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Listens imaginary the tragedy(幻听下的悲剧)

Listens imaginary the tragedy(幻听下的悲剧)

cuckoo white clouds deep place, is Uncle Zhang the beautiful hometown.
Ancient times Pan Gu opened the day, left behind the green hill Xiu water, flew the waterfall hanging curtain, the jade bead four splashes, natural flying apsaras.The hills green jade valley, the greenery fine jade is colored, the mountain deep place is mounting hollow blue sky, the ease blue sky on in hills, is in the mountain mirage? Pan Gu's masterpiece and day Qi Chang.Humanity's blustery activity appears delicately in front of the nature.The simple common social practice nostalgia had continued several millenniums, the old tree, the running water, the bridge, others, traces plainly, classically elegant, the sorrow and joy village ancient is falling, in the revolutionary age, the outside wind blows, once was becoming New Fourth Army to carry on the Sino-Japanese War the base, has raised a generation of revolutionary person of integrity.The historical trend limped entered for the 21st century, at a technical disaster, sent greetings in the state which into flooded densely, one kind of artificial objective existence, created the vicissitudes of life were what kind pitiful, had confuses, has the indignation, the interrogation ......Heaven perforated?

Recently, in this beautiful small village, appeared all over the mountains and plains all in the sob.
“The God, how don't you keep eyes open, .....”pitiful, the sorrowful sound resounds through the skies, how many surrounding flows off the sincere tears. Yes, Uncle Zhang, the poor life, the warm-hearted life, the neighborhood does not have struggles the life, thinks in the village also does not hear his refreshed speaking voice again and could not see the gentle smiling face, how many street neighbouring work place sad \ difficult shed \ to lose all. Walked too has been sudden, previous two days also heard him at home, unexpectedly said died three days. “In during the first two sky overheads also the fishy, how, doesn't Uncle Zhang come out chats, passes through when his main house gate surface all is Guan Zhu, originally wants to knock on a door inquires, but indistinct hears him to say,” the human rights can't not say,…Has no alternative but to run .....”
these two days, in his family also all has the speaking voice, because everybody to imaginary listened” to become accustomed to”, in with was unclear to Uncle Zhang in the judgment, creates the eternal regret, Qian mountain, the four seasons ever green, sobbed for you, lives the idle capital is the common matter, who would have thought the beacon-fire play gentlemen imaginary listened to, the tragedy which created, you walked too the injustice. The villagers only could seek his heroic spirit \ smiling face from the memory, the villagers innermost feelings lose.

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