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    If you tell just enough information about,"Mind Control",to peak someones interest they may listen more intently the next time they hear about it. Alternately if someone comes up after you mention it speaking negatively on the subject it may make this person not believe you. Like the old, "Conspiracy nut", tactic. Mention this to someone who cares about you and  it will hurt them through vicarious trauma. They don't want to believe this could be possible. Better that they learn else where.
    Now when a hundred thousand people drive by a, "Billboard",.............that is just enough to peak there interest and make them listen the next time they hear talk about, "mind control", or,"Big Brother Tactics". To help us are
all the TV shows touching on the issue.
    When we go in front of the bioethics Commission they either know of it or have heard rumors. They have been prepared for what we are telling them and they already know it is happening. They know 40 people don't just walk into a commission from all over the country with testimony of,"Mind Control", for nothing.
    Now if a hundred or two hundred people walk in next time then what? Then there is the last meeting in Europe. If a hundred or to show up there what does this say about, "Mind Control", being a world wide epidemic?
   You also can't tell me that by going on the record officially isn't a form of protection as well. Stay hidden, isolated and impoverished in some hole and tell me that doesn't make you the ideal target for these attacks. Save your money and make it to one of these next commissions. It may be another ten years till they do this again like
this one was.......ten years after the one commissioned before it. By then I will old, or dead or worst.
    I'm not a psychologist but that is how I see it. I do have quite a bit of experience from this side of the fence. You and I both know that means torture, so what do we have to loose?
    I don't know if it is true but someone thought the next one was in New York. The Presidents Bioethics Commission website hasn't disclosed the location so no comfirmation as of yet.
                                                                            Peter Rosenholm

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Comment by LIM SC on March 27, 2011 at 10:16pm

Hi Treelaw45,

I really believe this billboard idea is briliant. So far, I only know another TI in Malaysia. So, its difficult to afford a billboard like those you have. So, one such logo of billboard printed on t-shirts is also a way.


I printed those t-shirt using my computer, HP inkjet printer, iron on transfer paper & blank cotton t shirts.

So, everything is home made.


And I must clarify here, I print t-shirts only for my own wear.  No business interest here !

Comment by treelaw45 TI on March 27, 2011 at 11:55pm
Yeah the guy in Malaysia contacted me about the billboard. You still haven't given me the link to you Flickr site. I want to see which billboard you printed up. Don't worry about me being upset that you may have copied the design. We did it to inform the public. I love what you are doing. Many people took the image of the billboard and made Youtube videos that helped spread the word far more than than the billboard alone could do. Some asked and even put the link to my Flickr site where they would see how to donate to the billboards by sending the donation to my Email address through paypal. Keep doing what you are doing I think it's great,and thanks for telling me how to make T-shirts.
Comment by LIM SC on March 28, 2011 at 1:46pm

Hi treelaw45 TI,

Yes, his name is Subra in Kuala Lumpur (West Malaysia), whereas I am in Sarawak (East Malaysia).

We are some 1800kilometers apart. He told me about his plan to put up billboard in Kuala Lumpur (the capital).  That sounds really exciting (as a TI) as it means we have a formal channel to flow any precious info out to public. 


Yes, I actually emailed the youtube footage of "" (Big Brother slogan) to my contacts in Malaysia. That's awesome honestly not only an eye-opener or eye-popper but brainstormer to viewers what the world is going through.  Awesome effort you guys have done there, and the images are very helpful to all TIs, I believe.


But, to inform you my concern here, I haven't used the "Big Brother" billboard as Big Brother = government.

In Malaysia, its a bit worrisome to use that on my t-shirt at the moment. The political scenes are a bit rough as the ruling govt is losing ground and news reported that some people accused the govt used the secret police to set up and nab opposition politicians such as Anwar Ibrahim in sodomy trial 2 & a sex tape scandal just last week (maybe you heard of this name too, famous in Asia now). But I don't involve in politics, but just to exercise precautions.


By the way, my flickr site is



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