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 I am being eavesdropped on 24/7 by people in the surrounding area they're also making harassing comments I hear them talking 24 hours a day from the house next door and from the homes behind my home…

 I am being eavesdropped on 24/7 by people in the surrounding area they're also making harassing comments I hear them talking 24 hours a day from the house next door and from the homes behind my home starting in 2009 the people stalking me surrounded my home with their friends collected all of my private information and started threatening to kill they eavesdropped on me,8 years, while hitting me with LRAD they also talk very loudly in the surrounding area when lrad is not necessary they've been doing this since 2009 they have moved their friends out of these houses and back into these houses these people have been using extortion they have been hacking they've been forcing me to hear lrad sounds for thousands of hours they've been lying about their crimes they've been eavesdropping they've been slandering and stalking and they've been following me around town 24/7 they've been collecting private information by spine and to my home from their homes with their families and friends they've been renting the houses are buying the house is surrounding my home when they go up for sale they've been following me in their cars and eavesdropping into my classroom and into the car that I drive they've been verbally assaulting me with radios like while I drive while I sleep while I take test at school they've been slandering me every day for 8 years they've been seeking the assistance of community watch Paladin and police officers and the community who engage in these offences they've been doing this to me 24/7 they can be Hearn loudly in the surrounding area they forced me to hear 37,000 hours of non-stop verbal assault in which they said one sentence every two seconds the sentences were threats put-downs degrading statement and conversations about different techniques that can be used to rob my home or sabotage my grades also eavesdropped on me putting in this report

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Comment by ANIL CHOPRA on May 2, 2018 at 12:07am

Its same here with me in India. where ever I stayed in my country. People in neighborhood used to be Govt. agency's #Perp. They stalk 24/7, Nowadays they are more frustrated than never before, they repeat words and sentences, enact street shows, read out scripts given to them by their handlers. This all goes on in a very systematic way. As an orphan i was adopted or rather was given to an old widow who raised me conditionally on Govt. Terms and conditions, she died due to her old age when i joined Armed forces, she passed on some fake relatives (in disguise) to me they were actually Govt. #Perps and #Handlers. My life was made hell by them from my childhood days, i was an innocent and ignorant kid, was exploited and abused. The lady of the house Whom nowadays these Government Perps call Ma, she not only tried to rape me when i was hardly 11 years old boy but also tried to create a negative image of me in minds of people around me, her husband use to find ways to beat me blue each day, anyhow now the Old man died of Cancer, he called me on phone just before his death and asked me to pardon him for whatever he did with my life. But as an ordinary human i am very angry with the people who destructed my life till date. i can't pardon anyone who destroyed me and are continuously doing it now also. I loved my country more than anyone and served 21 years in uniform. As a retired veteran and a Horribly Target Individual on this planet. i can really understand and feel what each Targeted Individual is going through. BE STRONG AND FIGHT TILL DEATH must be our Moto to live. 

Comment by Inhjh on March 18, 2019 at 2:48pm

Natomas families surrounding my home, Sacramento California, have been stalking me for 9 years and 9 months by eavesdropping into my home. When I leave the home they follow me. they are with me annonymously 24/7 for 9 years... They're strangers! I'm unaware that they're following me; until, I notice they talk to me through a Sound Spotlight speaker system. The speaker projects specific sentences, describing my actions, as I move... The Soccer-moms say rude cruel sentences: solicitation, nagging, threatening, degrading, shouting, insulting, and gossiping for 15 to 20 hours a day. Males that are lower middle-class, balding 45 ish resembling Danny DeVito Tim the toolman Taylor and Deuce Bigalow male gigolo. Homely, 37-45 years of age to the face, short 5' 7"ish that have hookers talking sh*t for money. 40+ brunet lower middle class suburban houses from the 90's soccer mom family blatantly lying, with kids talking too, and groups of their friends. community members from other houses surrounding my bedroom on foot with stay-at-home moms at home job dad home-school kid they talk all day with to much time on their hands... Some of the males in the home next door will leave their ho go pick up a group of prostitutes for eavisdroping. Face hair Rachael Ray like. PLAY "B-BALL" ho to a house wife. They do it daily 24 hours a day for 9 years 9 months .he'll bring them to his home and have them go into what he calls his Sound Studio they will talk into a microphone Sound Spotlight (LRAD). from a dozen locations hidden in the suburban tract houses surrounding my home they will talk down to me annonymously while eavisdroping hacking and 24/7 exploitation. They claim to be psychic. They said 20k sentences a day for 4 years I was 21 when it started. The noise was nonstop at age 22 23 24 25 years old. When I was 26 they changed the perps with other people and reduced the noise to 10k sentences a day. The noise is herd with earplugs on at college, car, bed time. They case the joint in groups from houses surrounding my home for a certain number of hours with children who talk s*** to me through the sound Spotlight after their shift is over they will leave those houses and go. others will come shift change and case-the-joint here at my home in Natomas for hours saying negative affirmations to me once every 2 seconds and forcing me to hear it with the Sound spot light sentences include narrating nagging threatening talking with a hostile inflection they are looking at aggravated Mayhem charges. They refuse to stop and stand out front shouting when I laydown in bed. they deny it and use the livingroom 25 feet from my bed to stalk with hookers middle aged fauthers soccer moms junior high kids... ORGANIZED CRIME SOCIALIZING with cops. I report to cops weekly from 2011-2019 all ignored they said to get my proof first it affects their children who continue to talk down to me nagging. their husbands are domesticly violent and threatened me daily which they lie about with


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I think my last implant came out this morning. I might be free. I'm still kickin'! I was planning on leaving. My little brother is a T.I too and the perps got him kicked out of his apartment. The plan was to leave once these implants were out, now I don't know. Something about these things coming out, lots of torture. Perps said many things with the V2K. They told me I would die, I was half convinced because of the marijuana in the air. Pot is legal in Canada. The perps came into my place and…See More
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