Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs


  1. 本週由13號開始, 腦控賤人喪心病狂日間遙控電子武器令我1-5級頭痛, 晚間輪流腦音滋擾精神虐待, 據吳鎮宇說, 接到指令, 屠城7. 同時背後下指使者說, 在我出街時攻擊我, 誤導他人以為我不被攻擊. 下指令者: 曾志偉, 吳君如, 蔡瀾, 萧定一; 執行者: 吳鎮宇, 方中信, 陳文輝, 張智霖;


  1. 本週當我飲雞湯時, 變態控芯片賤人將生魚的魚腥味同我的嗅覺轉換, 令我有作嘔的感覺.


  1. 本週變態控芯片賤人將逆呼吸者同鼻塞者同我併芯片, 令我呼吸困難, 不能入睡.


  1. 本週當我有社交活動時, 變態控芯片賤人將精神病患者同我併芯片, 令我眼神閃爍, 飄忽, 精神極不穩定, 不能清晰表達自己所思所想; 當我行街, 搭車時, 不停引我笑, 令我失態於人前; 開我口部控制, 將腦音轉由口部表達, 令我自言自語, 令傍人以為我精神出現問題. 所以我同所有受害者一樣, 當務之急是學習如何控制自己的言行舉止. 再借用耳機去掩飾被腦控所造成的失態行為. 大家共勉之.


  1. 本週變態控芯片賤人將內褲不潔者同我併芯片, 我問她們為何如此不注重衛生? 反被告知她們習慣每7天換一次內褲. 真不知是哪個地方有如此習俗? 答案是吳三姑精神病院. 無言!!


  1. 有一小撮下流老狗仍然在腦控空間隨處便溺, 放屁滋擾受害者, 性騷擾女性. 利用他們到處生事的人是曾志豪的父親和哥哥, 何守信; 據了解, 背後指使者是謝賢, 蔡瀾和夏春秋. 同時經常聽到張松枝和他的父親, 劉玉翠和她的媽媽也在空間以滋擾受害者為生. 控芯片者有人講是麥文德, 有人講是薛家燕的兒子, 未得證賓. 到目前為止, 沒人出面阻止, 而是不停縱容他們害人, 性騷擾受害者. 對其背後指使者的心態我沒法理解, 有無人可話我知, 何以用如此下流的方法作賤受害者? 是基於哪種心理?


Mind Control Space News this week (December 10 to 16, 2018)


  1. Starting from the 13th this week, the brain control perps frenzied to remote-controlled electronic weapons make me headaches in 1-5 degree in daytime. In the evening, used the brain sounds nuisance as mental abuse. According to Francis said, he got instructions to harassment victims for 7 days. Also ask to use electronic attacked me when I was out, such misled others to thought that I was safety for shopping. The giving order persons: Eric Tsang, Sandra Ng, Cai Lam, Stephen Shiu Junior. Executors: Francis Ng, Alex Fong, Chen Man Fai, Julian Cheung.
    2. When I was drinking chicken soup this week, the metamorphosis chip controller changed my smell to fresh fish smashed the fish, which made me feel sick.
    3. This week, the metamorphosis chip controller within my chip with someone who got inverse abdominal breathing as well as nasal congestion, which makes me breathless and can't sleep.


  1. When I had social activities this week, the metamorphosis chip controller within my chip with a mentally ill person, which made my eyes blink quickly and shimmer, extremely unstable. I could not clearly express what I thought; When I walked out the street or by bus, the perps kept me laughing in front of people, control and turned my mind into a mouth, which made me talk to myself, and made people think that I had problems in my mind. So I am studying how to control myself behavior like all the victims, also used headphones to cover up the misconduct caused by brain control.
    5. This week, the metamorphosis chip controller within my chip with unclean underwear woman. I asked her why you keep your underwear dirty and not change. They were told that they used to change their underwear every 7 days. I felt sick and asks where you are? The answer was Sandra Ng Mental Hospital. Silent!!


  1. There are dirty old men still tortured the victims by foul and fart in the brain-controlled space, sexually harassing women. As known they are managed by Ivan Ho, DJ Tsang Chi How’s father and brother. Also Deon Cheung and his father, Jade Lau and her mother are also earning to living in the space by harass the victims. Someone said that the metamorphosis chip controller to be Mak Man Tak, some people say may be the son of Nancy Chit, all to be confirm...


we all understood that the behind persons are Patrick Tse, Cai Lam and Kenneth Ng Kam Tsun. So far, no one has come forward to stop them, but to keep indulging them for sexual harassment to the victims. I don’t understand such torture conducts based on what kind of mental sick? someone can tell me what kind of psychology is it based on?


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