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4 Nov 2008 Mailteam works--victims work trends (help Rita from Belgium) (Continuing)

From Bob,
Re: Rita Thomas

Dear Mr. Willems:

I was contacted by a friend of your client, Rita Thomas. I am a retired attorney residing in North Hollywood, California. I know and more than a thousand other victims of government persecution know that your client was telling the truth about her mind control experiences. Governments all over the world are now engaged in mind control experiments using advanced electromagnetic psychotronic devices. I have had decades of personal experience with such devices being used on me. I am in touch with hundreds of other victims of the same experiments.

Needless to say, these government experiments are illegal and in violation of the U.S. Constitution. They violate the laws and the constitutions of all civilized nations, but the victims of these experiments have no remedy since the government criminals who carry out the experiments are "above the law."

We know that in the United States, they are working with cooperation from the federal law enforcement agency that is supposed to investigate violations of federal laws. That federal investigative agency covers up and protects the crimes of the federal agency that is carrying out the mind control experiments. The result is that U.S. citizens have no possible way of obtaining the protection of the law and the Constitution to which they are entitled.

This same thing is happening in every major nation of the world. As evidence of this, I refer you to 690 case histories written by worldwide victims of mind control experiments. These may be downloaded at
Included are 190 reports from Europe. Most of the victims who wrote these reports of their own experiences are confused and unaware of the responsibility of their own governments for the electronic torture that they are suffering. Many of the reports express mistaken beliefs that private groups are responsible for their experiences.

For your purposes in defending your client against a false diagnosis of mental illness and preventing the loss of her freedom, it is not necessary for you to prove who is responsible for the harm being done to her. It should only be necessary to prove that her beliefs are reasonable and not delusional. Statements of similar experiences by 690 other persons throughout the world are substantial evidence that such real experiences are in fact occurring to many hundreds of other people and that Rita's beliefs about her own experiences are thus reasonable. Attached are documents that explain and prove the reality of the kind of directed energy weapons and psychotronic devices that are in fact being used in torturous experiments on Rita and on the hundreds of other victims who have written reports of experiences similar to hers.

The very real horrors that Rita is living with are destructive enough without adding the additional destruction of psychiatric misdiagnosis and mistaken treatment with useless and harmful medications that are making your client sick and providing no benefit whatsoever in dealing with very real and extremely serious problems for which she needs protection.

I don't know whether any of this material will be admissible under the rules of evidence applicable in the proceeding on Thursday. Under the formal rules of evidence in U.S. courts, such evidence would not be admissible for the purpose of proving the truth of statements in the documents, but they would be admissible for the different purpose of demonstrating that Rita's beliefs cannot properly be assumed to be delusional when they match the reported experiences of hundreds of other people and when they are supported by scientific documentation of the reality of the weapons and devices used to create such experiences.

Hopefully, you will be able to establish that Rita is not delusional and is thus not in need of psychiatric treatment, but if the court should accept this mistaken medical diagnosis, the next line of defense would be that she is not a danger to herself or others and thus should not be involuntarily confined. I know nothing about the law of Belgium, but I can tell you that there was a time when citizens of the United States could be locked up in a mental institution because their beliefs deviated too much from accepted "normal" beliefs, resulting in the mistaken diagnosis that they were delusional. That kind of injustice was ended by the U.S. Supreme Court in the case, O'CONNOR v. DONALDSON, 422 U.S. 563 (1975). A copy is attached.

In this case, the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed a lower court opinion that the right to liberty under the U.S. Constitution prohibits a state from involuntarily confining a non-dangerous individual who has been diagnosed as mentally ill but "who is capable of surviving safely in freedom by himself or with the help of willing and responsible family members or friends." In other words, state governments are prohibited by the U.S. Constitution from confining involuntarily a mentally ill person if that person is not a danger to herself or to others and if that person is capable of surviving independently or with the help of friends or family. If this is not presently the law in Belgium, you can argue that it ought to be the law if Belgium has a constitution that guarantees its citizens the basic right to liberty.

Please assure Rita that she is not alone and that more than a thousand other targeted people have shared her experiences and can attest to the truth of the electronic atrocities which she has experienced and which are being committed against victims worldwide. All these people throughout the world are Rita's friends and supporters. I will ask a few of them to send you email messages confirming the truth of Rita's experiences.

Good luck to you and Rita on Thursday. Please let me know the result so that I can pass it on to the many other people who care about saving Rita from injustice.


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Dr. Eldon Byrd
2002 Letter of Corroboration of NIH Md. Statement About Mind Control
C.A.H.R.A. Home Page
April 27, 2002

To Whom It May Concern The attached Statement On Mind Control, dated April 11th, 2002 was sent directly to me by the author. Given the controversy surrounding mind control, Cheryl Welsh of CAHRA has asked me to substantiate the medical doctor's Statement. The physician does not want to sign his Statement, because he does not want to become involved with victims for whom he has no help to offer.

I am aware of the physicians research work when he was associated with the National Institutes of Health, and I consider it to be of the highest standard. I am also familiar with his Patents and his work in the identification of virus' in small samples of fluids. In my opinion, the statements he has made in his Statement can be taken as true, reflecting facts and events which occurred.

The author is also personally known to me and has related some of the information contained in the document to me on prior occasions. There was no information given to the author prior to his producing the initial document other than to ask if he would write up some of his experiences with mind control. The last two paragraphs were added by the author after he became aware of the experiment I did for CAHRA. He was asked to comment on the experiment without additional input from anyone. I can corroborate the following points contained in the Statement:

I knew Senator Claiborne Pell, his Legislative Assistant referred to in the document, and the investigative reporter also mentioned. I was aware that they were involved in mind control investigations and that they had data that indicated the existence of technology that could be used to effect some sort of mind control. Specifically, I was aware of the photograph of a signal that appeared on an individual's TV screen. I had several meetings with that individual and examined the photograph mentioned in the Statement.

Also, I asked the Legislative Assistant to comment on the physician's Statement. He stated to me: "...what he has written details the events as I recall them, and as we discussed at the time they were going on." He does not want to be identified for the same reason the MD does not want to be identified.

[Original signed]

Eldon Byrd
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NIH Physician's Statement About Mind Control
April 11, 2002
C.A.H.R.A. Home Page
In the mid to late eighties, while I was a practicing physician, I was working almost exclusively in the field of psycho-neuro-immuno-endocrinology, especially as concerned the new malady, called Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome. I had become good friends, Health and Wellness Advisor, and personal physician to US Senator Claiborne Pell of Rhode Island. I had also become very close friends with his Special Legislative Assistant.
It was in the 1987-88 timeframe that I was introduced to an individual of authority in the US Government who talked about a strange new phenomenon. This individual wanted me to meet a special investigative reporter who had been devoting all his time to investigating this new phenomenon. He thought that with my background in the neural sciences and some of the esoteric things I had been aware of in the realm of the physics of consciousness that I might be of assistance both to victims of this phenomenon and to the investigators of it.

