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Walking through town this afternoon it was sunny and warm reaching the 50 degree mark. Three police officers had a young lady handcuffed ready to haul off when a 3rd and 4th officer came by – that's five police officers plus two more plain clothes dressed in black to one petite young lady who certainly didn't appear to be a threat of any sort to anyone. Two healthy clean-cut kids were watching the whole thing and told me the young lady had been told to stop playing her instrument on the sidewalk, but she had continued to play quietly anyway. The police left and had come back. As the police were taking her off, one of them asked why she was in handcuffs and an officer responded that she had (2) warrants out for her when they ran her name. I thought to myself, they typically run a person's name before leaving the scene and additionally the charges were possibly for smoking a joint of marijuana a very minor offense. She was handcuffed with hands bound behind her back. The clean-cut couple had two more tales to tell of police activity in this neck of the woods– one being that the police had attempted to throw one of the two of them in jail a while ago, and he wasn't even told the reason why and never found out the reason why even after they had come into a restaurant where he was having lunch and took him outside. He was luckier than the young lady today in that his dad had come to his rescue, and he was also under 18 years of age so they couldn't do anything. He further went on to say that he and his family live next door to a local council woman who had some kind of law put on the books here in Vermont whereby you can't bother neighbors with cigarette smoke which meant that since he was a smoker and went out on the porch to have a cigarette it was forbidden because she didn't like it. A person cannot have a cigarette on their own front porch anymore I was told.

The young lady commented that “the police are the front line of the Military.” It is true that men and women in blue are no friend of the people anymore and young kids here in Vermont know that. They appear hard and cold – a complete shift in attitude or maybe because I never had a personal encounter until 2004 when I had a rude awakening. I'll bet this change in attitude has a lot to do with military weapons being handed over to local law enforcement agencies. Perhaps this military might has emboldened them in the same way the weapons have emboldened the 'handlers' - powerful little giants among men ready to wage war full-scale war against the people when given the word. The way things are in this country – and, I see it all around me – it's scary!

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Comment by Carmen L on March 18, 2010 at 8:48am
Yes, sometimes you can see 10 policeoffices or more on one single man.
To intimidate probably.

I saw an arrest on a ferry here in spain once.
Two police men (one man one woman) came in dressed as normal people. I knew someting was strange, because of my "experience" in recognizing people that are stalkers. They kissed the lady in the counter, like "hi, how are you etc" and I knew it was a play because this woman blushed. She was intimidated.
Later, I saw them suddenly dressed as police officers.
They handcafted a big man in front of everybody, after speaking to him for a short while.

Outside, there were numbers of police cars and police officers, but the people on the ship weren't informed, like: don't be scared, there are like 100 policemen outside . They all had come there so this person would not run or jump in the sea or something .

I just said. "Nice show!"
Comment by Shari Hill on March 19, 2010 at 10:52am
Unfortunately, its part of a cops job to run each subject they come in contact with. If they have a confirmed warrant, you have to arrest the person. As for the handcuffs, they are part of written procedure. Sometimes thaey are cuffed and put in the back seat while we confirm a warrant, so we dont get injured. A cops job is not always pleasant and sometimes we dont feel like arresting young ladies. When you tell someone to do something due to an infraction and they blow you off, they get put in the back of a unit and handcuffed. Pretty young women can be dangerous also. Why do so many show up to a scene..possibly they are bored that nothing is going on in their zone. In my department, you always had a backup, no exceptions. Ride with them for 8 hours as an observer and you will really see what they go thru. How would u like to work a job that you serve the public and the public treats you like crap?
Comment by Shari Hill on March 19, 2010 at 11:02am
I'm not trying to make excuses for all the police, but most join to serve and protect the residents. I cant speak for all cops out there, there is good and bad in all professions. I was a cop for 24 yrs and I never harassed people and my residents voted me in for Deputy of the year, not the cops! We risk our lives when go to work and then we get spit on and treated badly. Everyone hates a cop until you call 911. Can you imagine if we refused to respond? I feel like I have to defend what I did with honor for 24yrs.
Comment by Shari Hill on March 19, 2010 at 11:11am
I joined this group with tears in my eyes that I had found other people out there who were being harassed. Please, its disturbing to me to hear people trash cops like every cop is out to get you or watching you all! I lost my job as a cop because I reported my harassment. I never saw military weapons in my PD....we had shotguns and 40cal..thats it! I'm not saying that they are going to believe you either when you tell them that your a TI...I know that first hand, but please dont link all cops as the same.
Comment by Shari Hill on March 19, 2010 at 11:20am
If cops seems hardened, it may be true. They are the 1st people at car crashes, shootings, stabbings, robberies, burglaries, child molestations and during autopsies. Its a proven fact that most paramedics, firemen and police will eventually have PTSD, due to what they see. They all have to be hardened at a scene so we can never be caught showing emotion....they are not allowed to react or cry. The firemen and ems people have it made, the people all love them and hate police because they enforce the law as well as saving lives. You train yourself to shut down emotionally at 1st, but then you get used to it and it becomes part of your life, even with your loved ones.....
Comment by Carmen L on March 19, 2010 at 11:40am
Thats what we do too. I learned very much to shut down emotionally because of everything I experienced alone. But this has not increased my respect that I had for the police and the state, but quite the opposite. I actually LEARNED to objectify in order to SURVIVE emotionally and AVOID a mental och psychological BREAKDOWN.
I often asked myself: Are we at war or something?
Too brutal.
I think real criminals are treated better then I was.
Comment by Shari Hill on March 19, 2010 at 12:05pm
Alexandra, I hear you.... I was always trained to trust law enforcement, FBI, CIA, military, etc., but in our cases, we cant go to them to report that your a TI. The police is at the lowest level of law enforcement and I never heard of any of this stuff until a few weeks ago...I just knew what happened to me and what I was going thru. By all means call 911 in an emergency, but I know my biggest mistake was reporting what happened to me to the police/FBI. I wish I can turn back the clock, I wouldnt have told anyone.
Comment by Shari Hill on March 19, 2010 at 12:13pm
Dont forget also, I dont know of any police course that teaches us anything about what the military or govt is doing behind closed doors. We are taught/offered courses reference to what we do, criminal investigation, death investigation, crime scene photography, state laws, federal laws, etc. Dont forget, anytime a cop does something out of line, you can file a complaint. Our chief investigated every complaint and demanded that we be professional. He was the best...I had alot of respect for him.
Comment by Carmen L on March 19, 2010 at 12:16pm
Yet reporting is the thing one should do. What happens when a person does not report or the police starts stalking people that report crimes?
Comment by Carmen L on March 19, 2010 at 12:22pm
In my case I didn't report nothing and still they stalked me.
I asked once the police in Madrid why I was stalked and they said that it didnt happen.
Yet - even if you say you didnt use non-lethal weapons - i get attacked by those mostly where there is a lot of police or security guards like in shopping malls.


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