Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs


since you must come to terms that they will not leave you

they will stay for as long as you live,

instead of wanting them to leave, and frustrating your self with them

1) treat them as a little brother who follows you every where, tell me what do you do when your little brother wants to go everywhere you go and you do not say no, take it as in they are taking a free ride, like as if you are taking them on a field trip.

ignore them as you would to a little kid that's frustrating you 

listen to music using earphones

i know it is very hard to understand or do but since they have already chosen to tag along with you, you might as well make the best of it instead of making it a living hell, there is no choice around it until they are taken off that tech, which will not happened in your life time, so come to terms with your self, that you have an intruder within your temple who will not leave even if you beg them to

2) never allow your self to get frustrated ..yes believe me it is very hard ..but it can be done ...accept good or bad things that happened into your life, again i say, you have no choose, if you get frustrated angry, they win because it gives them room to torment you

3)they will threaten you yes

but it is you who chooses to get frustrated or angry or desperate or shamed

they might even make you feel like you are getting an adrenaline rush

but it is you who makes it real by taking negative actions or emotions as a way to deal with it

remember it is you who is in control of your body, not them

4) joy love peace calmness even sorrow with tears


anger frustration rage disappointment  panic


5) do not expect, and always act with love in your heart, they cant torment you if you do not give them the weapons to do so 

6) bare in mind that Niki Minaj once in an interview she claimed that she hears voices, and she had given them names, here is the video

that is them

research on Niki Minaj demonic procession and you will see what i am talking about

also John Forbes Nash Jr a renown mathematician

7) they will use voice, different ones at times even use your, but did you know if you concentrate, you can also use theirs, they try to full around they love it, and most importantly never speak to v2k out loud solely mentally

like kids with a new toy that is how they are with these technology

8) do not fight or argue with your closed ones, avoid all arguments, because voice to skull will use that against you enhancing the level of anger or frustration in the person you are arguing or fighting causing you in the end to loose, remember that, always keep peace with your closed ones or the ones around you, they use most of our closed ones as puppets against you, not all questions their coercions, only a few of us, most people believe its their thoughts

9) they are there to help ? or attack us to our last point of desperation, that is not known yet

but their approach and methods are not conventional

they are not used to sweet talk as i come to see

nor to be loving

and they use what they think had worked for them before which is torment

I suggest

work hard on your life and don't give up, but now u got an audience , like a reality show and you are the main character, so take them for a ride, but never a criminal one


do not expect anything they always intrude and ruin your expectation causing you to feel desperate and again they win , just take control of your life one day at a time, look at them as peeping toms, it be a long time until they leave, and most people which state have lost them or have been freed, they are wrong, they simply lowered the frequency low enough to keep watching them,

if you are the type of person that meditates, then you will always hear them no matter what frequency they use

it is a crime, but one we can not take to the public without been thought as crazy

remember they coerce people out there, but most people think its their thoughts, my family attacked me like crazy, had the cops force me to see a doctor, my family vanished me from my home, in the most cruel way my friend, these guys coerce people, therefore any one you go to tell, they already there coercing them into not believing you

they see your thoughts, therefore they are already there as soon as your plans are there, so there is no way out there,

there is a reason they had chosen to be heard in a louder frequency by you, remember that, you where probably where been coerced for so long without you even realizing it thinking it was your thoughts , but then there came a time when you decided to not follow certain thoughts

and that's where they got frustrated

before i started to hear them i had a always a feeling of been followed been watched, and never knew who, but always thought that, until they raised the intensity and was able to hear them now they try to hide, to coerce me in the same intensity as it was before, but they cant hide, now i know which thoughts are mine and which are their coercions

their coercions always come out as intrusions learn to recognize them and if it is lucrative to you follow them

if they are not ....ignore them

they will use your family friends coworkers, causing them to feel frustrated, tempering with their emotions, and your closed ones unaware of their presence will act on those emotions therefore attacking you without knowing, they at times use them as puppets against you

not everyone questions their coercion, some enjoy been puppets


that is what we all have in common

we always stand up to protect our will and right to choose what when and how to do things, others love to follow like puppets

peace my friends



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Comment by Annie on April 19, 2014 at 3:22am

