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Who is behind the crimes against Targeted Individuals ?

The Dome of Jerusalem is an ancient communication tower used by beings for scalar wave transmissions aka communication on sound/energy waves.

Israel is using this system to hold hostage every nation in the entire world and was the one to…


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2012, synthetic telepathy, Nephalim Divine Intervention, mayan clock , pyramids

Gaia aka the Earth is the Nephilim Home.

Nibiru is a mother ship approximately the size of Earth.

It takes about a millennium to make the elliptical orbit necessary to maintain the Universal membranes and the amount of energy they contain within each dimension.

The Nephilim are the original Masons and build the membranes and structures such as the planets.

Sofia is Machqui and creates the energy that fills each… Continue

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Michigan oakland and wayne county targeted individuals

Oakland Co. Sheriff Mike Bouchard in spite of orders from a federal electronic harassment task force has a rogue element of his own men armed with MIT media lab sixth sense technology and scalar jerico wave weapons mounted on their personal vehicles. He and FEMA continue to use these weapons daily on the innocent citizens within the limited reach of these weapons.

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