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Sooner or later Karma will strike

Keep in mind that the perps and their complices are not only committing a crime against you, but against the whole humanity, because the technology and methods they use on us today, will be perfected and used on the next generations. So apart from being evil they're also retarded because their descendants might be the targets of tomorrow (since no one is irreplaceable).…


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John St Clair Akwei's research

Covert Operations of NSA

I don't know if what is written in this article is all true (I can't verify the information provided), but it could certainly answer most of my questions. John St Clair Akwei sued the NSA for using their mind control technology on him and that is the evidence he brought for his lawsuit.

What's more interesting is that in May 2005, a top secret law was…


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Latest experiences

So it's been a lot since I last posted here so I'm gonna tell a little about what has happened to me lately.

I've been unemployed for the last half a year and haven't payed my rent since then. I had some awuful torture days, but the last month was a bit better. I've also had some fake heart attacks. I live with three dickheads that all they do is piss me off. I have also found out that one of my old friends from my native town is also being gang stalked.

All of my senses are…


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Social Isolation and Mind Reading

I'm going to list some of the methods they use to make my social life exhausting:

- they make me look at a certain person and then insert disturbing (agressive, sexual) thoughts and/or agressive impulses

- they focus my attention on a particular thing people are saying and then insert similar (agressive, sexual thoughts about the others or humilliating thoughts about myself) thoughts related to what they were saying and/or anger (a certain word can bring up the same thought…


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Internet, TV, Radio

So one day last year a co-worker suggested me to watch some reality show. So I did. But it was very weird. Everytime I looked at a certain person at that show, they'd start to blink frantically. And then I found out that this was the case on other channels also (even on the Larry King show!). I watched these shows when they weren't live and they didn't do that at all. They'd also laugh when I'd do or say something funny.

Also, one time they made me have a crush on a girl at work. And…


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Physical health changes

Since gang stalking and mental torture began last year, I've been experiencing better heath.

I used to have high blood pressure, tachycardia, nosebleed, eye floaters, swollen and painful fingers during very cold days, dizziness during physical effort, numb limbs, and pains and stings all over the body (heart, liver, pancreas, stomach, kidneys, lungs, neck, head, bladder, testicles, penis and rectal pains). These have occured constantly in a 4 years period.

I also had a lot of…


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The sick men behind the fake smile

This is an extract from Theodore Millon's "Personality Disorders in Modern Life", Antisocial Personality Disorder section:

At the very boundary of normality and pathology, we find persons who have never

come into conflict with the law, but only because they are very effective in covering

their tracks. Although these individuals share with most antisocials a guiltless willingness

to deceive and exploit others, they are not overtly physically cruel.…


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Nanotechnology and mind control

I don't know if this has already been discussed, but I think that they can control us because we are full of remotely controlled cell-sized nanobots. But this is just my opinion.

 The DNA nanobots have arrived

In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, Kurzweil highlights why Google has taken an interest in nanotechnology and the…


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Involvement of close ones

I have many reasons to believe that my family is involved in this and I'll explain why.

The ones that really cared about me are now dead (my mother and my grandparents). 

It's surprising how one of my sisters (who lived with my father most of her life in another town) and one of my cousins got hired in the romanian secret services at about the same time I believe they first started to monitor me.

My boss (the veterinary doctor) where I worked at the industrial farm and…


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Visual Signs

In my case they have been using a lot of signs that might have no significance. They might be used to keep me hypnotized or maybe they're a false clue. They're used over and over again. These include:

- People walking with dogs

- Steam coming out of sewers

- Airplanes crossing the sky

- Intermittent lights (from cars, trucks, bycicles etc.)

- People walking with their kids

- Cars with certain number plates. Number plates in Romania are comprised of 2 digits and…


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My Symptoms

These are the symptoms that I had since all this started:

- Induced anger, calmness, affection, repulsion, hornyness, irritation, anxiety, fear, sadness, satisfaction, amusement, desperation

- Urges to kill

- Lack of control over my own body

- Psychosis (hallucinations, delusions, catatonia)

- Mania, derealization, depersonalization, changes in the way I percieve myself

- Illusions (visual, auditory)

- Panic attacks

- Manipulated…


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Overview Jews Behind Targeted Individual Program

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