I agree negative outbursts are harmful only to yourself and wont calm down the harassment or make it less invasive. However I disagree on the statement that "they will stay for as long as you live". I think that by saying so, its a way of surrender to the enemies and accept the crime.. I have NOT left any consent to this being ok doing to my body and brain/mind, and there is no way I will ever accept that my mind and body are hijacked without my permission and for the rest of my life.  Actually its possible not accepting whats done to us, and not accepting it will be done until death without acting out in a way that only effect us negative and the way that is wanted, namely having reactions of all kind. Still we have to have faith in that we all will be set free eventually. The last couple of years have certainly changed perspective in terms of the possibility exposing this to the rest of the world. I have also heard of former victims that are actually now free. It could of course be due to errors or mistakes done, or simply being "fake" freedom, still the chances are there. 

Comment by David ofTomorrow on April 19, 2014 at 4:05am

As to point 8) I do not agree that they are there for OUR good. I think they are here for THEIR good. I have been raped in many ways. I dont see ANY ONE of those times I was raped as though as it would bring something positive. I CHOOSE to be positive. When I choose to smile at a stranger although the perps are sexually assaulting me as  I wask past them, I CHOOSE TO DO SO, NOT THEM!! You see, I could have CHOSEN to be Aaron ALexis and got a shotgun and killed those strangers that I could have chosen to smile at. When you say they are doing this for our good, you are taking away the proper statement that we ARE GOOD despite what they do, not because of it.

I know how you feel though, it is a result of not only what they do to make us feel it is our fault, but what you feel is a type of defense mechanism that your mind creates to make what you go through, make sense in a good way. It is easier to Accept the torture if its consequences are 'good' for us. The opposite,(which is reality) is they will do many things to elicit many responses. The more random the response, the more Different information they gather. Some humans receive attention that they have no idea comes from humans with a machine. Some may actually receive what look to be good things, and may be good in someone may get cured of cancer, because the perps want to see if they can do it without side effects so they can use it on themselves if needed. I heard of one person that was allowed to 'read' others thoughts. He didnt feel tortured, he felt cool. BUt, I assure you, Although the rare human directly in contact with a TI might develop an actual set of personal feeling for you, like a rancher's wife might form feelings for a prized pig, the wife knows her husband is going to kill that pig, and she will be among those that eat that very pig. So, all the loving petting and feeding and watering to get that pig nice and fat, wasnt for the well being of the pig, but rather for the ranchers.

Comment by David ofTomorrow on April 19, 2014 at 4:20am

I have discussed this idea with others. I see that there is true good that could come from PROPER application of the technology the perps wield. For instance, I have OCD. At times this OCD is almost as bad to me as the perps are. I know that the perps could cure my OCD with the machine, but they dont. If I could gain control of the machine, I could cure myself. SO the question arises, would their machine be able to cure a human if it hadnt been tested on humans? Why do the perps feel the need to dothis to unsuspecting humans, or forced on humans in order to find out what the machine can do? HOw does that make us feel about the machine? I you had a child who had cancer, would you let the child die rather than use the machine to cure your child, knowing how the machine was brought about?

Comment by onelove on April 19, 2014 at 4:45am

anni and david

i know it is a frustraition but there is nothing we can do

if we go to the authorities

it is us who will be locked up as insane, the idea is to learn as we go from such attacks 

they can not hurt you unless you hurt your self, that been said 

if you do not stand strong with only positive views, they will have the upper hand, therefore causing you to loose sanity

bare in mind that before we have discovered this was happening to us, some of you probably came to think that you where going crazy, but in reality it was them trying to cause you to loose sanity

and you never know how long they have been in your lives before you started to hear them, may be they started to raise the frequency because they  got frustraited that you wouldnt follow to their coersions let them be good or bad ones,therefore raising the frequency to make them selves be aknowledged

may be i am wrong to think they are there for the good of you

but also it doesnt mean that you have to listen to them all the time

the reason i think for you to think that , is so you dont go into panic mode ...where it be easier for them to attack you much further than usual,

remember that

this is the video where nicki  minaj says that she hears voices

if my theories are right 

their purpose is to get you off your confort zone one way or another

and for the real criminals which are out there, such as killers rapists, kidnappers, they get what they deserve

unfortunately these people with these technology do not know how to use it on good people

only on criminals, therefore having wrong methods which are meant to be used only against criminals 

