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#522 My letter to the ACLU

I signed the petition to Eric Holder. I would like you to know that I am a victim of domestic torture by what appears the JTTF(Joint Terrorism Task Force). The JTTF and now HLS set up Fusion centers combining military, CIA, FBI, police and even civilians to surveillance for terrorism and it is being abused. Looking on line I'm finding people in similar situations and even people around the world. I became targeted for some reason and was severely harassed by my local East Providence Police. After a staged false arrest and attack that fell apart, I came under surveillance.
It escalated to non-lethal or directed energy weapons attacks. One night I was attacked by what appears to have been the Navy's MEDUSA weapon. I ended up doubled over and pissing brown by morning. My ambulance was diverted to Pawtucket memorial where the through wall directed energy attacks continued. And I was committed to St. Joseph's hospital where weapons attacks continued. these weapons are through wall and covert. I was being attacked with psychological tactics with weapons like V2K, Infra sound, voice cloning and others. I had to act as if nothing was happening to get out in the shortest time because it was nearly unbearable. There attackers were attempting to get me to attempt suicide. there was drilling in the floor late at night when I slept with my head where my feet go one night. I believe I was being monitored and possibly attacked from the floor above.
Most of the weapons seem to be the Navy's non-lethal weapons. I soon discovered That the Naval war college and salve Regina university are4 in my district with Patrick Kennedy as my congressman.
The point is I have a great deal of evidence like. all the records show me being admitted on 1-2-2001 when I knew I went in on new years day. I now have proof records were altered except for one.
I have had been contacted by the NIJ(National Institute of Justice) that tests non-lethal weapons by a conference call where they let me talk but weren't allowed to help. They recognized my description of the effects of the non-lethal weapons as being authentic I believe.
I have tried to file complaints with police, FBI, NSA, the attorney general, my congressman, Home Land security and others. I am blocked at every turn. I at first spoke with a microwave scientist from and air Force base who clued me in on the weapons I was possibly attacked with and told to look up the microwave attack on our Embassy by the USSR in Moscow.
I have spoken of police corruption at my town council with another woman. We were both written up in the Journal. Within three days her son went nuts racing off on the high way and crashed and a relative of mine was caught in a sting for drunk driving. Both were on the front page, both went to prison and her son was on the news at night. People can't imagine what can be done with the advanced directed energy weapons.
At a second meeting I spoke of an officer who was involved in an attack against me in a park by multiple people. His part was to create a false police report. the council that had supported me at the earlier meeting now sat silent. I later found that the very officer I named Eric Lewis had already been convicted of falsifying police reports against a young man whose was in a car with his moth when the criminal in a police chase crashed into then killing his mother and he had been in a comma for two weeks suffering brain damage.
I believe these weapons are being used to silence opposition and law suites against my town. In 1992 it was listed with Providence and Pawtucket as having the most complaints against it's police in the country. This is liability control and the end of our human rights if not exposed and stopped. I have had everything possible done to me and it started by making a complaint against an officer.
I have taped the town meetings. I have some news paper articles and more can be obtained. I have false police reports that were to be complaints made by me against another victim of these assaults by police. They ruined this guy and then told him I was the reason and gained his cooperation in the false arrest and attempted attack that he couldn't go through with. There was even a second weapon a knife hidden behind the railing of his truck that was written up in the report that I have. i have the evidence for so much including the admission of the latest weapons that another targeted person like me got from a FOIA request from the army. Psychological warfare tactics are being used.
In the end I was being drugged to death and three nurses told me so. Two secretly. I was on 1,400 mg of Seroquel, my feet had turned black and I had developed diabetes. I could barely stand when I secretly stared cutting the medicine, I was on over twice the maximum dose of Seroquel along with massive doses of other medicines. I later found out this Doctor a Dr. Rosenbloom was on the Governors board of mental health. She had had me transferred to her care and then began this drug assault to silence and kill me. Her specialty is geriatrics and the drug company was about to put a warning on Seroquel that this medicine kills the elderly and she had to have known it.
I changed doctors and began looking into my records. They said police had me hospitalized while my home was searched. Mean while they had been writing that my claims of police surveillance and radiation attacks were delusional when they new the truth and it was in their records all a long. I then discovered the proof of the missing day.
I am now 50% recovered and discovering all this. The evidence is great that I have and I wonder if I will ever get my day in court befor I'm killed to cover this up. You want to expose torture then help me. There is a lot more, enough to right a book with evidence to back it up.
This also took place before 911 so 911 isn't an excuse for the torture. They money make developing, manufacturing and distributing these weapons to law enforcement alone amounts to billions of reasons to keep me quiet.
Peter Rosenholm

