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10Feb 2012 Mailteam works—victims/supporters work trends


(1)   Mark Richs -Book 'The Hidden Evil' seeks help in translation

Hi everyone

I hope your new year is going well so far.  Mark Richs re the link below is looking for anyone that is interested in helping him to translate his website into other languages.  If you are interested his website is    Email


How You Can Help


Because it could be pulled at anytime, make a copy of this site, or mirror it. And send a link of this site to anyone you think might be interested. The more people who know about it, the better. Also, you can help my research. If you know exactly where I can find the following information, please contact me.


I'm Looking to have this site translated. Please contact me via email if you have experience translating between English & the following languages: German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic. I won't be able to pay for this.


Any information regarding a prominent individual that may have been murdered by a DEW hit. Or a living person of similar status, who is currently experiencing some aspects of the Hidden Evil.


Any information on the PIDE (besides Wikipedia) that has been translated to English.


Where I can get a copy of the Global Strategy Council's report entitled, Nonlethality: Development of a National Policy and Employing Nonlethal Means in a New Strategic Era, by Janet Morris.


Contact from any current or former member of federal, sate, or local law enforcement that has been Mobbed &/or Gang Stalked.


May peace be here soon

Wendy NZ


(2)   Press Meeting on 15th February 2012 in Netherlands

Press Invitation

We like to invite you for the Press meeting on 15th of February 2012 at 14.00 at the Headquarters: Birkstraat 136, 3768 HM Soest, In the Netherlands

Stefanie also wish you could make a speech for the Press Meeting through skype

Contact with Stefanie at


(3)   Two survey about mind control victims


(4)   Donation required for peacepink website

Dear all,

We welcome donations from individuals, organizations, and corporations.

Please go to Main page of  and pay online.


Donate your money to Paypal Account:


Moreover, my manuscript ‘Soleilmavis’ Case Summary of Mind Control Torture and Abuse have accepted by an international Journal for publishing. The total publishing fees are USD550. (I am still trying to require any possible discount).

It would be much appreciated that if you could lend or donate me some money to publish this article.


(5)     Poster campaign in the streets



This is a call to all TI of Europe and of the whole world. I wish to make to each one of you a proposal, in order to start a public awareness campaign of world scale.


It is about a simple action: a poster campaign in the streets, that each one of us will participate to alone or in organized groups (on the public – and legal – spaces reserved for this purpose... and they are numerous) and revealing a single message, the same in French or English : “NON À LA TÉLÉPATHIE SYNTHÉTIQUE. VOUS POURRIEZ ÊTRE UN TI. RENSEIGNEZ-VOUS.” “NO TO SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY. YOU COULD BE A TI. INFORM YOURSELF.”


I think it's clear and simple and that it will serves us far much more than using ambiguous words like “psychotronic”. When people search for this term on internet, I mean, people who are not aware of the problem, they find things that seem incredible to them, that they can't comprehend that easily. The word TI is generally used in a more clearer and clever way and we must draw the public attention with it.


We only have to choose a particular day, one single day (and we will proceed to the posting in the night that will precede this famous day).


You will with find in attached file the message written above, that you can choose to use in the form of impression or using a silkscreen printing process (copy the message on a transparent plastic support of which you will hollow out then the letters, with a cutter, to use it several times with a bomb of painting).


For you to choose which method seems the most efficacious. I propose the night of February 26th for us to act. It is a Sunday and most people work the next day. Thus, our activities won't be disturbed.


However, legal posting can be done also in broad daylight. Nevertheless, to proceed the night will certainly create an effect of surprise in the morning. We mustn't limit our action to one or two posters, but stick as much posters as possible during the course of the night. Choose public places, in full center of the place you live and do not hesitate to return the following day to take a photograph.


Thanks to simple and efficacious actions like these, we can draw the attention of the media. And the more we will draw attention on this problem, the more the public will be confronted to the possibility the question of the veracity of what we're actually living. We need support, in particular financial supports. And we must act strategically accordingly to our needs. 



Ceci est un appel à tous les TI d'Europe et du monde entier. Je désire faire à chacun une proposition forte, afin d'entamer une campagne de sensibilisation du public d'envergure mondiale.


Il s'agit d'une action simple: procéder seul ou en groupes à des affichages légaux (sur des espaces publics réservés à cet effet et ils sont nombreux) et divulguant un seul et même message, que ce soit en français ou en anglais. Il nous suffit pour cela de choisir un jour particulier, un jour unique (nous procéderons aux affichages dans la nuit qui précédera ce fameux jour).


Vous trouverez ci-joint un message que vous pouvez reproduire, de quelque façon que ce soit, sous forme d'impression ou en usant d'un procédé sérigraphique (recopier le message sur un support plastique transparent dont vous éviderez ensuite les lettres, avec un cutter, pour l'utiliser plusieurs fois avec une bombe de peinture). A vous de choisir quelle méthode vous semble la plus efficace. Je vous propose la nuit du 26 février pour agir. C'est un dimanche et la plupart des gens travaillent tôt le jour suivant, ainsi aurons-nous plus de chance de ne pas être dérangés dans nos activités. Ceci dit, l'affichage légal, sur les emplacements réservés à cet effet, peut se faire aussi la journée. Procéder la nuit créera néanmoins un effet de surprise aux matins. Il ne faudra pas se limiter à une ou deux affiches, mais en coller une vingtaine durant le cours de la nuit. Choisissez des lieux fréquentés, en plein centre de vos lieux d'habitation et n'hésitez pas à revenir le lendemain prendre une photographie.


Grâce à des actions simples et efficaces, nous pouvons attirer l'attention des médias. Et plus nous concentrerons l'attention sur ce problème, plus se posera pour le public la question de sa véracité. Nous avons besoin de soutien, notamment de soutiens financiers. Et nous devons agir stratégiquement dans cette optique.


More ‘Mailteam works- victims and supporters work trends’, please go to:    

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Comment by Michael Aebi on February 10, 2012 at 1:49am

I cannot connect to  "mark hidden evil......they block it......

Comment by davidfulton3 on February 11, 2012 at 12:02am


Comment by JENNY MARIA BRUNO MCNEAL on February 11, 2012 at 9:24pm
February 5, 2012LE ROY, New York (Reuters) – State health officials have added three more names to a growing list of students in this working-class town who are experiencing mysterious tics and twitching, while authorities on Saturday sought to assure parents the community’s high school is safe. Although the symptoms are typically associated with Tourette Syndrome, that has been ruled out in all but one case, causing fear and confusion among many residents of Le Roy, N.Y., about 50 miles east of Buffalo. “The building is safe for the community,” District Superintendent Kim Cox told several hundred residents gathered in the auditorium of Le Roy Junior-Senior High School on Saturday
Comment by davidfulton3 on January 30, 2013 at 11:12pm


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