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tortured to death by police and coventry city council


tortured all day since 4 am as they tortured me to wake up after taking shit load of pills to sleep, torturing the fuck out of my legs so bad that i am screaming all day and wont be able to go drs for drs notes tomorrow or pick my pills up as can

hardly stand never mind walk, cant pay house and owe a month as they are torturing me to death so that i would have to get a taxi down the street, thats how fucking sick the police force are, they been torturing left ear all day and…


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tortured to death 7-3-15


terrible day as was woken up to horrific torture to a dead leg yet again and have tortured me to death all day, to legs and feet, stomache and heart and v2k so strong to make me go insane is their latest craze

they are saving me a fortune as hardly eat and when i do its toast is all i eat at the moment due to horrific torture, can walk abit today but torturing legs so bad i wont be able to later on and most likely be crippled

again. they are really torturing me so strong…


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Targeted Individual program,

I say that the FBI & DOD (military intelligence, all branches) are the main supervisors of the Targeted Individual program, with help from the NSA which does the phone & computer surveillance & local police/sheriffs & nurses/doctors who run most of the daily mental abuse. But who do other T.I.s think are involved?...

The Tortured in America guy says the FBI & Homeland Security.…


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