Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs


  1. 本週有海味店職員投訴, 腦控空間有賤人曾偉明向他兜售腦控機和他個人芯片, 誰知取得的竟是他人的芯片, 當他打開載有芯片的腦控機時, 他聽到的是我的聲音, 有時是我的眼透, 懷疑是我的芯片. 我提議他將機和芯片交給我或者交由警方處理, 但至今並未收到對方任何反應. 在此強烈讉責腦控賤人, 隨便派發他人芯片, 一條芯片等同一條人命, 如此草菅人命, 罪大當諸.




  1. 腦控賤人另一賤招, 當他們想捧賤人時, 將不正常的賤人同正常受害者併芯片, 將受害者的日常生活行為舉止顯示出來, 將不正常的賤人隱形, 令人以為他們想捧的賤人是正人君子. 反之, 當他們想陷害正常的受害者, 將受害者同癮君子, 性工作者併芯片, 令人錯覺以為受害者人格有問題. 舉例, 有人將在囚人仕同某濶太併芯片, 大家錯覺以為在囚人士嫁入豪門, 當上門找尋才發覺真相. 所以提醒在空間的觀察者, 你的所見所聞都是腦控賤人的精心佈局, 並非事實的全部.




  1. 當被腦控受害者每次出國旅遊, 目的地國家都會用腦控方法監控你的一舉一動. 換言之, 你被腦控的資料證據, 並非只在原產地, 可以是你所到的任何國家. 所以當你沒法從你的所在地取得任何證據時可到你所信任的國家, 由他國取得你在所在地被腦控的資料和證據.




  1. 本週在腦控空間作孽者是電台DJ, 新聞從業員. 曾志偉, 方中信, 劉青雲出言滋擾. 吳鎮宇, 馬鼎盛意圖企圖遙控電子武器摧殘受害者.




  1. 本週晚間有女子同我併芯片, 全身發臭, 據她說是沒熱水沐浴, 大家試想想, 當今20世紀末, 哪裡仍沒有熱水?




Ming Control News this week (December 3 to 9, 2018)




  1. This week, there was a complaint from the staff of the dry seafood store. He said that someone who call himself name Tsang Wei ming sold a brain control machine to the staff with his own chip, who knows that chip belong to another one. When he turn-on the brain control machine with the chip, He heard my voice, sometimes watch from my eyes through, He suspicion may own my chip. I propose that he hand me the machine and the chip or hand it over to the police, but until now, I have not received any response from such staff. I strongly condemns the brain control perp, one chip equivalent to one human life, you cannot casually distributing victim’s chip to someone else, treat human life as if it were not worth a straw, such crimes are too wicked to be pardoned. 2. Brain control perp used a tricky technology. When they want to rise someone who abnormal, they will use the abnormal perp within the chip with the normal victim to display the behavior of the victim’s daily life as abnormal perp’s life, and the abnormal perp will disappear. Such tricky made the stalker thought that the abnormal perp in normal. On the contrary, when they want to set the normal victim up, within the victim’s chip with someone who got drug addicts, or sex workers, misleading the stalker thought that the victim got a wrong personality. For example, the chip controller within the female with a rich woman, everyone in mind control space illusion that the female was marry to rich man, when someone by door to door to visit, then find out the truth that all they saw are belong to the rich woman, and the female was a prisoner, still stay in the prison. So remind the observers in the space, what you can see and hear are based on the mind control perp’s planning, everything you saw, you hear and your thought was not your own, of cause not the truth.


  1. When the brain-controlled victim travels abroad every time, the destination country will use brain control methods to monitor your every movement. In other words, the evidence of being brain control is not only in the place of origin, but also in any of your visited countries. So when you can't get any evidence from your location, you can going to other country that you can trust, to obtain the information and evidence that you have being mind control in your location.
    4. This week, the trouble maker in mind control space were radio DJs and journalist, also heard the voice public nuisance from Eric Tsang, Alex Fang, Sean Lau. Francis Ng, Ma Dingsheng Intentional attempt to remotely control electronic weapons harass victims. 5. The metamorphosis chip controller within my chip with a woman evening who got whole body bad smell. According to her said, there is no hot water to bathe in her place. Let's think about it. At the end of the 20th century, where is there still no hot water?


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