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A Brave Little Girl Who Changed the World

#Disney presents the inspiring true story of one little girl whose strength and dignity during the racially charged 1960s helped change history!

When bright six-year-old Ruby is chosen to be the first African-American to integrate her local New Orleans elementary school, she is subjected to the true ugliness of racism for the very first time.

But guided by the love of her mother and father, Ruby's heroic struggle for a better education becomes a lesson for us all!…


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He Didn't Know Terrorists - So They Targeted His Family--

Dear TI's:  We all know how this story ends-- and begins, right?

A while back, some of you may remember I'd asked "HOW DO WE GET THE MESSAGE OUT?"... that the "targeting of individuals" and "experimentation on persons" (consentual or not) is happening all around the World.

Linked here [] you will find a PETITION that will help to accomplish that goal.  The petition, begun by the folks at may also be forwarded to…


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Glenn Greenwald's recent award! ~SHARING~

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ATTORNEY RESOURCE (Michigan, USA) for targeted individuals-

From the bio page of William Goodman, Esq., principal and founder of Goodman & Hurwitz, P.C. "....Between 1998 and 2007, Goodman was Legal Director at the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York, where he spearheaded many of the legal and political efforts to hold back the excesses of the Bush Administration against the Bill of Rights. These, in particular, included taking leadership in the fight against indefinite detention at Guantanamo and…


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Over 700,000 people on US watch list: Once you get on, there’s no way off

from today's article (01/27/14) in RT--

When you have a huge list of people who are likely to commit terrorist acts, it’s easy to think that terrorism is a really big problem and we should be devoting a lot of resources to fighting it,” Bernstein added. With almost no transparency and outrages aplenty, though, she argues that the government’s watch lists are largely flawed and can erroneously ruin an innocent person’s life.

Such is the case with Rahinah Ibrahim,…


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[VIDEO] - DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS in use 40 years ago... used in warfare, riot and crowd control, and with specific targeting of people in cities. THIS is the video we've been waiting for.

[Click here:]

SHARE with those friends and family who just don't seem to 'get it.' At about time stamp…


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PLEASE SIGN PETITION: "Stop Using Neuro-Electromagnetic Weapons on Humans"

Neuro-electromagnetic weapons work by blocking and re-wiring the neuro-transmitters in the brains of the victim. Like diversity in our DNA, there are some very common neuro-transmitters in humans and some very individualized neuro-transmitters. Creativity and other individualized properties, usually but not necessarily, depend upon individualized neurotransmitters. When NEM weapons are used against people, they lose coherence in speech, thought process and common motor activities and usually…


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The First Amendment and Your Speech

How we define speech, the meaning of "religion" and when can the state can interfere with your rights. How does the First Amendment apply to the Internet? Does the First Amendment apply to video games? Should new communication technologies make courts reconsider well-settled rules? Is social media subject to existing principles, to new ones, or to…


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63 Documents the Government Doesn't Want You to Read, by Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura's "63 Documents the Government Doesn't Want You to Read" is a must-read for all conspiracy fans!
The book has Washington pissed, with Jesse claiming the official spin on numerous government... programs is flat-out…

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Georgia (USA) Police Find 10-year old's Body in Trash Can--

Georgia Police Find 10-year-old's Body in Trash Can

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FINALLY... I've found a most interesting article that tends to EXPLAIN how all of this mind control actually works.

...from Deep_Thought

(posted June 2007!!!)

"...Thus, it attempts to reduce startle responses and modify feelings to one of apathy or submission.  It achieves this by invoking anger responses in the human subjects and systematically identifying the neural firing patterns and suppressing them with modifications to those neural firing patterns.  This…


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Obama, Congress Owe Snowden Thanks, and a Pardon

From the pages of TRUTH DIG, written by Robert Scheer (Oct. 28.'13)  

Obama, Congress Owe Snowden Thanks, and a Pardon


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HAS YOUR INCOME DROPPED since you've become a target?

Since it appears to me that social isolation is the primary goal of those being targeted, please advise others how you've been affected.  

Do you live alone or with your spouse and/or other family members?  How has your health been affected and/or the health of any other family member (should that question apply to you)?

How disparate has your life become?

If you would like to contribute to my previous thread HOW DO YOU CONNECT THE DOTS, please do so.

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The following link was posted by PeacePink member John Finch (Australia) so that more organizations can be contacted by TI's to seek more awareness - put an end to abuse and torture using mind control - get medical help, relief and justice.

Please take a look here:

~Debra (djgTheMediaLady)

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I have a question to ask our audience and welcome any and all comments.

How have you come to know THAT you are a victim of targeting?  Were you told this by someone? 

As a person on the outside looking in and BECAUSE I want to help victims obtain justice and medical care, I'd like to better understand what it is that you're going through.  Additionally, I believe that I know personally, people who are being targeted; therefore,…


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Bloggers and Website owners... Have you added a Peace Pink badge to your site?

Help promote and get the word out about PEACEPINK by uploading a free html badge to your blogger sidebar or website page.  It's simple, takes only a few seconds and it's also free.  Look for "Add A Badge" in the footer of Peacepink.  ~djgTheMediaLady

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Covert Operations Don’t Need OLC Approval

Found this to be of interest and thought I'd post for your review.


As I’ve noted elsewhere, Preston doesn’t even acknowledge the National Security Act’s requirement that covert actions be legal under US law. His speech makes it clear he agrees with the CIA’s response on torture. The CIA doesn’t need OLC approval for covert operations (which torture was during its early years), the implication seems clear, because the only thing needed to make covert operations legal is…


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Now would be the TIME to contact Glenn Greenwald--

Glen Greenwald, who has published many of the most important scoops from the Edward Snowden leaks, is leaving The Guardian and setting up a new media venture with long-time journalist Laura Poitras and Jeremy Scahill from The Nation. The venture is being funded by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, who has suggested that he’s prepared to invest more than $250 million in the new venture. 

Con't reading here:…


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Are you visiting a REAL website? Here's how to tell--

Please don't let anyone convince you otherwise.  Email programs and entire websites can be GHOSTED if that's the desire.  Are you about to log onto unknowingly a GHOST WEBSITE?  Here's how to tell, read this brief article at eHOW:

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CHAOS - The Science of How Things Change

VIDEO  PREVIEW] - Chaos theory describes the behavior of any system whose state evolves over time and whose behavior is sensitive to small changes in its initial conditions.  You have already encountered chaos theory before, although you might not have recognized it at the time.  Continue  reading here:…


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