He told me that there was significant evidence that the phenomenon was real and viewed by those involved in trying to understand it as very dangerous. He warned me from the outset that many of the scientists who had been close to understanding the technology behind the phenomenon wound up dying from apparent heart attacks. He said that in the opinion of many who had seriously investigated this phenomenon, that it appeared to be as dangerous a threat to humanity as anything ever in history, because it was not yet traceable to a specific source, and that it was so malevolent, that it had the potential to lead humanity to its own destruction.

I was also told that it was not uncommon for those investigating the phenomenon to become victims of it themselves, and that he considered that I should know the risks before volunteering to help. Because of my relationship to the Senator and my commitment to assist in matters affecting the health and welfare of the nation, I felt it was my duty to participate to the best of my ability.

I agreed to meet with the investigative reporter. He came to my office and gave me the first briefing on the phenomenon. I wish to preface my account with the fact that through the succeeding three or four years, I became convinced of the reality of the phenomenon, and in fact did come under attack, although in a manner not typical. What he described was as follows.

The majority of those who were victims of this "technology" would report that they had somehow received an implant of a speaker inside their head. Almost incessantly they would hear noise, as in background noise in a busy room with activity of people and machinery. They would also hear voices addressing them specifically. Often they would be harangued incessantly with exhortations to commit vile acts, such as inappropriate sexual behaviors from homosexual assaults to heterosexual rape and pedophilic acts. They would also experience the emotional accompaniment of these exhortations as urges that were hard to control. Often the urges and thoughts and voices caused the victim to experience tremendous fear and rage. Some of the victims experienced the "loss of time," in which they would be conscious, but somehow missed what happened to them for extended periods, ranging from minutes to hours at a time. They could not account for themselves during these periods.

Some of the victims made the association that these "attacks" coincided with watching television or from working at their computers. A number of victims learned that if they lost themselves in a crowd, they could frequently interrupt the "transmissions." This would lead them often to wander into crowded places in order to get some peace.

Inevitably these people would seek medical attention. The majority of these people had no prior history of psychiatric illness. Their experience of the voices had a sudden onset, and they could pinpoint the time or date the first awareness of these events occurred. Although many would be told that they had a psychiatric illness causing them auditory hallucinations, a number of eminent psychiatrists who studied some of these victims felt that the ones truly victimized by this "technology" did not fall into any psychiatric diagnosis, and that they were not experiencing auditory hallucinations. Quite a number of victims were successful well-adjusted people prior to the onset of the symptoms. Characteristically, all of the content of the voices, which was so perverse, had no reference to past character development in these people.

This reporter, who we will call M, told me that quite by chance, when one physician had prescribed a phenothiazine called Haldol without telling the patient what it was, the voices stopped almost immediately. However, when the patient found out the name of the medicine, the voices resumed. They tried this on a number of other patients, and found the same thing happened. It was as if there was something physiologically relevant to the action of the "transmission" that interfered with it, but if the monitoring agent behind the technology found out what the interfering drug was, it somehow could abort the efficacy.

One has to say, as a skeptic, that an initial placebo effect was eliminated once the patient discovered that the medicine was used for psychiatric patients with hallucinations or psychosis. Yet, one has to wonder why, when Haldol is very effective in eliminating hallucinosis with or without the patient's knowledge, why there seemed to be this reproducible escape of efficacy, once the name of the medicine was introduced to consciousness of the victim.

Another attribute of the attackers according to M was their ability to learn of the victim's past medical history. One of the manifestations of the attack often was the reproduction of acute symptomatology that clinically resembled perfectly attacks of genuine disease conditions, such as acute abdominal pain associated with appendicitis, or chest pain associated with myocardial ischemia, of abdominal pain associated with pelvic inflammatory disease. When these people would seek medical attention for these symptoms, however, there would be absolutely no evidence clinically that anything truly pathologic was happening. Again, this would contribute to the judgment of the health provider that the victim was a "crock," meaning that it was all some form of psychosomatic neurosis.

M declared that his investigation of this phenomenon had taken him around the world. He had interviewed individuals in Soviet agencies, Israeli intelligence, our own CIA, NSA, and Naval Intelligence organizations. He found that many agencies in other countries had become aware of this and other similar phenomena, and although they acknowledged working on technology that could influence thought and feeling of human beings, made the distinction between their efforts and this phenomenon.

M stated that he was not able to get those assurances from the people he interviewed at NSA. I remember a specific instance in which M had gained possession of a copy of a transmission recorded from a victim's television set that was submitted to NSA for analysis. Prior to its submission, other scientists had verified that a very unusual signal had been received by some very special device they employed to monitor this victim's TV set. I was not told the nature of the signal nor was I told anything about the recording device. What he told me however, was that upon submitting it to the NSA, they were never able to get the recording back, nor were they able to ascertain from the NSA official what their findings revealed about the transmission. M was making the association that the victimization process itself could be propagated from person to person. He stated that he felt that even through telephone lines, one victim talking to another person could result in the person to whom the victim was talking become a victim themselves. He also reported that regarding his investigation, it seemed that as he got closer to answers, that the people he would speak to would irrationally shut him off, even after being initially engaged, interested and even participating in the investigation. He believed that the controlling entity or entities could sense when to interfere and actually cause people to block their own perceptions and awareness. M actually came to believe that the scope of interference could actually lead people to do things that were destructive to themselves, like cause their own automobile accidents.

He believed that Senator Pell had himself become an unaware victim of the manipulation of this force. He made this conclusion because of times at which Pell would be seriously engaged with M, it was as if a switch had been pulled and suddenly Pell would disengage, seeming to forget what the conversation was about or that he had any interest in what M was presenting at all. Yet later Pell would again invite M back for further discussion, only to have the discussion interrupted again in the same way. M was convinced it was not simply a distraction caused by being too busy or preoccupied with other things. M also took note of the fact that some of the others he had met along the way with insight into this phenomenon had simply suddenly forgotten its importance. And when reminded by M, they would deny even ever knowing about it. M felt this was a defensive maneuver by the agent or agents behind the "technology."

My wife and I began to notice peculiar things in our own life immediately after M would place a phone call to me. For reasons unknown to us we would start to argue with each other and have very bad feelings toward one another. It became such a pattern that my wife pointed it out to me. I had never told her anything about M or the content of our discussions.

