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#701 Those Perps Enlisted Have Secrets Exposed and Can Keep Secrets

#701 Those Perps Enlisted Have Secrets Exposed and Can Keep Secrets

I've been thinking about my dream manipulation and questioning in my sleep and how at first I tried very hard to close my mind and keep thoughts from being exposed. I even type my codes into the computer for some time now without saying the letters and numbers out loud in my mind. Only now do I know from the History channels show, "That's Impossible", episode,"Mind Controls" that our thoughts are sent in the form of nerve impulses to our vocal cords whether we actually say the words or not.
So I've wondered what is the purpose of knowing every secret we have? What would be the purpose for them to do this? We have all made mistakes in our lives and hopefully we learn from them and don't keep repeating them.
If I imagine that the original goal was to conscript us into the perp army then exposing past wrongs could be held over our heads like black mail. Since hoover we know that law enforcement has used this to great advantage to take control of those in power. It might even be a method for taking control of this country and the world. Usually a politician can be taken down by exposing an illicit affair. the hurt alone to their spouse and children must be unbearable, not to mention the shame of having it broad cast around the world over the news media. The woman who exposed Bill Clinton, could she have been part of this perp army?
I wonder if Bill Clinton had the Choice like David Letterman of paying money and having this secret held over him to control him. Maybe that woman who exposed him was so ugly and hadn't gotten any in so long that she felt that exposing it would make her feel better.
I remembering talking to my daughter and saying he disgraced out presidency and to my surprise my daughter said, "Maybe if George Bush got a blow job he would be sending troops off to die". Looking at the two now Clinton's error wasn't that great of a blow to the country and was more of a personal issue. Improper sexual behavior is a personal issue and is nothing compared to having millions of people going to war and killed, not even close. What is even more important is to not be controlled by coercion and blackmail though covert surveillance and mind control.
President Obama asked all people applying to be in his administration to acknowledge all misdeeds. Was Obama trying to stop this imposed control over his own people? I've been wondering if this isn't old news to politicians. It might explain why they don't respond to us for the most part and why the laws being passed aren't for the interest of the people.
Another example would be Elliot Spitzer the "x"-governor of NY NY. He had made some waves trying to regulate the stock market and then the FBI exposed his ties to a prostitute. When his replacement was taking office David Paterson he acknowledged all past deeds including an affair. I wonder if Spitzer could have helped stop the chash of this market and this down turn. Could this whole thing have been planned?
I'm beginning to think this is far bigger than any of us might have imagined. I've written before how I think that the speed limits are set to slow so law enforcement can target whoever they deem fit. A TI that I'm seeing who lives over a thousand miles away called me 15 minutes after my post saying she just got pulled over for speeding. The first time in almost thirty years. Is this possible that they can respond this well and quickly to our actions? This wouldn't be the first time either that others are hurt to control someone. I was committed and laying in a bed while they torture the poor bastard in the next bed and even made him talk for them in an effort to get at me. These people are sick.
The thought that those having an affair, are doing drugs, gambling or using a prostitute put themselves in a position to be controlled seems logical. It seems like the more secrets a person has then the more likely there embarrassment or out right threat of arrest can be used to control them. That would mean they may more easily be recruited as a perp so as to do things they wouldn't otherwise do, or vote in a way that they wouldn't otherwise vote.
I've said it before that calling V2K the voice of GOD is 180 degrees from the reality of it's use on us TIs or perhaps the recruitment of perps? It brings to mind that people need to forgive them selves for past transgressions. The bigger sin would be to betray your people and be made to do things that you would never in a million years do. This perp army is an army of blackmailed and shamed people.
That man who lived 2000 years ago name Jesus was a smarter man than I thought. No one is perfect or free of sin and we have to forgive others as well as ourselves or we actually really become controlled by evil. I would say in a way we are being judged, not by God though but by evil. To be controlled by shame may in the end be the worst sin of all. To do harm to others in an attempt to hide your own shame and misdeeds. To become part of this covert army you have to have learned to keep secrets real good.

Peter Rosenholm

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