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It took them one week to update the voice harassment system after my mother passed away. I went to a big supermarket. They said "your mom is not here", in Finnish "äiti ei oo täällä". Just when I had a few minutes when I was thinking about something else (focusing on grocery shopping), they brought it  to my mind again. I wonder, if anyone else heard it. I think they have made my hearing sensitive to this voice. It feels like there is no freedom of thought anymore. Not in public places, not at home. They try to control peoples' feelings. The voice in this supermarket is different than else where. I think they might do it locally. I just wonder, where did they get the information from and what rights do they have?

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Comment by Tyler on August 11, 2019 at 10:23pm
So are you a v2k target or some other thing and how long you been one. As far as the super market its just people messing with you. You have to ignore them they hate it. God bless msg back


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Do Smart Phones Control and Program the Human Race with Artificial Intelligence?

"This is a very grim future we are looking to...the truth of the matter is that the phone should just be an entertainment device and not to consume you massivly. Read books on statistics to have a mathematical approach and fina a good app like…"
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"Has anyone ever discovered a way to decect the V2K in someone?"
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"Read below and tell me im wrong. I will go to the police again. They know all countries secrets by cheating. We need to put them in jail"
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