There was an episode that occurred in 1991 on December 17. Things seemed to be very intense with M. One night after a particularly intense discussion with M on the phone, my wife began to experience symptoms of lower abdominal pain. She became extremely weak and felt horribly sick. She recalled that the symptoms were exactly what she had experienced after sustaining an iatrogenically caused episode of pelvic inflammatory disease, after a tubal insufflation blew a smoldering streptococcal infection in her endometrium into her peritoneal cavity. She had undergone an evaluation for infertility after coming off the BC pill and not getting pregnant after a year of trying. This acute P.I.D. almost killed her and we were told that the residual scarring could mean she would never get pregnant. Not withstanding the scarring we were fortunate to have three sons after a physician tried her on the fertility pill, Clomid. However, the fact that she had scarring in her peritoneal cavity from that infection was thoroughly documented.

That night the symptoms got worse and worse. I took her to the hospital for evaluation by her OB GYN. He agreed that she had signs of peritoneal inflammation on physical exam, but her blood work was normal. He said we should go home and see what happened. If it didn't improve we were to return in the morning and he would do a laparoscopic examination under anesthesia. As I was leaving the hospital after dropping off her miniscule urine sample, while my wife waited in the car, I had a very unusual experience. It was of a personal nature, but suffice to say that after it, my wife felt better after almost losing consciousness.

We decided that because it was already arranged for her to have the laparoscopy the next morning that we should go ahead with it. We did. We were amazed to hear the results. He doctor said she had the pelvis of a 14-year-old girl. There was no scarring, no evidence of current or prior pelvic inflammatory disease. To this day we do not know what happened to what had been thoroughly documented before. All we know is she never again has had the kind of sharp pains she would get at intervals from the "tearing of adhesions," which always was the explanation for those pains.

Shortly thereafter, I lost touch with M. About a year later I tried to reach him to see how he was doing. I was shocked to find that he was no longer working on this project, but was on to something else. When I said why would you abandon the work you were so fanatically committed to for the sake of humanity, his response was as if he had no idea to what I was referring.

Since then, neither my wife nor myself has had any further personal experience with anything resembling what took place during those years of frequent contact with M. I did see a number of patients who were afflicted with the voices and urges. I never was able to help any one of them.

It has been suggested that this horrible technology is something covertly being used by our government. Although I cannot rule it in or out, I sincerely believe that something real is going on that is not a part of normal physiology to affect these people. Not everyone who hears voices is a victim of this, just as not everyone who is a victim of this hears voices. My experience suggests to me that there is something definitely impacting certain people, perhaps at random, from the outside in.

In conclusion, further scientific investigation like the experiment of Dr. Byrd's for CAHRA to record the voices in victim's heads are needed in order to try to understand the mechanisms that are producing them. I also feel that being able to determine the type of signal itself would add valuable clues to the mechanism of transmission. For example, certain psychoactive properties have been attributed to ELF Electromagnetic signals and microwaves that are modulated with ELF signals. The presence of such signal means that there is a source that is directing them at victims.

It should become possible to test the victim's home and office environments for sources transmitting the signals such as telephones, televisions, and computers. Of course, the signals may be transmitted directly by other technological means, also. If present, the source would be guilty of illegal interference with the victims' civil rights and of experimenting on them without their permission.

Brain imaging techniques are available, such as MRI and PET scans. The MRI is useful for examining brain structure, whereas the PET scan is designed to examine the metabolic activity in the brain. Unless a victim has been subjected to signals that affect the physical structure of the brain, the MRI is of limited value; however the PET scan could determine the difference between internally generated symptoms and externally generated signals. Another useful technique is the multi-channel EEG beam scan that will indicate alterations in the electrical activity of the brain as a function of stimulus.

[Each page of original "Statement about "mind control"" initialed EB by Dr. Eldon Byrd.]
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u>b>Letter from Lynn Surgalla
Thank you, Ken!

The weapons which you are referring to are called "PSYCHOTRONIC WEAPONS ". MILLIONS OF PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY BEEN MURDERED WITH THESE WEAPONS. "PSYCHOTRONIC" is the historical & scientific term used to describe these "SLOW-KILL" TORTURE-MURDER-BRAIN-REPROGRAMMING WEAPONS.




NINETY -FIVE PERCENT of the HUMAN BEINGS who are HARMED BY THESE WEAPONS have NO CLUE that the weapons exist. They get ATTACKED, BRAIN-DAMAGED, INJURED, SICK & DIE PREMATURELY (SLOW-KILLED) WITHOUT EVER KNOWING WHAT HIT THEM. They just go to their Medical Doctors to get drugs (or other "treatment") for their mysterious "symptoms".

These TRANSNATIONAL "CORPORATE" (WTO "OWNERS") WAR CRIMINALS have BLOCKED OUR EFFORTS for a comprehensive INTERNATIONAL TEST & WEAPONS BAN TREATY for decades by ASSASSINATING or otherwise "NEUTRALIZING" the NONcriminal scientific experts who have been promoting the treaty.

Please refer to the LETTER TO CONGRESS which I wrote, defining the LEGAL, POLITICAL, & HUMAN RIGHTS STATUS of these WEAPONS SYSTEMS.

Thank you, again for contributing your particular case history to the COUNTLESS OTHER STORIES of HUMAN RIGHTS ATROCITY WAR CRIMES against CHILDREN and OTHER INNOCENT CIVILIANS with these SECRET , ILLEGAL MILITARY WEAPONS OF WAR.

Blessing & Peace!!

Lynn Surgalla
Former VP, United States Psychotronics Association

Psychotronic Golgotha
by N.I. Anisimov, 1999

Twenty-five pages of the seventy-two page book, generously translated by Ramon Ruelas, copyright.

The Russian author, N.I Anisimov has been interviewed in several mainstream Russian press articles in the 1990s as the spokesman for a Russian group of 'mind control' or psychotronic victims. He has appeared in the 1998 ZDF German TV documentary, "Zombies of Russia". Anisimov has been quoted by Foreign Military Studies Office, military analyst, Timothy L. Thomas in the Parameters, US Army War College Quarterly Vol. XXVIII, No.1, Spring 1998 article, "The Mind Has No Firewall".

Anisimov describes the history of psychotronic weapons, the weapon effects, who is targeted in illegal experiments in Russia, who is developing the weapons and the extent of the problem.

