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Radiation and health + short answer to why many experience eye and testicular / ovarian pain or discomfort

- Besides the idea and possibility for an receiving implant or a particle driven to a specific part of the body, many simptoms are caused and experienced because of the different reaction of human body organs to specific electromagnetic fields. A main concern was the idea and decision to use frequencies that will intentionally influence specific organs.

- Common; Eyes, testucular or ovarian sensation, discomfort or pain.

1. Diathermy heating of human tissue caused by EM… Continue

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Optogenetics - non invasive brain controll

New light-sensitive protein enables simpler, more powerful optogenetics.

Optogenetics, a technology that allows scientists to control brain activity by shining light on neurons, relies on light-sensitive proteins that can suppress or stimulate electrical signals within cells. This technique requires a light source to be implanted in the… Continue

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Researchers have a hard time understanding how tiny changes to networks of neurons in an animal's brain can affect its behavior. Now a team of researchers has figured out a way to tinker with the neural networks of mice in real time, using a wireless controller that can both shine light on the brain and deliver… Continue

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Is Your Brain Really a Computer, or Is It a Quantum Orchestra?

How does the brain - a lump of 'pinkish gray meat' - produce the richness of conscious experience, or any subjective experience at all? Scientists and philosophers have historically likened the brain to contemporary information technology, from the ancient Greeks comparing memory to a 'seal… Continue

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Various scientific things about the brain, for whoever has time or wish to read. Its actually all out there and they are doing it at the universities as you speak. Preety much everything i have heard of from the "TI", i have been able to find scientific support in current experimenting and development worldwide.

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Linked monkeys vs linked himans :)

Animal brains connected up to make mind-melded computer.

Two heads are better than one, and three monkey brains can control an avatar better than any single monkey. For the first time, a team has… Continue

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Nanobots ready to swim in human blood

New mini robots soon to be injected into humans

Enter the nanobots

Scientists at Micro/Nanophysics Research Laboratory at Australia's Monash University have developed tiny nanobot micromotors that are a mere quarter of a millimeter, powered by tiny piezoelectric motors, capable of swimming in the human bloodstream. They are putting the finishing touches on the motors and readying them for clinical tests on animals and, before long, humans.

While the team is still… Continue

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Humans Computers And Everything in Between: Towards Synthetic Telepathy

by Linda Xu

When you imagine telepathy, your mind probably jumps immediately to science fiction: the Vulcans of Star Trek, Legilimency in Harry Potter, or the huge variety of superheroes and super-villains who possess powers of telekinesis or mind control. Twenty years ago, these concepts would have been mere fictional speculation, but today, in neuroscience labs around the world, new research is turning the startling possibility of brain-to-brain communication into… Continue

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For the good sound lovers, few 3d audio tracks, best enjoyed with good quality headphones, forget everything and follow the sound, relax and enjoy it.

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This weird :)  message is not intended for members from this site, so dont bother reading it, its for them, those that does this, im not sure if they got earlier today it so ill just post it here :)) Do not delite or censor by moderators, please.…


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