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#518 Some of my proof of police, FBI and mental health involvement in torture

#518 Some of my proof of police, FBI and mental health involvement in torture

Isn't it mind blowing that we read about this debate over torture but no authority will even respond about the issue of our own torture. When I was first attacked I had discussions with the FBI about the attacks happening to me and they said they had these weapons but....."These weapons are only used on foreign nationals not our own citizens".
This was an agent named Beverly in the providence office in 2001. I I asked could another country be using these weapons on me? When involuntarily committed and after an attempt at forced suicide using a scenario where they had gone on for hours about attacking my children and then playing a recording of my 10 year old daughter crying and calling out for me or possibly the voice cloning weapon to pretend they had kidnapped her. I had even called the police the day earlier telling them to protect me family. While this was going on they were telling me to jump out the window and later to hang myself to save her. When I called in the morning my daughter answered the phone at her mothers and I knew then it was all fabricated still leaving me scared to this day.
After I knew it was bullshit my attackers said,"How do you like working for a Jew now". I don't know weather this was true or to point me in the direction of someone other than law enforcement. They had also pretended they were the mob before committed say I either join them or die. again real or misdirection who knows.
so I had mentioned to this agent could the Israelis or another country be using these weapons against Americans. at the time she said no and was saying our government wouldn't use them on me. Six months later I had called this Beverly again about agents that were in the house across the street that she said she would look into and have someone check it out but had never called me back. so this time she says, Oh you are the guy who hates Jews and hung up on me.
This is our government. So I go to the FBI office with a floppy of what had happened to me and an agent named Ron or Don took the floppy and said he would look at it during vacation because they couldn't chance a virus by putting it in their computers. When I got home a police car pulled up across the street and sat out there for a couple hours until a neighbor came out and asked him if he needed help. He told them, No he was just watching me", and then drove away.
So I called Ron or Don and asked him if he had called the very police who were on the floppy for repeated attacks against me before V2K had come along and he denied it. A couple of years ago I got a couple bullshit meeting with police after speaking to the town council about police corruption against myself and the people in my town and was written up in the news paper. The police told me, "Oh yeah the FBI called us then", after naming many of my relatives they new of in the area. "Then they asked do you remember who you spoke to"? trying to make sure they tie up all the loose ends.
This is our government and I now have proof of a massive cover up and records stating that my home had been search when attacked with MEDUSA and hospitalized, as I was accused of possible bomb making. This is bullshit and they are afraid of this getting out to the public, torture, staging false arrests and attacks with three attempts on my life.
An FBI agent was just convicted of doing a mob hit on an Oklahoma businessman for the Irish mob. He was out of the Boston office of which my Providence office is a part of. Murder for Hire? Compliments of law enforcement, why the cover up?
Peter Rosenholm

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