Table of Contents

Psychotronic Weapons
Humanitarian Weapons - A Plague of the 20th Century
Scientific Cannibalism, Psychotronic Weapons and Diabolical Technologies
Totalitarian Sects - A Range for Testing Psychotronic Weapons
Rights-defenders Anticipate - Watching Television is Dangerous!
Wizards, Witches and other Evils Under the Roof of the Government Administration
Aliens, [***], [Baba-Yaga and Other Devilries
Contemporary Exotic Types of Weapons
The Computer is Destroying Manking
Certainty in Complete Non-punishment or a Bandit's Farce?
Vampires in White Dressing Gowns
Yellow Gulag and Psychotronic War
Towards a Backward Thinking In the Name of Stopping the Bio-robotizational Madness
KPSS Central Committee and KGB Plan: "Psychotronic Golgotha"
Your Brain, Your Private and Intimate Life are Under the Control of the Secret Service
The White House in a Psychotronic Dimension
"Ch" Hour *
Dispassionate Codes Strike out in Alarm
Customers and Manufacturers
The Conducting of Political and Governmental Secret Terrorism
Crazy "Little Vodka"
An Electronic God Blindly Punishes and Pardons
Free Will for Citizens, Democratic Elections are Impossible Under Conditions of Psychotronic Applications on the Population
On the Quiet to the Authorities: On the Scenario of the Model of the Puppet Theater
Murder will Out
The Threat to National Security Demands the Urgent Adoption of Laws
Notes on the Sources of Information Used in this Book

Psychotronic Weapons
At the dawn of the scientific-technical progress, dictators and rulers of totalitarian governments dreamt about how to embody the most ancient occult sciences and hidden potentials of mankind's psyche in technical weapons in order to, with their help, make their own populations obediently conformist, blindly fulfilling the wishes of the dictator and his associates. They even cherished monstrous ideas, after the creation of super-weapons, of using these for the enslavement of other governments and of becoming rulers of the world. With the creation of such types of weapons the military has been receiving the ideal weapon of mass enslavement and destruction, and the Secret Services an ideal zombie agent capable, without portable radio sets and guns, of obtaining and conveying secret information. But if at the end of the past century, the embodiment into life of these dreams -given the weak development of technology -was not possible, then already by the start of the 20th century, when scientific-technological progress was becoming intensively developed, these dreams came to be realized into practice.

One of the founding fathers of these national psychotronic weapons became the academician V. Bekhterev. In 1925 B. Bekhterev's group conducted the first experiments on the collective suggestion of emotions over a distance. Mass suggestion was achieved with the radio-set. A considerable contribution in the creation of these diabolical weapons was introduced by the daughter of F. Dzerzhinskovo M. Tal'tze and the docent D. Luntz. They were engaged in the development of combined psychotronic technologies that were based on imported special narcotic preparations and technical apparatuses. In the capacity of guinea pigs they employed prisoners of Lub'janka and patients of the psychiatric institutions. With the invention of the television, there appeared the possibility of the mass psychotronic treatment of the population by mean of television sets. After the fall of fascist Germany, the scientific research in the area of the creation of psycho-technological weapons fell into the hands of the Soviet military and the Chekists, and they gave a significant push to the creation of national psychotronic weapons.

At the end of 50 years, contemporary national psychotronic weapons emerged from the laboratories of the secret NII and began to appear in the arsenals of the secret service and the military. At the same time, in the "List of Knowledge Prohibited from Publication," the point was introduced regarding the prohibition of the open publication of material about technical devices intended for influencing of the behavioral functions of a person and about the possibility of controlling the behavior of a person. At the end of 70 years, psychotronic weapons started to come off the conveyors of assembly lines of secret factories to be used against the population on a mass scale. At the end of 80 years, the first rights-defense movement in the country came to be created, leading to the uneven struggle against the monstrous criminals of the century.

Humanitarian weapons A plague from the 20th century
Psychotronic weapons are related to one of the types of the so-called "nonlethal" weapons. Their invisible components can kill at a distance, imitating or causing any chronic illness, they can make a person a criminal or irresponsible, create aviation, railroad or automobile accidents in a matter of seconds, destroy fundamental structures, destroy, create or provoke any climatic cataclysm, control the most complex instrument or mechanism, control the behavior of people and any biological object and change the world-view of the population.

Inquiry. Non-lethal weapons are composed of the fourth type. The first type are taken from a series of military technologies and structures along the path to changing the molecular structure of material, the reduction of its stability, the altering of physical-chemical properties, but also to put out of service any apparatus or any mechanism by destroying the functioning of radio-electronic devices. The second type put out of a order only living powers, permitting the destruction of the psyches of the enemy, the coordination of body movement, muscular tone, the change in the functioning of various systems of the body, among them the cardio-vascular system and visual apparatus. Radio-sound is employed that is capable of lulling to sleep large contingents of enemy troops and of optical-generating capabilities for the projecting into the atmosphere holographic monstrous images to demoralize enemy soldiers. Holographic images of "the grim reaper" and armadas of "UFOs", an artificially created crimson-red setting sun and the appearance of images of the moon during the daytime, or artificially created unpleasant climatic conditions in specific places where military activities are underway, undo the psychological processing of the enemy and create panic. With over-doses of the given effects are caused trauma to organs that are not treatable, mental damage that is non-treatable, and an increase in the number of invalids. To the third type are related psychotronic weapons. The fourth types are based on anti-gravitational technology. The principle of gravitational types of non-lethal weapons consists in that any object can be artificially deprived of the earth's natural attraction and become an obedient toy in the hands of an operator sitting at the control panel of the gravitational weapons. Military technologies created on anti-gravitational technology possess the highest maneuverability of any of the most modern and exotic weapons. The first and second types of non-lethal weapons -at the end -are not classified, but the third and fourth -from previously -are officially considered Secret.

More than 20 years ago, starting with the first secret research in the area of the creation of non-lethal weapons, the government and the Secret Services foresaw with concern that in the case of even the minimal declassification, information about similar types of research carried distortions or a veiled nature that did not cause the international society to prick up its ears in concern. At the present time, such a time has arrived. And military scientists connected to its development, complying with secret directives, attempt to present its type almost as a blessing for mankind, fondly call their eccentric weapons nonlethal, bloodless weapons -or a humanitarian bomb. With this they are attempting to pass themselves off as upright, infallible citizens, pretending to be generally respectable and accountable. This untruthful information -and cynicism to the highest degree - is easily fed through several of means of mass information, in many cases achieving the aim of taking hold in the minds of uninformed citizens, and serves as a preventive defense for the criminals who are employing these types of weapons against the population on a mass scale. In connection with these and a host of other circumstances, today nonlethal weapons do not come under even one of the international conventions which would prohibit the development, accumulation and applications of such types of weapons.

