinations will not work and it will be very difficult for me to ever forgive you?

I did everything I could to escape from this place, from this town, from the very people who have harmed me emotionally, spiritually and physically just so I can save my child.

I did everything I could to hurdle all responsibilities so I could ensure I could provide for my kid and she will be safe in my care.

And you with your selfish interests,…


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Remember: anything you get by stealing will be evidence against you.

Darn you.

You can get everything that i toiled hard for.

You can try to sabotage my research all you want.

... and I can still point at you when the smoke screen  is gone.

You are the devil personified.

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Read this: important!

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You all must receive all evidence about why I launch   international (legal  ) proceedings against "them" because they have committed  terror, psychological torture and MK Ultra. Now, I provide further documents about their ongoing brutality and evil...For 17 years, I write, write, speak out and stand up. Maybe you are tired of what I am doing. But, please see what OMCT stated recently after contacting them : "Torture Destroys Societies " ; " Global Voice For Ending Torture"At G7 Summit, they…See More
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