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#691 Sexual Battery/ War Atrocities and Rape/ A Response

#691 Sexual Battery/ War Atrocities and Rape/ A Response

Not everyone's theme of attacks are the same. What I do notice about similarities between us is that my attacks started in my late thirties and I am 50 almost 51. Statistics of TIs show there are far to many of us around this age and yet we are spaced far enough apart so it is difficult to organize or get together. That may change as more people become TIs that are younger like Walter is about ten years younger.
I'm flying to go see a female TI next month who came to meet me last month. Same basic age of attack, same lack of sex in the marriage, same break up of marriage. I have found a great deal of police involvement in my targeting. The weed and seed program may be to blame. I think there are so many laws that police can target a person with and use these citizen policing groups and criminal informants as an army by any number of laws. I even think they tried to recruit me. It's like watching the cars on the road all driving ten to 15 miles an hour faster than the speed limit because it is set to slow. It is those they target that pay the price, who appear criminal and who they rob with fees, fines, towings, and court appearances. Leaving a paper trail to mark them in this information age.
I know my targeting started by destroying my business and police were tapping my company phone and opening my mail. Then all of my customers stopped sending me work all at the same time. Then they were attacking my marriage and my wife's business even putting pornographic material and gun magazines with a cops address on them on my trash so her daycare customers and small children would see it coming in in the morning and be appalled. When police were called a cop came and took the evidence without ever filing a report. Later this cop was involved in attacks, false arrests and the people he associated with were involved in perp activities. One theme is I was isolated like all TIs that is a common thread among us they worked to kill me covertly by staged attacks and massive directed energy attacks with involuntary commitment. Lastly with a covert slow kill by massive doses of deadly meds without ever testing my blood to show that I was being killed. maybe because I was independently successful and in great shape at the time. I weighed 260-270 lbs and had a 36 inch waist. It was actually two woman who walked into my hospital room after what seemed like a heart attack, I had gain large amounts of weight had developed diabetes and other ailments that the fact that I was being killed by massive doses of meds was explained to me and how it had caused the weight gain and ailments. These women weren't my doctor or nurses either. Like all programmed and naive Americans I never suspected a doctor would do me harm, we are so stupid and believe what ever we are told.
I'd say if anything I was attacked because I appeared to ethical and made a complaint against a police. I also made a complaint with police about finding hospital waste in the form of needles washing up on the beach while I would walk it and pick up trash. This is what happens when technology advances to fast, to far and our government uses it to control every aspect of society and even the world with no over-site or checks and balances. Every thing is about payoffs and stealing all the money they can, and war is big business. Whether we are selling arms to other countries, conducting a military operation somewhere in the world or secretly arming law enforcement with these military directed energy weapons it is the same people in high places are getting more powerful and rich over it.
There has always been rape and atrocities in war. This is just a new type of covert war with directed energy weapons and these are the new covert rapes and atrocities.
Whatever the reason, we are part of a target group by all accounts. A cross section of society with a few more women than men. You did nothing of any real wrong or crime to be targeted the way you have been. Maybe the perp-verts just thought you were pretty and wanted to watch you sexually under a bogus surveillance program.

Peter Rosenholm

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Comment by Hughie Dos Reis on October 23, 2009 at 10:22pm
My son, if sinners entice you, do not give in to them.
Comment by treelaw45 TI on October 23, 2009 at 11:17pm
#691a Sexual Battery/ War Atrocities and Rape/ A Response

>A TI wrote:....Please don't consider this my own pity party, but I do envy the
>TIs that had the targeting start in their older years. My targeting began in my early 20s
>and that was the overt activity. I am now 31 yrs of age.

When your overt targeting began how long did it take until you found that you weren't all alone. When did you find others on the Internet. I can recall possible targeting back to when I was 14 or fifteen but I considered it just police corruption and perhaps bad luck. It was only about 4 years ago that those two women came to my room to tell me I was being killed. Then It wasn't till I got rid of half of the meds that I was on did I really start to begin to understand the magnitude of this and begin to look back and connect all of the dots to realize I may never know exactly when it began.
If It wasn't for the very few TI's in about there sixties that survived who were the first to become aware like Julianne McKinney, who had written a blog on this stuff that I found on the Internet. Up until then I had been falsely arrested, attacked by what I think now was MEDUSA with LRADS attack mode, committed, tortured and a lot more but I didn't have any clue there were so many of us, and still so many that have taken there lives from the forced suicide attacks.
Then I put my name and number up on blogs, and along with insulting responses telling me I was one crazy,"mother f--cker" and the like. I then started getting calls from Isolated TIs who thought they were all alone to. Then Harlan Girard called me one day and got me in touch with Cheryl Welsh and she got me to join mcactivism here. If not for these early very perceptive people we could all be isolated and have died a miserable death alone. It give some real meaning to misery loves company don't you think.

Peter Rosenholm


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