Scientific Cannibalism, Psychotronic Weapons and Diabolical Technologies
Inquiry. The direction of secret scientific-research of institutes that are working on the creation and perfection of psychotronic weapons:

1. Physics
2. bio-physics
3. bio-chemistry
4. psycho bio-physics
5. bio-cybernetics
6. radio-electronics
7. psychotronics
8. biology
9. medicine
10. Outer-Space

Secret NII is taking on the following [general] tasks: geo-political, ideological, military, police [law enforcement], medical-biological, scientific research, production-farming, the expert appraisal of conducting a psychotronic war. Narrow [high] specialization:

1. development of technological means of distant control and management of the thought processes of humans
2. the perfection of technologically distant control of the behavior and organisms of man with the help of apparatuses used in the capacity of directing sources of electromagnetic, magnetic fields and acoustic waves
3. the use of telekinesis of a techtronic character for the influencing of a technological system
4. the development of devices with the aim of the distant control of behavior of humans, with the use of the implanting into the brain and body of electronic data
5. distant control of the behavior of people with the use of pharmacological means along this schemes: introduction in the human body of pharmacological means (behavior modification), and afterwards the distance-influencing by psychotronic apparatuses for the modification of the body of humans
6. the perfection of technological, distant transporting into the body of a bio-object chemical and other object matter
7. the distant control of people with the use of radio and television
8. the creation of a bio-robot
9. the perfection of technology for erasing information from the brain
10. the distant physical and biological influencing of a living organism by electromagnetic, magnetic fields and acoustical waves
11. the distant influencing of particular factors of the surrounding environment and on the growth of animals and humans:

(1) Geo-political tasks: development of systems of distant control of third countries, expert appraisals of the creation of geo-political hotbeds of tension and their location
(2) Ideological tasks: the distant influencing of populations with the aim of the creation of a law-abiding society loyal to the existing governmental order and political system
(3) Military tasks: expert appraisals of the conducting of psychotronic war against enemy governments, technological defense of troops and populations from the destructive factors of psychotronic weapons, coordination of the applications of psychotronic weapons with other types of non-lethal weapons, the coordination of psychotronic weapons with other types of contemporary weapons, the coordination of army units.
(4) Police (law enforcement) tasks: control and management of criminal group and of individual criminals, investigations and operational activities, suppression of protests and demonstrations, coordination of the Secret Services.
(5) medical-biological tasks: new technological treatment of illnesses with the use of psychotronic apparatuses and pharmacological means, the distant control of the health of the population, the distant control and management of people with mental deviations, the distant alteration of individuals at the genetic and psycho-physical level.
(6) Space tasks: the taking out into outer space of psychotronic weapons (apparatuses) with the aim of controlling and managing the behavior of the population; the distant control and management of cosmonauts.
(7) scientific research tasks: the development of new technologies of psychotronic weapons and psychotronic apparatuses, their interaction with the surrounding environment and pharmacological means.
(8) manufacturing-farming tasks: the distant automatization of manufacturing-farming activities, the distant control of city communications and transportation.
(9) Agricultural tasks: increase crop yields, control and management livestock.
(10) Geological tasks: the distant search for useful minerals.
(11) Climatic tasks: the distant control of annual conditions and cataclysms.

According to information received from the military-history academy, the period preceding the Second World War was a big period of time when the Soviet and German military scientists jointly developed chemical weapons, and in secret laboratories of the town of Vol'sk (Shikhany-1) they closely collaborated in the creation of weapons of psycho-technology. Those who know are few that in the years '20-'27 in the territory of the Soviet Union there were numerous joint Soviet-German aviation and armoury schools in which future fascists of the Axis were trained in military skills. The military-history academy names several such sites. For example, in the town of Lipkakh there was located the joint Soviet-German aviation school, and in Saratov region, the joint Soviet-German armoury school.

After the start of the Second World War, interest in the creation of weapons of psycho-technology enveloped practically all the military circles of the leading countries of the world. At the end of 40 years, applying the received developments, the military scientists of many countries of the world conducted innumerable tests on the creation of universal narcotics with the aid of which it would be possible to control the behavior of man. In the end, such a preparation was created. It was called LSD. In the year 1951 the Swiss company "Condor", having received the monopoly rights to its production, illegally sold the Soviet Union 50 million doses of the narcotic which were put into use immediately.

There is information that already the end of 50 years, for these very same goals, the Soviet scientists created an entire series of national, unique pharmacological preparations --behavior modifiers of special gases and chemical means. It is probably not difficult to figure out who were their customers and where they found their application. In the following years, special pharmacological centers continued to create still newer and newer behavior modifiers. Towards the end of 70 years, their production was received to a sufficiently wide extent and led to a full Secret classification of military installations that were engaged in its production.

There is information that medical workers employed at the Secret Service and VPK, with the conducting of surgical operations and vaccinations of the population, introduced into the bodies of patients, micro-schematic records that can be readily inserted into epidemic needles. After the introduction of such micro-schemes, the person becomes a radio-controlled bio-robot. According to confidential information, nearly 30 % of the population of the former Soviet Union carry in their bodies these micro-schemes.

Psychotronic weapons are a complex of unique electronic-irradiating apparatuses capable, over a large distance, of controlling the psycho-physical activities of a person, purposefully destroying his health. Psychotronic weapons are lofty, rational weapons which are applied in combination with other types of nonlethal weapons and psycho-technological weapons.

Inquiry: In the year 1995, at Prospect Mir, No. 36, in the Moscow Chapter of the Information Center for the Rights of Man, direction: Defending the Citizen from psychotronic terrorism, there took place a colloquium of scientists at which was adopted the decision: " In connection with the classification of weapons of psycho-technology and the confusion about the terminology, all types and sorts of weapons capable of distantly controlling the psycho-physical activities of a person, which can change his surrounding environment when applied jointly, are called psychotronic weapons."

Destructive factors of psychotronic weapons are: torsion generators, SVCh-generators, lasers, acoustic and microwave apparatuses used as powerful energy sources for stationary and portable psychotronic stations located on Earth and taken into outer space, as well as in the surrounding environment, and also chemical and gaseous means. Focusing types of irradiations without hindrance, without losing the given strength, freely penetrate through any barrier and with a high degree of [accuracy in] striking the chosen victim at any distance. The effects are realized at the cellular-molecular level by methods of the psycho-physical treatment of the brain and organs of persons along the principle of associative and neuro-linguistic psycho-programming with the application of radio-acoustic effects and distance tomagraphy. With psychotronic complexes are controlled super-IBM and staff-operators. Computer psycho-programming is conducted along the following schemes: operator-computer-victim and in the reverse sequence: victim-computer-operator. The exchange of information along these schemes carries the name bio-feedback ties (BOS). The effects exerted on a person can be realized in a positive, negative or a neutral regime. The irradiative components of the weapons can change the indicated instruments and chemical reactions that allow the terrorists a sufficient length of time to escape detection and punishment.

