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a gap in V2k?????

to people with V2K : I´ve being doing a meditation for one hour with sun frequency (126.22 Hz) then I took the bus and continued listening this frequency, when the street theater started instead of listening normal voices saying me nasty things I listened "robot voices" just like that, was very simple so detect the anormal voices.. Could someone try to listen sun frequencies while is getting V2K street harrasment and explain about the experience…


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group in my computer

is the second time that i caught a grup called "avdefs"  with Id number 501 and UUID number : D63B40F2-35B7-449B-A733-36A73DA8F678 

I´m trying to post the photo of the capture but my perps are working hard to not let me upload :D

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My lovely ex Boss

Very important information that shows that my Ex Boss is involved in a really HUUUUUGE shit.

I found someone who is investigating about him for 2 years... and guess what... ALSO HE IS AN IT !!! That start looks great.. 2 people that we know a big Boss and our connection is after he was in our lives..... we became ITs ...

Let´s see…


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University Profesor exposes Mind Control in Universities (12.11.2015)

This is what is going on in Salzburg.... I´m living in the near of several schools and every single kid know me.... wondering why.... (I´m not a Pop Star..)

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My post are for give a bit of light , help (if I can), not to confuse and misinform

again and again I see that my post are overanswered in the way to just look at another side.... OK ACTUALLY looks  as I´m hitting of answer of V2k.

I´m going to school everyday there are 15 students more . I cannot put wire on all of them of tape their mouths.... (LOL could be very funny) Most of them or ALL are playing stalking role.. (most of time they are not saying nothing wrong, are the guys behind computer, another times yes thay are, (they kick my table when I´m…


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Susana´s Diary...

As v2k(24h without stop), they see doesnt´work, now they are trying to upgrade with colaboration of all single person in Salzburg, doesn´t matter status... kids, old people, young ones, black, asian ,white... doesn´t matter.... Even objects. This morning a cigarette machine said to me : " GO TO PORTUGAL BITCH"!!!!!

HAAAHAHAHAH  I.m smelling how desperate are those pleople... and I´m seeing how bad actors are here in Salzburg. People they thook their phones, put on  ear.... but no move…


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I found GOLD information....

People check those pair of Ted speeches:

(that could explain the ray of light I saw through wall few weeks ago)…


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Stalking is the first job of refugees in Salzburg.

I realize that several guys in my class are stalkers, but in but there where something like 20 guys(Pakistan/iranian looking). The one who is managing all ,( i saw his small movement with his head, for positioning the other guys) I could not make a photofrom him, but i get a selfie from another, he get so nervous when he saw me smiling and taking a photo... why my dear??? you do your job.. i do mine... LOL my Pc stalkers don´t let me upload photos from mobile to pc but I snapped in PC.

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SOS V2k massive campaign.

Hei, guys! as you can see my last post, was on saturday. I remember for several days I could sleep for 4 or 5 hours. But since Sunday I´ve been completely depravated to sleep. I bring 4 days where maybe I just could sleep 30 minutes.. Voices become very very agressives to me.. everytime that I´m about to sleep they stress me enough that I cannot sleep. There are new and weird remixes of the voices that don´t let me take rest at all. I took bromazepan 6mg, for couple of months. now I´m taking…


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Amateur Art galery invitation

Hey Guys !! all of you are wellcome to add me on FB where I´m starting an ART campaign about What gangstalking it is.. I´m a amateur drawer and I just draw what sometimes pops on my mind, also I´m also oppened to suggestions.
My fb page :

Thanks to all of you!

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I REALLY DON´T  KNOW IF THOSE PAINS ARE REAL OR NOT!!!! V2K ARE REALLING ATTACKING ME KNOW BUT REALLY HURTS MY BODY, more than 3 parts... maybe injections we´re not where are hurting now..... i have pain in so many parts of my body that it´s imposible to describe from where We´re coming those injections,,,, because is hurting  me : second finger of my right hand, right ear .... right lung, my neck right part. y really get an injection in my left  buttlock? (nalga)also hurts my face right…


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what could happpen if ...

 What could happen if part of the society is Gangstalked by another part that they are apparent stalkers but the reality is they are mind-controlled people??? Cause yesterday I see so many perps surrounding me.... And I realised each time that my "friend" cough I see again and again people automatically touch their hair or grabb their nose.(and also at home in bayern it´s the same) Maybe that people are hipersensitive people to some sounds or some people.... Sometimes my "friend " have a…


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First day of conference Covert Harrassment, Berlin 2015

well.... I was there... but I had the sensation that I was not in the right place... I get no one solution just advices of scientists about "educate the people...." excuse me??? Why you don´t educate first your COMMUNITY (big brains as lawyers,doctors,detectives, scientists,etc) for when I ask for help I don´t the diagnosis of Squizofrenic or that I´m completely nuts!!!?? Who gonna be educated by Susana when Susana have no one school degree???  Today I just get no sense information, not…


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I´m already in Berlin.........

Well... I´m in Berlin, never have been here before....

Only I can say is the Hotel where I am is FULL of stalkers... looks like there is no work in that city. I also check the place where will be the Conference.... I must to confess is very hidded place with unclear entrance.... I tought that was in a Big place,as a Fair... But nothing like that.... is a really strange place... I must to confess that I´m very dissapointed about. I hope that this long trip will worth it.... Actually my…


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The perp in the Paracelsus Private Medizin School

hahahhaaha, I caught them so badly.... OMG aren´t we in the Internet generation??? Why he had to run in front of me doing the signal of " be on watch"  to everybody.... He was reaaaally stupid... he had the information that I was going to supermarket( by reading mind) but they didn´t know the moment.... but they need someone who give the signal in person...really??? then I´m sorry but you become the "wipping boy" and I have a video of you f......g face...... what the hell is doing a guy…


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Red light??

Hei guys!! I have some new stuff.... let´s see if you can understand... English is not my mother tongue so... but I will try to be as clear as possible....

Is about the lamp on my ceiling:

If I look directly to the lamp: the light is yellow-white- OK

If I look to the window the reflection is yellow -white more clear than the reality....OK

If I bow my head ,look at the corner of my glasses looking to the reflection of the lamp on my ceiling... instead of see…


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Berlin Conference

I think could be important that all of us bring a camera and make some videos about what will go on, we know that the place gonna be full of stalkers... get some evidences could be good for us.

I have some knowledgement of the signals...

And I already see that on real time... those signals and communications are real.

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Street Theater

Ei guys!! thanks a lot for soo many comments on my blog!!

I would like to share my recent situation...

As I´m going to school biggest stalking now is street theater... 

Is unbelievable the quantity of stalkers that surrounds me.... But actually I´m starting doubt about... A couple of times I see an object that should be straight was like bended.... ( a brommer and a gear shift) sometimes my eyes hurt really bad.. like if they are uploading the programm on my eyes.... I…


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