Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

They use sorrow as a weapon in the harrasment system. They "shoot" me with this weapon for example in stores with high security. In my town it is for example in Esprit, Stadium, Intersport, Asko, but not in H&M, Gina Tricot, Jysk. As I wrote earlier, it took them a while to activate the thought of my mom in the system. Now they are using it all the time. Today I went to Stadium and in about 1-2 minutes I suddenly, in an unnatural way, remembered my mom's death, and I know it was them who caused it. It is very obvious. It is very difficult to explain this but I hope one day they will be caught and put in to justice.

They have also made it very difficult for me to write in this blog. They keep me in constant harrasment. At work, they kind of leave me alone and I am able to focus on my work.  One day I was working at my desk at work, I was talking to many people on the phone and focusing intensively on the computer programs. I felt I was getting tired because of blood sugar drop, so I got up, went to the kitchen to eat some fruits. I focused on eating the sweet fruits and I relaxed for a few minutes. When I was eating the fruit I felt how I got my energy back and I got a bit happier (you know this feeling) and immediately they started the voice harrasment! It feels like they can follow how I feel. Immediately when I am relaxed they start the harrasment, but when I'm working and focusing they leave me alone.

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"Bone graft with fake bone material. Klan Craft. Cut your theet out andn glue them back in with nano implants. Brutal"
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"Space cowboys? Kkk Nazi. Brutal. Monsters. Worst "Ever". Jackets made of human skin. No lies. I wish police would believe me."
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"So many warsand conflicts all fabricatwded with brain control to keep countries down. Antichrist. Invisibility. Wakes into homes rapes."
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"Any police willing to hear what I have to say? A monster serial killing evil "Organization" Klan Craft. Divide and stay on top for whites."
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"Klan Craft. Brain control isis to release a dirty bomb somewhere in US. Trust me antichrist. Pure evil. NY? They hate Jews. So much lawless"
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"Klan craft. Electronically kill a non white person. Oppression with slander and fraud."
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Do Smart Phones Control and Program the Human Race with Artificial Intelligence?

"This is a very grim future we are looking to...the truth of the matter is that the phone should just be an entertainment device and not to consume you massivly. Read books on statistics to have a mathematical approach and fina a good app like…"
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"Little Horn. Antichrist. Brutal rapist murder. You cannot imagine. French canadian one of the leaders"
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