There exist three types of psychotronic influencing on a person: secret, open and combined. With the secret influencing the victim does not know and does not even suspect that his brain and organs are being subjected to distant influencing. All external thought-transmissions he takes as being his own, all conditions of illness are related to as natural illnesses and to the poor state of his health. Such a person-victim, being under influencing through his psyche, can commit any crime that comes to his mind; under the manipulation of the brain, he adheres to one and then to another political grouping. It is easy to lead such a person-victim type to any psychological state, a state of irresponsibility, and to imitate in the victim any mental illness. With this the person will think that he himself achieved the criminal thoughts that came to his mind, that he himself has such and such a political viewpoint and persuasion, that he himself became ill from an illness. Such a person is a bio-robot since he (no one knows why) fulfills the wishes of the criminal. Such a person-bio-robot is the greatest danger for any society. Secret methods of influencing are the basis for controlling a large mass of the population. With the open method of influencing, the person-victim knows and understands that his brain and organisms are being subjected to psychotronic influencing. To such a person is artificially attached and grafted special systems of arrangement, being capable of extracting from his brain and introducing into him information at the speed of his psycho-programming, and in several cases also capable of reprogramming in full or partially rebuilding his personality and his bio-robotization. The person-victim intended for this type of goal very often cannot distinguish his own thoughts from those artificially introduced. But usually the bio-robots are created with the application on the victim of secret influencing. Besides secret and open methods, there exists also the combined method, when the brain of the victim is under secret influencing while the body is under open influencing. Open and combined influencing are realized by methods of manipulation of the judgment on the principle of Yes-No, manipulation of the psyche in conjunction with manipulation of functions of internal organs and of the whole body. Usually for the victims of open and combined influencing are brought in operators creating the newest type of psychotronic weapons and who are conducting medical-biological and pharmacological experiments.

For the guaranteeing of safety of psychotronic technology they have two basic types of defenses -the so-called alibis. The first type of defense consists in the fact that open and combined influencing are realized along the principle of studied clinical illnesses. Usually this type of defense is used by the involved terrorist in the cases that the victim turns to law-enforcement organizations and to doctors. As a rule, after the becoming familiar with them, the victim ends up in a psychiatric hospital , and upon leaving the victim forever has acquired the status of an insane person with the surety that the condition will be explained on a psychiatric basis. The second type of defense consists in that the capabilities of the weapons momentarily are attached to any person appearing with the victim in connection with the resulting changes in his thinking and his behavior. As a result of employing this type of defense, officials, even if they are not connected to the criminals, are not going to correctly and logically perceive information received by them from the person undergoing the experimentation. For a more hopeful guarantee of an "alibi", and for the realization of a specific determined program, the victim is previously worked on by secret methods. Unnoticed, they attached to his bio-fields and they study his intellect, his psychological type and, depending on the program to follow, artificially induce in him various illnesses of his internal organs -they create conflicting situations in daily life and at work which, during the time of open and combined influencing, will also serve to veil it.

With the realization of influencing and terror, the criminals practically in all cases follow a basic rule: all artificially created situations should have a reason and consequences, even if the artificially created reasons appear absurd and the consequences unnatural.

There exist three stages of psycho-programming. The first stage -control of the brain. The second stage - control of the psycho-physical activities of the person. And the third stage -the elimination of the person under experimentation. To the third stage terrorists come running in the following cases: the danger of being exposed, worked out material, fear, and the artificial stabilization of the size of the population. The elimination could be realized by traditional, as well as by non-traditional methods.

All national psychotronic programs carry a coded name:"zombie". But if earlier the term "zombie" meant a person bio-robot whose brain had been rigidly coded with the help of narcotics and special psychological influencing, then in contemporary interpretation "zombie" implies an abbreviation which is deciphered as: secret object of medical-biological research. Why secret? This is because of the costs of the person under testing speaking to those around him about what is going on with him, as in matters that appear in all the above described types of defenses. The person under testing, being under the control and command via the psyche, is outwardly little different from ordinary people. Psychotronic terrorists vigilantly track him in order to ensure that he remains secret up to his very death.

Psychotronic weapons by their own specifications are at the root different from other types of weapons. If an automatic Kalashnikova could have been invented, approved and perfected at the shooting range, then for the development of psychotronic weapons people-donors are constantly required. Any person could become a donor if his intellect and physical characteristics are required by the terrorists. The selection of donors is achieved according to the following principle: it is known that human society is composed of specific groups with their own intellects and psychological types. Every person is a representative of such a group. The selection of donors for open psycho-programming and the treatment of him with psycho-technology could secretly control the behavior of the entire group and consequently all the society in its entirety.

But psychotronic weapons have long ago emerged from the testing stages. They were transformed into monstrous weapons of mass repression, destruction, and elimination. Psychotronic military weapons are called super-weapons, ultra-weapons --weapons of the fifth generation.

Inquiry. In the former USSR over the course of more than 30 years there has been conducted a secret undeclared psychotronic war by the communist regime and its followers against its people. At the present time in records of governmental departments, rights-defense organizations and in means of mass communication, there exist more than one million victims of open psychotronic terror and psychotronic influencing.

Usually people who become victims are gifted people not loyal to the regime, servicemen from military subdivisions, athletes, those held in prisons and concentration camps, people who make up the ranks of dispensaries, without exception prisoners of psychiatric hospitals, and also the population in free behavior. For the covering up of the crimes and for the shifting of the responsibility to the USA and Mafia organizations, to open psychotronic terror are also subjected portions of the communists and employees of the Secret Service.

Psychotronic terror, realized openly in relation to the selected victims is conducted every second, around the clock and over the course of many years along the principle of the activities of an executioner in the middle ages -- torture chambers and "works" of researchers of the VChK- KGB in communist torture chambers in the same terrible years of the history of our much suffering country. Contemporary executioners embody in the technology of psychotronic weapons the entire enormous arsenal of torture handicraft. For terrorists the person under testing represents an ideal target upon which the invisible rays-impulses fall, inflicting traumatic blows. Sometimes in sadistic ecstasy, the terrorists with particular cruelty torture their victims for a sufficiently long enough time. The brain jailers climb [ samoe svjatoe***] intimately and secretly, with electronic-ray whips, punishing him for disobedience. With the shouts of the defenseless person for help, he is appraised by the law-enforcement agencies and those around him as a raving lunatic. There is created a distinctive psychotronic hood, electronic-ray tentacles which entirely keep their own victims in firm isolation from the rest of the world around him. Distant control and the constant stimulation of important life-sustaining areas of the brain and organs allows for a quick get-away for the killers of the person under testing. { that line is not clear}; As a rule the terrorists treat the entire genetic tree of the selected victim. But if the very victim is terrorized by the open method, then his immediate family and his relatives are treated secretly along a more merciful program in which there prevail [directions for misunderstood problems]. { Not positive re: what is in brackets}

With the realization of the psycho-programming and terror, the criminals strictly adhere to the basic principle of psycho-com-fascism which consists of the gradual suppression and destruction of the person in a psycho-physical plan, as with the personality and the destruction of his I. If the person possesses any positive qualities, then he is converted into the total opposite. For example, is the person possesses a good intellect then he is transformed into a totally "degraded" person, athletes are transformed into invalids, "beauties" into "uglies", sociable people into reserved persons, and neat persons are changed to untidy people, etc.

