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Fake facebook accounts

There have been a number of fake accounts made and designed to turn TI against TI. Those account, they don't talk anything important about themselves, they never mention their own stories, they spend most of the time taking about other people being a perp, making empty accusations.
They would have had added many TI in their list to make it look legit, please do check the FB profile.

Be aware.

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OSI informal conference call.

There is a Organised Stalking Informer conference call, all the TIs are welcome to share their experience with us, it is informal, please try the folowing links:

Go to this link then clcik on the bottom box where it says talkshoe pro To go directly to the call go to…


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Recent DEW harassment rant

In the last 5 months the DEW attack has been the strongest in a long while, it is also the reason I search the internet for information, and come across the term gang stalking.  

The reason for the attacks? You may ask, it is because I have started to go out more and getting more active.  These perps cannot have me interact with other people that is not in their circle, otherwise their lies behind my back will fall apart. They simply has to continue their isolation…


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Read this before you blame your perps for your computer troubles.

Again, I mentioned this in the main chat room and I thought it would be useful for TI to recognise many common computer troubles everyone faces.

1) Peacepink chat room message not sent/day.  

I have had serious problems using Internet Explorer 9 with peachpink chat room, I had the similar problem of message not posted or serious delay in main room up date.

The solution is to use firefox or google chrome.

2) Mouse pointer moving on its own or…


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Average perp don't know how DEW works.

The was a thought I had and typed in the main room may be I should write it on blog instead. In my case the DEW is mainly directional but it could also apply to those who has neighbours that is perp using some direct DEW.


If the device emits microwave on the target. The device itself will create a EMF field too. So that it is hazardous to the perp on the ground who uses it. I have experienced the portable version of such device many…


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Radiator reflector

Having watched the Barrie Trower interview I want to find material that can block EMF. Sheet metal certainly but it is dificult to handle and hard to shape.  So I went and bought some radiator reflectors and see if it helps. I know in my case when I am in the house the EMF is directional.

I have also constructed a card board panel with 3 layers of tin foils and compare it with the radiator reflector. The test conditions were. There are patches of the house with unknown EMF,…


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Brief Introduction of my experience.

Hi everyone,

My name is Jack and I am Chinese lives in Northern Ireland for the last 28 years, which 12-13 of those years I have been subject to gang stalking, DEW, poisoning in food or my immediate surroundings.  It started as a dispute at work and quickly leads to work place mobbing.  Initially it was just the people in my immediate working environment that was effected then the slanders and lies started to appears further.

I remember the first poisoning event when…


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