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#1121 Invited Ted Gunderson to May Bioethics meeting

#1121 Invited Ted Gunderson to May Bioethics meeting

    We found an individual who knows Ted Gunderson and has had him on their Internet radio show as a guest. Gunderson was a top FBI agent in southern California who began uncovering corruption after retiring. A google search will show numerous writings and videos. He has cancer now and hasn't been well. Ken Rhodes was able to call and leave a message telling Ted that if he is up to it his flight and accommodations will be paid for the next President's Bioethics Commission scheduled for May 18-19, 2011.
    A TI contacted me yesterday saying he had called the President's Bioethics Commission and was told that the meeting was to be in NY. I tried to confirm this today but was told this isn't true. I explained that people will need some time to prepare so asked if they knew when the location will be announced and was told they haven't even discussed the subject yet.
    To be honest there were a lot of umhum...umhum. I think the politeness we first encountered isn't as prevalent now. I can only hope this committee will keep an open ear to our participation, testimony and evidence.
    I hope TIs are giving this committee courteous respect when communicating with them. We are after all asking them to consider our testimony and evidence as current non-consensual human test subject. I've already read of a TI demanding an interview at the University of Pennsylvania with the Chair Dr. Amy Gutmann and was deemed a threat. This isn't going to help them make a favorable recommendation to the President on our behalf. That doesn't mean that I don't realize TIs are suffering. I think it is more like a court of law. We have to show respect or it will decide against our interests.
    A lot of people have given effort and spent money to attend the the Feb. 28-March 1, 20011 meeting in Washington DC and all went well. If we aren't careful the May 18-19 meeting could be in a remote location like Nome Alaska.

                                                                                    Peter Rosenholm

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Comment by Annie on March 30, 2011 at 5:17am

Well spoken! I think it´s of major importance to "take it easy", of course it´s emotional for us TI´s when finally get the chance to speak out to persons that have the influence and power to make a difference in this issue. However making threats or being rude or angry is just destroying our chances in that direction. Even if difficult, I think being calm and focused and try not to lose the "red line" when making ones testimony is the best way of getting their attention to that something has to be done. About the next meeting supposed to be in NY, I have heard from another Europeian victim that´s there gonna be a similar meeting held in Germany this summer, does anyone here at PP have more information regarding this?/Annie

Comment by treelaw45 TI on March 30, 2011 at 6:09am
I had heard the last meeting was to be in Europe.
Comment by LIM SC on March 30, 2011 at 1:22pm

Treelaw45 TI,

Well said. Generally victims would tend to try to convey their inner sufferings e.g. emotions, psychophysical symptoms.  Nothing wrong, but too much emphasis is put on it sometimes, I think. 

Try present more technicality info & empirical evidence to balance the testimony.

Comment by LIM SC on March 30, 2011 at 1:24pm
But then again, perps could have attempted to jeopardise image of true victims so Bioethics Commission will single out activisms attendance to their meetings.
Comment by Lynn Clarise Bahrenburg on April 2, 2011 at 4:02am
It likely wasn't a ti who was deemed a threat - more like a perp impersonation to cause us to look bad.... it's an obvious observation.  Peacepink is loaded with perps, for example, who don't want the message to get out.
Comment by Annie on April 2, 2011 at 4:42am

I think it´s all TI´s who attended to the Boiethics Comission, although as said earlier, I think it´s really hard staying focused and keep the emotions in control, to make the "speach" reliable and credible without letting the emotions (kept in check for a long time) run away.  Being under this shit for years and then having the opportunity to make a testimony in front of people that have influence and can make a difference in this issue for the forture, is not an easy thing at all. However, I agree on, that there obviously are people here at PP that do not want the "message to get out". I mean, if telling us members not to take the fight back, I wonder why they even spend time in this forum? What is the message they want to bring to us? To just sit down and accept? One can wonder why a person spend their expensive time in here if not having the goal to end this or to take the fight back. There could be only one answer in that-they do not want this to end for some reason...//Annie



Comment by treelaw45 TI on April 2, 2011 at 6:03am

    I was there and couldn't imagine a group of people doing a better job. I went there and stayed with ten of them in a hotel. I knew all of the TI's had emotion but kept them in check. As one and then the other started to speak here as there on the first day I'd say we slowly became more confident.

   I'm sure that when we had thirty minutes to speak on the second and last day that who ever spoke first had it the hardest, but with each TI holding it together and doing a great job it gave the rest even more resolution.

    I was one of the ones who had a comment on the first day. What was going through my head was, "After twenty years are you really going to sit here and say nothing"? "You will regret it the rest of your life if you do".

    During one of the two other times I spoke to my town Council I held of a bloody shirt. There were a row of people wishing to speak about police corruption. These people weren't allowed to speak, but another woman who spoke and handed out the flyers along with myself were written up in the Providence Journal. within three days her son was in a police chase and crashed on the highway. A relative of mine was set up in drunk driving sting. Both incodents were front page stories on the weekend paper. Her son was on the Local news and the story on my relative went on elaborately for a full page inside.

   I saw the lengths they will go to to silence people. I still spoke at the next town meeting and named a police officer owe wrote a false police report in my name. I was jumped by 4 people and was being drugged on Seroquel. The council sat there looking down, not saying any thing. I found out later that the very officer I named had been convicted of filing a false report against another resident who was in a car with his mother when it was hit by a fleeing criminal in a police chase his mother died and he had been in a comma for two weeks suffering brain damage. This oficer Eric Lewis had claimed the young man had tried to stab him through the window in a traffic stop. Other officers did back him up leading to his conviction of filing false police reports. the young man could have gotten 6 years for those false accusations. That would have been insult on top of injury after being in a comma and loosing his mother. Three days after that second meeting where I mentioned officer Lewis by name he won and appeal paid for by the local police union. He had exhorsted all his appeals from the policeman's bill of rights.

    These are the lengths these people are willing to go through. Yet at the President bioethics Commission we were allowed to speak and treated politely.

     We are going on record for the first time and have been treated well. I've been in worst situations. That is why I call for TIs to act respectfully. we can be given a hard time or denided access. all had gone well up to the point of the last Commission meeting and we are hoping to do more.

Comment by LIM SC on April 2, 2011 at 10:15am

Treelaw45 TI,

You guys did a great job, please keep it up.



Comment by Karen Dawe on April 3, 2011 at 1:34pm

Hi T1's and I just tuned in and heard about the Bioethics meeting. It is such an explosive topic and I see how at this point it is difficult to get to the meeting in ever the most difficult timing and timing is everything and to me.

I am so happy to hear of this meeting if there were a way it would be the first place I am going to head too.


Bettering the world is the best place to hide out in...  


Consider love I do for everybody trying so hard and for being there.


As always I am a peacepink T1, too.




Karen J. Dawe 


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