Inquiry. Results of scientific research in the area of the study of influences of electro-magnetic fields and acoustic waves on the psycho-somatics of a person completely coincide with the sensations of victims of psychotronic weapons. In both cases there is present: tightness and sharp head pains, dizziness, pressure on the eardrums, oscillations (vibrations) of the walls of the peritoneum and rib-cage and of individual groups of muscles; dryness of the mouth, pain in teeth and gums, difficulty swallowing; dampness in the hands, muscle pains and aching bones; tremors of the extremities, painful sensations in the sex organs and anus, arousal of sex organs, depression of sex organs; arrhythmia, an increase or decrease in arterial blood pressure; a decrease in visual acuity; coughing; an increase or decrease of the body temperature; coma; itching; bursting of tissue; modulation of speech; occurrences of fears, anxiety, etc. With the purposeful irradiation, the above-described sensations can easily be significantly controlled in their expansion, purposefully influencing any portion of the brain and organs [in order] to use the person in the capacity of a radio-controlled model. The list of artificially created illnesses and damage to the health of the person undergoing testing completely coincide with the list of illnesses and damages to the health of the person subjected to electro-magnetic and acoustic irradiation. According to this list, the most widespread are: malignant new growths, damage to the cardio-vascular system, coagulation or disintegration of the blood, illnesses of the brain, a functional change or a destruction -up to the point of being lethal -in the peripheral and central nervous systems, eye illnesses, illnesses involving the sex organs, a deterioration of movement-support apparatus, a breakdown of the rib-cage, damage or rupture of organs, muscle atrophy, a destruction of the endocrine system, damage to the skin, [*** troficheskie] damage -- hair loss, brittleness of the nails, etc.

Information for consideration

Practically all technologies for psycho-programming of people foresee compulsory harsh treatment of the psycho-energetic centers man, included among these: the heart, organs of [inclination*] in the peritoneal area, sex organs, prostate gland, the womb and its appendages, the spine, the cerebellum, the left and right hemispheres of the brain, the frontal lobe, visual and other sense organs and the vocal cords.

Inquiry. According to official statistics in the countries of the former USSR, there is practically not even one person who did not suffer from some kind of chronic illness. The most common are composed of: illnesses of organs of [inclination*] in the pelvic area, mental and nervous disorders, oncological and cardio-vascular illnesses and illnesses of the eyes and of the movement-support apparatus.

Totalitarian Sects: Laboratories for Testing Psychotronic Weapons
The most significant example of the applications of psychotronic weapons on a mass scale would be served by the recent exposure of the totalitarian sect "The White Brotherhood," financed by the Minister of Defense and the KGB-FSB. The Minister of Justice of the country of the former USSR, Russian Federation, liberally registers hundreds of totalitarian sects supplying them with psychotronic weapons , among which are the international terrorist sects of " Aum Sinrike", having the most technical ties with the Russian Secret Service and military. This sect conducted mass zombification of populations, employing the Russian radio station "Majak". The leaders of the sect, complying with the directives from the military and Secret Service and from the powers that be, crippled hundreds of thousands of children, transforming them into bio-robots. In the terrorist country of the former USSR, there functioned hundreds of Secret Service schools, the students of which were subjected to neuro-linguistic programming.

Rights-defenders Warn that Watching Television is Dangerous!
Over the course of several decades, for the creation of a conformist-obedient population are use the means of mass communication: radio, television, and cinematography. Bio-signals built into the frames of motion picture and texts unnoticeably influence the subconscious of a person and form in the population a definite stereotypical world-view, depending on the political goals of those who are in power. Such type of treatment of the population has for a long time and successfully been employed for control by the KGB-FSB.

In the USA and Japan, the employment of the means of mass information for the modification of the behavior of the population is prohibited, since the effects of bio-electronic signals on the brain and organs of the body of a person inflict irreparable damage to his health, permitting the transformation of people into bio-robots and represent an infringement of the rights of people. In recent times, "subliminal cassettes" have appeared in commercial sets on which special methods of recording texts influence the subconscious of a person and help to formulate his world-view.

Wizards, Witches and other Evils Under the Roof of the Government Administration
In the former USSR, Russian Federation, in only one year -1988- there appeared thousands of "treatment" centers for non-traditional medicine, equipped with ultra-modern medical and psychotronic apparatuses issued out of secret factories. These centers widely used occult sciences which represent the basis of psychotronic technology. As a rule, the heads of these centers were secret, but the service personnel each had two kinds of higher education -- medical and technological. Surely it would not be hard to surmise where, when and by whom were created these unique apparatuses. For example, medical scientist -and at the same time a physic -I. Smirnov conducted experiments on prisoners from one of the psychiatric treatment centers in Moscow with the use of a psychotronic generator, the director of IKEMa SO AMN USSR, the academician V. Kaznacheev and his colleagues conducted medical biological-technological experiments on patients of their clinic and population of the town of Novosibirsk, while the academician N. Bekhtereva and her colleagues on patients of a clinic having her at its leadership at her " Mozg" center, etc. Centers, with the blessings of the Minister of Health, would daily turn out thousands of zombie retransmitters with "sorcerer" diplomas in their pockets. { I think this is what is meant re: Mozg center..}

The tele-seances of Kashpirovskii, Chumaka and other miracle-workers enter into a single global system of developers of psychotronic weapons and are nothing other than obedient toys in the hands of criminals, maniacs sitting at the controls of technological psychotronic weapons. If anyone has any doubts as to the accuracy of the above written lines, then the person reading them should consider Kashpirovskii and others, or wizards and witches, or sorcerers and magicians, and hang their images either next to Baba-Yagi or with Nikolai Ugodnik.

Giving out licenses to characters supposedly possessing magical charms, the leadership of the Ministry of Health simultaneously negates any possibility of manipulating people. Few of those from all who make declarations about any external influencing having effects on them, the doctors again, with the blessings of the Ministry of Health, subject them to forced "treatment" in psychiatric stations where they conduct the most dreadful psychiatric diagnosis. The inadequateness and illogicalness of such operations of these "highest" doctors not only do not fall under any kind of logic but also usually not even by most primitive of concepts. In connection with this, the conclusion suggest itself : that governmental departments, called upon to stand as the guardian of the health of the people, appear to be direct participants in these abominable crimes.

* [inclination] best I could come up with. Same with "Frontal lobe" in the same section.

