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So...I get up one morning and all of a sudden they change my program completely I mean everything .....I get running nose, especially when I eat they send it all the time ...they are reading my thought's through my throat....I heard it before but I didn't believe it but NOW is happening to me ....when I walk they changed my vision, They give my crooked eyes my vision is so weird and feels like I see 10 people at the same time till I go really close...I have 20/20 vision very sharp vision but whenever they want they turn my eyes in to a catastrophic state I went shopping last night and they made me so dizzy and I could't even see while I was walking ...They tried so hard to hurt me I mean they wanted to take me out....and believe me I am fit but did't matter ....I felt imagine 5G I would of been dead... they tried so hard for 20 minutes I could't even walk just from EMF my eyes my back my feet and my head ....Just wanted me dead....Never happen to me like that....i CALLED HIM GAY...He definitely is gay and he is really misusing the technology ...So that tell's you this guy have no respect not for himself and he hates people may he hates himself and He gets so moody ....I think this guy is primitive and I think we are dealing with junkies....No one is watching theses scumbags...NO regulation on this Technology just whatever the FAG want's to do...I don't think this IDIOT knows how to even operate his own shit....Useless PORKY....JUST a DUMMY  PORKY...

Technical NAME .......PORKY......YOU GOT TO LOVE THE PORKY'S..........................




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Comment by ghstdtnee on February 19, 2020 at 2:46am


Reading thought is from the Brain.

It may appear through the throat due to "Subliminal" Forced speech.

Brain signals are then to Text.

Text is then to speech.

Programs are written for such Forced speech of which may be from Brains speech centers.

But be assured it is initially from the Brain.

In violation od Civil/ Constitutional/ Human rights and not limited to F.I.S.A

Comment by ramiz berisha on February 27, 2020 at 9:54am

 ghstdtnee ---Thank you very much for explaining I appreciated..


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