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#961 Mass Mind Control:Psycho-Civilized Society

#961 Mass Mind Control:Psycho-Civilized Society

Mass Mind Control:

Science Mysteries

The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled
society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by
traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous
surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files
containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These
files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.

Zbigniew Brzezinski.
Toward a Psycho-Civilized Society

by David G. Guyatt

The background to the development of anti-personnel electromagnetic weapons
can be traced by to the early-middle 1940's and possibly earlier. The
earliest extant reference, to my knowledge, was contained in the U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey (Pacific Survey, Military Analysis Division, Volume 63) which reviewed Japanese research and development efforts on a "Death Ray." ..................................

..................................................From 1965 through to 1970, Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency (DARPA), with up to 70-80% funding provided by the military, set in motion
operation PANDORA to study the health and psychological effects of low
intensity microwaves with regard to the so-called "Moscow
signal." This project appears to have been quite extensive and included
(under U.S. Navy funding) studies demonstrating how to induce heart
seizures, create leaks in the blood/brain barrier and production of auditory hallucinations. Despite attempts to render the Pandora program invisible to scrutiny, FOIA
filings revealed memoranda of Richard Cesaro, Director of DARPA, which
confirmed that the program's initial goal was to "discover whether a
carefully controlled microwave signal could control the mind." Cesaro
urged that these studies be made "for potential weapons applications."

Following immense public outcry, Congress forbade further research and demanded that these projects be terminated across the
board. But as former CIA agent Victor Marchetti later revealed, the
programs merely became more covert with a high element of "deniability"
built in to them, and that CIA claims to the contrary are a cover story.
(13) Despite the fact that many of the aforementioned projects revolved
around the use of narcotics and hallucinogens, projects ARTICHOKE,
PANDORA and CHATTER clearly demonstrate that "psychoelectronics" were a
high priority. Indeed, author John Marks' anonymous informant (known
humorously as "Deep Trance") stated that beginning in 1963 mind control research strongly emphasized electronics.

An obscure District of Columbia corporation called Mankind Research
Unlimited (MRU) and its wholly owned subsidiary, Systems Consultants
Inc. (SCI), operated a number of classified intelligence, government and
Pentagon contracts, specializing in, amongst other things: "problem
solving in the areas of intelligence electronic warfare, sensor technology and applications." (14)

MRU's "capability and experience" is divided into four fields. These include
"biophysics -- Biological Effects of Magnetic Fields," "Research in
Magneto-fluid Dynamics," "Planetary Electro-Hydro-Dynamics" and
"Geo-pathic Efforts on Living Organisms." The latter focuses on the
induction of illness by altering the magnetic nature of the geography.
Also under research were "Biocybernetics, Psychodynamic Experiments in
Telepathy," "Errors in Human Perception," "Biologically Generated
Fields," "Metapsychiatry and the Ultraconscious Mind" (believed to refer
to experiments in telepathic mind control), "Behavioural
Neuropsychiatry," "Analysis and Measurement of Human Subjective States"
and "Human Unconscious Behavioural Patterns."

Employing some old OSS, CIA and military intelligence officers, the company also engages the services of prominent physicians and
psychologists including E. Stanton Maxey, Stanley R. Dean Berthold Eric
Schwarz plus many more. MRU lists in its Company Capabilities "brain and
mind control." (15) Despite vehement claims by MRU's chairman that it
is not a "front organization for any branch of the United States Government..." (16) one must treat these claims with a great deal of skepticism.

There followed an extensive hiatus in available informat ion through the
1980's up to the present day. This initially appears to have closely
paralleled Ronald Reagan's presidency and not surprisingly flowed
onwards during President Bush's term of office. (17) As a result, the
once user-friendly Freedom of Information Act
became less accessible and more bureaucratic. Search costs soared and
material that had been (or scheduled to be) de-classified was reviewed
and re-classified. This phenomenon is not an unusual occurrence in the
United States, and tends to shadow the outward face of Congress. Public
outrage leads to a temporary liberalization, but as public memory
recedes (all too quickly) the old institutionalized covert ways quickly
re-engage. We thus move to more recent times.

During 1989 CNN aired a program on electromagnetic weapons and showed a U.S. government
document that outlined a contingency plan to use EM weapons against
"terrorists." Prior to the show a DoD medical engineer sourced a story
claiming that in the context of conditioning, microwaves and other
modalities had regularly been used against Palestinians.

In 1993, Defense News announced that the Russian government was discussing with American
counterparts the transfer of technical information and equipment known
as "Acoustic Psycho-correction." The Russians claimed that this device
involves "the transmission of specific commands via static or white
noise bands into the human subconscious without upsetting other
intellectual functions." Experts said that demonstrations of this
equipment have shown "encouraging" results "after exposure of less than
one minute," and has produced "the ability to alter behavior on willing
and unwilling subjects." The article goes on to explain that combined
"software and hardware associated with the (sic) psycho-correction
program could be procured for as little as U.S. $80,000." The Russians
went on to observe that "World opinion is not ready for dealing
appropriately with the problems coming from the possibility of direct
access to the human mind." .........................

Just ecerpts, go to the link for full story

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