*** troficheskie -no luck finding this.

Notes on the sources of information used in this book
*(Translation of 25 of 260 footnotes in Gogoltha)

Collection "Cybernetic Expectations and Cybernetic Non-expectations. "Science",168.
"The Constitution of the USA and [real Law & Order]". "Naukova Dumka". Kiev, 1987.
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"[All-knowing without Miracles]", N. Blinov. "Znanie", 1984.


----- Original Message -----

From: K.M.W.,Jr.


Sent: Wednesday, November 01, 2006 2:30 AM


Dear Lynn,

Thank you for your reply.
Horrific things have and are being done to me by direct energy weapons.

My story of being a targeted individual is written in the MC Forum archives where "Heart" is the manager of that web site.

The newest developments have been :

-More intense and more frequent microwaving to the skull/brain for past 1 or so, especially past 6months.

- Microwaving started from my seat/buttocks to the middle of my ribs. It gets very much heat.

- More intense vibration to the legs, that I've read a case that was in England where a man lost his ability to walk and died from it. This has been going on about a year.

- Interrogation done by dream invasion of my brain. I'm a 100 percent heterosexual, liking women only, and I'm good lookin guy I'm told all my life, high sex drive, Christian, so pretty disciplined as far as being conservative, not believing in casual sex but preferring relationships. So, one thing they did was give me all kinds of bizzare sex dreams seemed to try to proving to themselves I could be seduced into homosexual and pedophile sexual offers, and promiscuous heterosexual sex. It never worked, I always refused. I'm not gay. And my character has also held for their interrogations for all kinds of criminal activity they try to entice me to do - it never worked........I guess they are trying to find a weakness to know how to exploit me or get me enticed to work for them. I don't sell my soul to bloodsucking criminals! I thank God everyday I am not them, I would rather be a Ti. But, how in the world do they access part of a person while they are asleep and get the person responding with their own voice, body, etc. as the person would decide if awake. They are reaching some part of the being of a person that communicates and makes decisions when the person is awake. I don't know......that's what it seems to me. Not to mention all the brainwashing they likely do when one is asleep. I was asleep and I saw pictures being streamed into my brain superfast, and one of them was George H. Bush! My ear(s) hear a hiss and have tones in them that are not natural. Just think what in the world are they doing with this technology to infants, toddlers, teenagers, and others.....the children????

- Papers recieved from father, Kenny Wilbourne,Sr. to harass and evict us Wilbourne twins from a promised life estate he promised for our house he built for us. What a liar.

-Criminal Kenny Wilbourne,Sr - of the Harold Groome,Jr,of Groome Transportation, Tommy Johnson, Kenny Wilbourne,Sr of Kenny Wilbourne Realty and Construction, Thalmond "Cliff" Groome of Groome Bros Realty and Construction - (all of them a Crime faimily in Richmond,Virginia), who are all connected to an Italian Crime family in Jacksonville, Florida, Jeb BUSH'S state, ........they are now saying I'm mentally ill, a threat to my mentally impaired twin or myself or others. Kenny Wilbourne said in May '06 he desires to find a way to get me put in jail or a mental institution. I'm 42, never comitted a crime, and their is nothing wrong with my mental integrity.


Ken Wilbourne.

Well, I could write all night, but I will just leave it at that.



The demented Transnational Organized criminals who have put the Bush Regime in place as a Puppet Regime in the USA, have committed atrocities against children (& other innocent people) all over the World for generations. Their Crime Syndicate controls the US "Military-Industrial" Complex. They are now on the brink of precipitating TOTAL GLOBAL ANNIHILATION through the use of arsenals of WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION which are unknown to (have been kept SECRET from ) the USA & World PUBLIC.

We are attempting to stop them.

They are waging WAR on the ENTIRE WORLD (not just on certain countries or groups of individuals).

They are ABSOLUTELY INSANE and believe that they can annihilate ALL LIFE on the surface of the Earth and that they can go live in their "SECRET UNDERGROUND BASES & BUNKERS".

Please pray that we (the sane, NONcriminal Human Beings) can terminate their agenda before they terminate ALL LIFE ON EARTH.

It sounds like you and your brother are among the MILLIONS OF CHILDREN who have been used in their MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL- PROJECT- PAPERCLIP-NAZI -ATROCITY-EXPERIMENTS, since WWII.

Thank you for sharing the facts of your case with the larger Citizen-Activist Community.

Below is a recent letter (one of hundreds which I receive, regularly, from WAR CRIMES VICTIMS all over the USA & the World) which refers to some of the illegal MIlitary Weapons being used against the Civilian Populations of the USA & other Countries by these WAR CRIMINALS. Also included is my response. The innocent, unprotected PUBLIC cannot be protected as long as they are kept ignorant of the source of the violence against them and threat to ALL of their children.

I will forward your case history to Activist Organizations which are assembling Globally to address this "Nazi-Incorporated" aggression.

Keep sharing the facts of your case with as many other activists as possible.

Love & Blessings!!

Lynn Surgalla


Thank you for writing back, your information was very helpfull. I will assist you by any means to assist me to overcome these terrorists. Thanks again. Patrick O'Hara
To: "Patrick O'Hara" ,"ACLU Online" ,
Subject: Re: Satellite Surveillance Menace
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006 09:54:10 -0400


I am a VEGAN (NONVIOLENCE) Peace & Disarmament Activist. I MODEL &TEACH NONVIOLENCE. I don't even squoosh insects unless absolutely necessary. I DO NOT POSSESS WEAPONS OF ANY KIND, NOR WOULD I EVEN DREAM OF USING THEM IF I DID!!





I have no doubt that SOME of your local cops may be "BAD COPS" (vicious CRIMINAL GOONS WHO HARM THE PEOPLE THAT THEY WERE HIRED TO PROTECT (THE PUBLIC) AT THE BEHEST OF CORPORATE-ORGANIZED-CRIME). (Some local police forces in the USA have been TOTALLY CORRUPTED. Others are made up of mostly GOOD (NONcriminal) PAID-PUBLIC-SERVANTS with maybe one or two "BAD COP" Infiltrators).


I will forward your letter (minus your phone number) to organizations of Citizen-Activists who are addressing this issue.

Copies of my letters to Congress, Courts of Law,etc... definining the LEGAL, POLITICAL & HUMAN RIGHTS STATUS OF THESE MILITARY WEAPONS SYSTEMS are available on many Activist websites.

Thank you for stating the facts of your case. We are actively encouraging ALL VICTIMS OF THESE COVERT DOMESTIC/INTERNATIONAL WARCRIMES to add their case reports to those being collected by the Citizen-Activist & other HUMAN RIGHTS & LEGAL ORGANIZATIONS (Worldwide) which are addressing this issue.

Blessings & Peace!!!

Lynn Surgalla

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