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Comment by David on April 25, 2009 at 11:09pm
Interesting. I at one time was drilled exceptionally hard.I think I was put on this earth to defy the systems use of the weapons. It is unGodly, Un safe, it bends down to torture-satanic-is greedy-is an abomination to God.
The use of such weapons goes way back. The Nazis were first to clone(artificially) the frequencies of Death.
Millions of Jews(Gods Chosen) were put to death while the Nazis demonstrated the use of psycotronic weapons. The first generator was produced by hitlers scientists.
When Hitler was rushed off to(US SECURITY I BELIEVE) the weapons and the technology was gained by the US and other countries.
This Cold War thing had alot to do with the use of such weaopons.
At one time I feel the best interest of the Nation was being considered in the study of such weapons that contained doctrines of death. If you can make the enemy feel like hes dying, poisoned, burning, etc-all feelings that Jews endured durring this hineous time when they were gassed , burned alive and forced to denounce God.
In my opinion-God owns the tech. He is coming to take control of it and all the peeps who illegally used this machinerey, are going to perma prison in the forgotten world.
The earth naturally will account for such use of tech. Earth Quake, storm and fire tends to blast a bo
low of Karma at the MFs who cant stop f'n with this type of sorcery against mankind.
God will meet these sob's face to face-and he will destroy armies of magnitude unheard of.
Faith in God and constant striving for trut are key to surviving such attacks. DONT GIVE UP YOUR SOUL!
Comment by David on April 25, 2009 at 11:12pm
I meant to say:
If you can make the enemy feel like hes dying, poisoned, burning, etc-all feelings that Jews endured durring this hineous time when they were gassed , burned alive and forced to denounce God...then you become a false god. You will meet the maker in a different set of shoes than those whose blood in your hands will. You-THE PERP-become the guilty one of all sins rendered to you-unless of course the victim surrenders. (classic cult activity from the worlds prism of media)
Comment by David on April 25, 2009 at 11:16pm
I have seen the power of God in a War type setting. I am not a Christian-but was raised as one.I feel that the whole thing is about Christ. Those who do not accept him are the targets-or those that ask to many questions-or those that have their own grip on themselves. We are all expected to bite the bullet. I say -NO MORE! Keep your own personal faith in God-and speak to the Father when praying!
Comment by David on April 25, 2009 at 11:20pm
Block emf by altering your state of mind at will. Home made wines and beers are good altering meds-as well as weed---that is why so many smoke it.All of the above have risks. Get personal with God and let him know what your comfort zone is....the war is not over yet.
God will take all the money and give it to the poor.That day is very near! Cartels and black markets thrive. Barter is on the rise. Many are losing life savings. All signs of this Hebrew prophesy!
Comment by David on April 25, 2009 at 11:22pm
At this point in time-The poor have a better grip on reality-WORD!
Comment by treelaw45 TI on April 25, 2009 at 11:53pm
You know what carma is, or what possibilities of what maybe are? Here are a few possibilities. What if they keep pushing technology blindly until they destroy themselves through ignorance, lack of caution or just plain carelessness.
How about if the Cern particle collider proves they can open up to another dimention and it is the realm of God or something else.
How about if we are destroyed and we find that this was hell and we have finally escaped.
I know this those in power will be eclipsed by someone or something else eventually. We can only do what we can with what god has given us, no more than that.
At the worst of my attcks I felt I was being told to endure it and I did, and I will. I'm only getting stronger and wiser now.


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