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#664 Covert/Overt/Plausible Denial/-----Slow Kill

#664 Covert/Overt/Plausible Denial/-----Slow Kill

Yeah,........... that was when Harlan had us talk. You were enlightening me to much of the stalking stuff. I actually had a hard time believing some of it because police had done my harassment. I don't know if you ever knew it or if I told you but I had thought mine had ended, but I was being still under attack and being drugged by a deadly psychotic drug called Seroquel while we talked on the phone. I was on 1,400 mg per day over twice the max dose. 4,800 mg of neurontin with a max dose of 3,600 mg. 300 mg of trazodone at bed time a small amount of lorazapam and usually one of those paxil type drugs. That is probably why I didn't start putting it all together until getting off all that medicine secretly.
I found a hard target/soft target CIA assassination writing on the Internet and realized they had done all the types of attacks to covertly kill someone except one. It had mentioned that if someone drank alcohol there were substances to be given that along with drinking would kill the target covertly.
I am only realizing now that when I got drugged to oblivion I had also begun to drink far more than I ever did. It helped to forget all the attacks that had taken place. Even when I had gotten of all the drugs there was still one more to eliminate, drinking.
I got out of the metal health clinic with a letter to help me on my way and so my regular doctor would take me to give me the anxiety medicine which is the only med I took before the attacks. Doctor death had told me the government wouldn't allow that medicine and then began replacing it with all those other medicines saying they were for anxiety. Anyway this is to tell people that drinking with some meds is also a covert way to, "slow kill you".
When I first confronted the mental heath clinic about my records and found that I had been hospitalized by police and they had searched my home on suspicion of bomb making I also had told them I had been secretly cutting my meds myself. I had eliminated some and was down to half on the Seroquel. Seroquel has the added problem of being addictive so you can only taper off slowly and you get sick if you don't take it. It also stops you from getting a hang over to help promote drinking.
Of course during my slow kill doctor death(Dr. Mindi Rosenbloom) never had my blood checked something that we have now been doing since I confronted the issue and got my records. At first my triglycerides were 1,400 with above 150 considered a problem. My lowest has been 225 while not drinking and after 2 beers and two shots 14 hrs before the test left a result of was 600. I think this triglyceride thing will follow me if I drink even small amounts of alcohol. My doctor told me high triglycerides is a silent killer. I know what he means more that most.
I'm still discovering the covert attacks belatedly and they have now put a warning of "death mark" on Seroquel prescriptions as so many elderly have died on it on small doses. Like MKultra and COINTELPRO they will likely stop it after they kill enough people and it is exposed then a similar drug will come out under another name. I wonder what the name is of the program we are under since they stopped MKultra and COINTELPRO?

Peter Rosenholm

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