if you are a criminal change and act on love

if you are not keep being you



Comment by Annie on April 19, 2014 at 6:53am

Onelove, its the "i know it is a frustraition but there is nothing we can do" I disagree with and find untrue and pessimistic, Then you say "if you do not stand strong with only positive views, they will have the upper hand, therefore causing you to loose sanity"...  The way I see it there certainly is things we can do, and its of importance believe we can (and being positive!) being active on this site being one, collecting info, related articles, search for science reports, spread and share the info, etc, etc.  I must also say,  that I personally honestly never thought I was going "crazy" but just knew from the very beginning this was something coming from outside making me feel and "hear" things. I can also quite exactly go back in time, locate and recall where and when it all started (and it was not when I started to "hear" V2S but years before that-but back then I was not aware but can now see patterns in actions I took that wasnt my normal behaviour) However I dont "hear" V2S anymore and I dont know if its from my tactics or have anything to do with how I started to respond (actually its NOT responding at all, but ignoring) to the "voices" that have led to the silence. However I am pretty sure we all, "hearing" or not, have subliminal influences from the harassment, and that is to me the part I think its the hardest of all to neutralize.  Some are talking about shielding, but in my opinion there is no real way of shielding, so its true the defence has to start within the victim itself and I do think meditation,  empowerment? thinking etc. and those sort of things could be a strong tool, even if I dont practice it myself.Then there are other stronger tools such as treatments that have influence on the frequencies in brain that perhaps could have an impact, its in a way treat with what we already get. Have a look at Ochlabs for instance, I´ve heard of some victims getting better when trying it, but who knows, it cold be placebo or just simply manipulations making the victim belive it actually works and a way of emptying the wallet.. 

Comment by onelove on April 19, 2014 at 7:21am

you do got many points,

i just simply threw possibilities which worked for me, not 100% but it helped me ease the effects, it is an intrution, but the problem which we all have is that we are all separated, in different parts of the world, some of us have lost it all, this is not a dicease therefore it can not be treated, if some claim they can, its a way for them to gain money as you have said, the only way as you have agreed with me is from within our selves,

but during the time we are going through it, we must stay calmed

and try to avoid the torments, some of my methods have helped me but not fully to say im free, we can not be freed, that is a fact we need to come to understand, we are trapped, and we cant get help, because this is a top secret tool which means its from above confidential , therefore the regular  authorities are not aware of it unless we go to the top, and if the top dogs per say  are the one who gave the order to to do this, then we would be going to the cave of the wolves, remember that

i just hope who ever is in charge, is not a corrupt goverment, if that is the case the we are simply the beggining of a greated attack against humanity.

a silent genocide, all over the world, worst then concentration camps

in this case the concentration camp is the world it self

Comment by Sally on April 19, 2014 at 1:50pm

@onelove I think you're right in saying we dont know when or if this will be switched off so we have to learn to live with it and like you say do our best to stay positive, because they are trying all sorts of attack to get negative reactions from us. It is that we have to focus and concentrate to stay level-headed also getting pleasure from all that we can, appreciating good people, nature, music and small things that give us positive feelings. 

Again onelove I really admire you for your strength in losing your family for now and still keeping a good attitude. I hope you are reunited with them soon!

Comment by onelove on April 20, 2014 at 1:59am

thank you sue ... i have no choise but to keep a good attitude, if i go into panic or frustraition or rage , it becomes a weapon for them to torment me, and push me into desperation,  i can not allow them to win like that, if i die, i die a good man as i know i am 

if i live i will live as a good man

even if broke but at peace 

although with them as the highjackers of my temple

peace and love is the key

always remember that



Comment by David ofTomorrow on April 20, 2014 at 7:22am

I agree wholeheartedly with Annie. Her experience with wisdom shows. I believe secrets can only be held for so long. As things in our current system advance at a ever increasing rate, turbulence will uncover what is hidden. the perps will be left with a decision. Kill us all as we might prove bad for them. Or let them go, because what we as TI generally come up with is waaay outside of reality, but if the perps are caught, they wont have a bunch of dead people to account for. 

Comment by onelove on April 20, 2014 at 7:34am

i also agree with the both of you

but until we find a way to uncover them to the public we are trapped, 

i do not suggest to stay calmed and fully accept it in regards of staying silent

as you may have seen i am not doing so

my intent is to share with you guys simple ways to keep your selves with your sanity

as we progress with the process of uncovering them to the public


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